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Hi ladies! I just got my BFP this morning HOLY COW!  Jumping in with both feet though because I am so excited to be a mama!  We were TTC for 3 months and I really thought that I was 'out' this month.  I even had a beer last night since I thought AF was going to show up - I guess its true that it happens when you least expect it to!


Andthestars thank you for the thread keepers luck!


According to FF our due date is July 9th, 2012.  We really can't wait for a little summer babe.

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reelala - Welcome and congrats! I just had my July babe and it's a great time of year to have a baby! You really don't have to worry about clothes for the first month or two lol.gif
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This will be short. I'm on my phone.
I went to the doctor Friday morning for my weekly checkup and was admitted for high blood pressure.
I have mild pre-eclampsia.
I'm getting Cervadil in 3 hours.
Induction starts in 11 hours.
I will be having a Halloween baby. =]
I'll update ASAP!
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Thinking of you Nicole!

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Just got my BFP yesterday at 12 dpo!  This will be our second baby... DS turns 3 just after Christmas!  Of course, we are very excited.


My name is mamaforever (yep wink1.gif)

We got our BFP after 2 months of trying (soooo much faster than when we were TTC#1)

This will be our 2nd child

What it took to conceive:  Lengthened my LP from 8 days to 11 days within a 9 month period with Vit B6 (didn't start TTC till LP was at least 10 days)

EDD: July 10, 2012


I do need some help though-  what does everyone take for Omega 3 / DHA intake?  I do not eat any fish or seafood, and I'm worried I don't have enough omega-3 and DHA in my diet.  I tried taken liquid DHA from algae source, but the smell and taste was so overwhelming that I just can't choke it down.  Is the pill form any better?


Reelala-  How exciting we O'd on the exact same day and both got BFPs!  Yay!!  I thought for sure I was out too (I actually ordered Preseed from Amazon yesterday morning and then had to cancel the order).  Happy & Healthy 9 months to you!


TTCChloeOrConner-  I hope all goes well!  Sending lots of positive vibes your way.



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TTCCoC - Good luck! Can't wait to hear how it goes and see pics of your little one!

mamaforever - Congrats on your BFP! I took Omega 3 in pill form because I could not get down the liquid stuff! The trick is to find pills that are just Omega 3 and not Omega 3 and 6. I went to a health food store and found the best quality pills I could get. The other way to increase your Omega 3 intake if you eat meat is to find meat that is strictly grass fed only, no corn or wheat.
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RosieL here is the blurb for you:


Name: Sarah

Due Date: July 9th

how long it took you to conceive: 3 months

what "number" child this will be: Baby #1 for us YAY!


mamaforever i have been taking the nordic naturals strawberry flavored pregnany DHA capsules.  the capsules are not overwhelmingly large and burping strawberry is better than fish. whole foods always has grass fed beef at a reasonable price too.


question for you seasoned ladies isn't it too early for me to have heartburn?! heartburn was actually my first dead giveaway - i never had it and the past 3 days it comes and goes.  i mean i am so happy to be pregnant so i'll take it but is it strange?



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Mamaforever, I got Barlean's liquid omega-3s and they don't taste fishy at all so I'm able to get them down.  I have the mango flavor and it is delish!


Reelala, I had heartburn early on, too.  I have finally found what helps:  Earth Mama Angel Baby organic heartburn tea and papaya enzyme chewables.  It only took me about 10 weeks to find something to help, but now I can finally sleep!  Good luck!

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TTCCorC~ hope all is going well! I can't wait to hear the update!


Welcome to all the newly pregnant mamas!

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Good luck Nicole!  Hopefully you're holding Connor soon (if not already!)


AFM, 13 weeks today!!  Holy heartburn!  Ick.  I'm hoping some of the other symptoms go away soon...especially this sour stomach thing.  :(

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reelala - OMG, heartburn was one of my only pregnancy symptoms and it started at 6 DPO. It was AWFUL. It got progressively worse, so try to manage it as best as you can from the beginning. I thought I'd try to tough it out (stupid me!). I started out with Tums, but you need to be careful with those because of too much calcium I think it is. I tried the papaya enzymes, they did nothing for me. I eventually went to Zantac and had to keep upping the amount every few weeks until it just stopped helping at all by about 36 weeks. There are some safe prescriptions though but I never tried them. The only thing that actually consistently helped me was drinking milk.
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Conner Dean. 10/31/2011. 6:14pm. 8lbs2oz. 20in long.


9 hours of drug free labor, 7 hours of that spent at 3cm, 70% effaced turned into a c-section. He's healthy and awesome and I'm in love. =)





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TTCCOC, You're a mama!  Congratulations!  He is soooooo cute!! Like so cute that I can't even stand it.  I'm going to start the new thread tomorrow because I want everyone to be able to gaze in wonder on Conner Dean!

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Congrats!!   He's beautiful!  Welcome to the world Conner!


PS, I love the name Dean.  It's my dad's name.  :)

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Congrats TCCCOC! He's adorable!

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TTCCoC - CONGRATULATIONS! He's wonderful! I love the sleepy smile! joy.gif
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Congratulations Nicole! So, so happy for you! I remember going through TTC with you and seeing your BFP after so many months! Thrilled and he's adorable! joy.gif

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Congrats TTCCOC!  He's soooooo precious!  Enjoy mommy-hood!

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TTCCOC What a sweet little darling baby!  Congratulations!

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Congrats, Nicole!

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