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kitteh~YMMV, but I typically replace my shoes after 300 miles. I know people who go 500 or more in them, but I really start to feel the breakdown around 300. I track the mileage on my shoes, but I always know when they're getting close. I'll have a run where I finish and just feel like it wasn't right, and sure enough if I go look at my shoes, they're somewhere in the 275-300 range. If you're starting to feel like you're not getting enough support out of them, time for new ones. Don't try to stretch them...that's a good way to end up injured.

I don't know if I would go so far as to say this was the best birthday ever, but it was pretty darn good. Dinner was AMAZING. I am going to have fantasies about the oatmeal pie we had for dessert. And the sweet potato ravioli with cauliflower puree. And between last night and tonight, I have consumed more wine than in the last year combined. I don't think I'm going to make it to that 6 am group run I was thinking about... orngbiggrin.gif
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Happy Birthday, Gaye!


Kitteh, yes, that's the thread...I'm ImaRunning there. And I agree with Gaye on the shoe thing -- down to knowing even before I look at my mileage log that my shoes are done just by the way the runs feel. We are totally strapped right now so I've been milking my 'good' shoes saving them for the marathon next weekend by using old shoes for my shorter weekday runs. let me tell you, they don't feel so great. But hopefully by the end of October, the marathon will be in the bag and there will be enough in the bank to get a new pair of shoes for mama.


Mommajb, take care with all those earth quakes!!


Jo, hang in there. Been there, done that (feeling like you're in exile and trying to make the best of it). Busy helps.


Boring dreadmill 3 this a.m...It's really so dark and I haven't got lights yet. Gah.

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Dh managed to finish up and book a flight back here late tonight. He should be home early enough to get a goo night's sleep, and spend a decent Saturday with the kids before the school week begins. *heavy sigh*


And me, as I told dh yesterday, I'd still be on the first plane out if I could.

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Gaye ~ Happy Birthday partytime.gif It sounds like you had a really great one!!!  Congrats to T on his award too.  That's really something to be proud of!


Jooj ~ I'm glad Dh will be arriving soon and I hope your kids can make the very most of his time at home before heading back to school.  Day by day, Mama hug2.gif.


Nic ~ I hate internet arguments.  FWIW, I agree with your opinion.


kitteh ~ nice job on the accidental long run!  I change my shoes when I start to get a slight backache during a run.  I call it my "new shoe alarm"!  I've never tracked mileage on shoes though, so I'm not sure exactly when that "alarm" goes off.


bec ~ how did the conferences go?  Ours are in 2 weeks.


sparkle ~ that's such a bummer about the recommendation.  And it also worries me since I haven't had a job since 2001.  Not even sure those people would remember me!  I hope the barfies passed you by.


For those who asked about my ongoing injury debacle ~ knee? hip? calf? back?  I have fairly severe degenerative joint disease (arthritis) in my left knee from an ACL repair/menisectomy done in 1996 after a ski accident.  I was told that this would eventually happen, but I've been ignoring it.  I "think" the other symptoms (hip, back) were due to an imbalance from my altered gait.  Now that the chiro has fixed my back and hip, the knee pain is back in a big way.  I can actually feel the pain radiating down my tibia from the patella/tibial plateau.  I hope they invent a knee replacement you can run with... soon.


RR ~ none, and I'm starting to doubt the wisdom of racing my 1/2 on Sunday as well.  My knee hurts all the time, even just walking, for the last week.  And I seem to have caught DH's cold, complete with the perpetual hacking cough and stuffed up sinuses irked.gif.  I've been running for 25+ years, and the thought of hanging up the shoes is difficult, but perhaps the best decision at this time.  I've seen so many doctors, physical therapists, surgeons, specialists and chiropractors and no answers.  Maybe I really do just need to stop running, at least for a little while.


NRR ~ home with a sick DD2 today and a sick me too.

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What's your opinion of swimming? Does it fill a similar need?

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Originally Posted by JayGee View PostI hope they invent a knee replacement you can run with... soon.

Me too. greensad.gif about your knee pain and the thought of giving up running. I'm not there yet, but I am also balancing the pain with the mileage, and trying to figure out what I can manage. I'm so sorry to hear that you are getting to the point where a decision like this is even on the table.


Geo, the idea with swimming is a good one. I am trying to learn to love it and get in a zone as I can with running, but I'm just not that great of a swimmer yet. There are times when it feels zone-ish, but then there are times when I am a thrashing, pool-water-swallowing mess out there. 


Zub, I just caught up and read about your latest checkup. hug2.gif I hope you are hanging in there and that good news is on the way for you.


Jo, Thank goodness your DH is making it home after all. I hope you have a good, restful weekend.


Gaye, the bday sounds lovely!!


RR: I need to go swim today. Kids are home from school so I will leave DD1 in charge and go swim plus hit the grocery store to restock of the cupboards. It's getting cold enough to make soup, and I could really handle some chicken soup today. Wait.. this is RR ... well, I guess that was it on the RR anyway. On to the...


NRR: Work is done since 9 pm last night, so now it's time to clear my desk of all the paperwork, bills and misc. stuff that accumulates when I have work to do. And finish sewing a kimono for DD2's halloween costume, and buy myself a new pair of dressy pants, and about a dozen other errands. I'm taking off for Boston next Tuesday for a conference thumb.gif Are there any dingoes in Boston??


So, I am purposefully not freaking out about leaving DH in charge of all the kids for the 5 days I will be gone. He will manage. No one will starve or be left forgotten at school. I hope.

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Hey mamas,


JG - Yes, aqua joggers can keep you aligned and using the same muscles without impact, or is it just too depressing to run laps in a pool lane?


Jo - I'm glad dh is on his way home.  And good that he's thinking ahead on your behalf and not thinking "by spring she'll have forgotten how lousy the fall was and we'll be able to make it through a second year".  That's really sweet and selfless of him.


Kitteh - I often feel like I can't get healthy if I keep running through a cold.  It does seem to be just enough to knock me back.  But, the harder thing for me this past year has been starting to run again.  So if that's a danger for you maybe running really lightly through it is the right idea.


Gaye - That birthday does sound like it was a great start to your new year.


Sparkle - Another UGH for the recommender, it seems like making the call to tell you no was probably harder than just reprinting and touching up an old letter. What a PITA.


MelW - Good luck for the right program finding you and the kids. 


I'm feeling slightly more human, I was so tired yesterday and so stressed out from doing mediation between the choreographer and composer that I fell asleep at 8:30.  Woke up with a start at 6:00 but at least it was a good long sleep, regardless of the tumultuous dreams.  Tomorrow I'm organizing parents into painters, I hope I haven't made the set design too complicated, I don't want to also have to end up doing all the art on the set.


Zub - Keeping you and your bean in my thoughts.



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kitteh - when my oldet started pre-school, she and we all were sick, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off unti jan or feb. Then when ds started two years later the same thing happened. Your immune system is getting pummeled, but it will get better

JG - greensad.gif I feel you. You have worked so hard for this and I know so well how heartbreaking it is, but you still have years of activity if you are kind to yourself. Maybe skip the half? greensad.gif

Ok, coming up for air finally sick.gifinthet.gif

The worst of it started at 5am and Ive been in bed since, either laying in fetal position on one side or the other, but that's it. And then you know how your body gets SO cramped and all you can do is roll to the other side to give that hip and shoulder a turn. Im happy to say Im now laying on my back - woot! lol.gif

So I wrote her back a brief email and essentially said; I appreciate that Im putting you in a difficult position, but as its been ten years (yes JG, since Spring 2001), you are in fact the person who could speak best to my abilities as a student AND teacher [and I need both], even with a scanty memory of me. Alternately, if you dont feel that I would be a good candidate, I will thank you for your time.

GULP, I sure hope its the former, b/c my ego was shaken by that last email (even though she said it was due to her meager memory), but of course I hear that Im not good enough, not liked, and then start on the path of "why am I applying, IM not smart enough or able enough for this" etc. Even though at my core, I dont think that's true. Bah. Im exhausted redface.gif

In other news; this past summer we met another family at the camp we go to in CA that we hung out with a bit b/c our kids were buddies. We neglected to get their contact info., but I knew what town they live in (SMALL; Bolinas, if you've heard of it). So I call the post office there, b/c those small towns always have p.o.s and ask if they know the family. P.O. said no but send a letter anyway (and Im talkin', I dont know their last name). So I write a letter a few weeks ago b/c we will be there (Stinson beach) for Thanksgiving and would like to see them. I just got a call from their son (7)! As it turns out, I had called and mailed to the wrong P.O. I sent it to a P.O. in the next small town north (Point Reyes Station), and that P.O. sent it down to Bolinas in an attempt to find these people (whom the PRS P.O. didnt know). Crazy....
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Sparkle - What a crazy thing with the POs!  I didn't even know that could happen in this day and age!  How cool!  I really hope your reference reconsiders.  I get into that negative spiral as well. 


Zub - I'm thinking of you and hoping that baby stays put!


JG - hug2.gif 


Conferences - We got three glowing reports from the kids' teachers.  I was not surprised with Abby (Kindy) and Emily (3rd), but was a little concerned about Katie.  I was afraid that we really weren't on the same page as the teacher.  I didn't like that I was hearing that goals were being made based on her MAPS test scores.  While we did talk about the tests, and various areas of strengths and weaknesses, it was clear that the work that is being done to get the scores up is work that I whole heartedly agree with.  They are going to be working on vocabulary, and really understanding the latin roots, prefixes, suffixes, etc.  This is also the focus of the spelling work.  It's more about learning how to figure out what a word means by understanding the components of the word.  The teacher also agreed with me that Katie's test score is not very reflective of her actual knowledge.  All in all, it was very positive.  And it was nice hearing how well the kids are doing! 


Half marathon tomorrow.  I'm running about half of it with a friend, who is doing her long run tomorrow.  She's not doing the race, but we figured they couldn't stop her from running on a public trail!  The sad thing is that I have to work from 4-10 tomorrow!!!  That will be interesting, to say the least!

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bec, hooray for the positive conferences and good luck with the half tomorrow!


kitteh, congrats on the half registration! I run when I'm sick, especially above the neck. I love the sinus clearing. And as long as I can be relatively private, I find the running helps me to bag.gifcough up mucous and clear wet coughs, too. I don't run with a fever or a dry, wheezy cough. And I usually bail after about 30 minutes, but generally feel better if I do a short run than if I take so much time off during the endless winter cold season.


sparkle, feel better soon. Cool that the traveling letter made it and you found the buddies.


JayGee hug2.gif Please be careful and don't hurt yourself!


Gaye, happy belated birthday! Sounds like an amazing day and your son is so cute!



Pro-D day for the oldest today, so I took the kids swimming this morning. It was pouring rain out and the pool was insanely busy! Then class this afternoon, and recertification for my CPR after that. I'm ready to pass out in bed, but waiting for my husband to get here. He's home for the weekend after doing a panel at a conference in Vancouver earlier today. The kids don't know that he's coming, so should be thrilled to wake up to him in the morning!

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Thanks for the Dingo support.  Swimming is okay, but I can't do breaststroke due to the knee issues.  Plus, it's so boring!  I think it's time to break the bike out again and do more cycling.  Plus I'm loving the Pilates classes, so I'll certainly keep up with that.  I'm going to the race expo today to pick up my stuff, but I highly doubt that I'll be running tomorrow.  Even if my knee was okay, I still have a really nasty cold and cough.


MelW ~ your kids will be so excited to see their Dad this morning!  Have a great weekend.


bec ~ so glad the conferences went well.  What kinds of things are they doing with/for your kindergartener?  I'm looking for suggestions for mine too.  Have a great race!


sparkle ~ how awful.  I shudder at the thought of stomach bugs.  Cool about your letter getting to its destination though!  I love that area of California.  DH and I did a lot of hiking up there when we first moved to CA in 2000.







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Here!  :)


RR: gearing up for 14 on the TM this morning as DH left for a motorcycle ride day. I'm looking forward to it.  Half Marathon is November 5. 


Pictures from the marathon relay I did last weekend, yes, I'm running under the name of Shelly (she had medical issues so they asked me to fill in).  You'll see my dingo shirt and bib number 3459 for those that don't know me.  :)


NRR: took my paid hours down to just Sundays so that I can be more of a Mom/Wife.  Just couldn't get it all done.  Still contemplating school of some sort, nurse, dietician, trainer, what?


Okay, off to put on the shoes. 

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JayGee, if you've been really, really loving pilates, and biking works OK, maybe you can at least cross-train like crazy and bring mileage way down? Enough that you could maybe go for a run when you're craving it?


sparkle, better yet? Hopefully it's one of those self-limiting things. The PO in Abiquiu felt like the social hub of the neighborhood. It's nice to know there are still a few places like that.


bec, glad the reports were great. I have similar worries about the MAPS testing. Not sure what to make of it, but I guess I can start putting questions together for the teachers.


MelW, I didn't tell mine that dh was coming and I'm glad I didn't. We had sandstorms here yesterday and that must have messed with air traffic, bc his flight had to circle for more than an hour before finally landing, and he didn't get here until the wee hours (2?). So I told dd to go find him when she woke up (he was sleeping in her bed).


He came along to riding, then we goofed around in Satwa in the afternoon, and he took ds to football so I could do the ironing. Now everyone has fresh shirts for the week. I decided I'm going to run tomorrow, and afterward (pretty sure dh is going to the office), I will stroll down to one of the coffeeshops. Just to change the scenery. I need to change things up if I am going to make it through the next 8 months. Plus, today signaled a definite change in the weather. The high was definitely under 100 today, and it wasn't drippy. Forecasted highs look solidly mid-90s.


And yes, Plady, it is thoughtful of him, and selfless. Poor man. I feel bad that I can't be better at making lemonade.


RM, I'm sure you'll be having a super half!

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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
 I feel bad that I can't be better at making lemonade.



Jo - You make enough good stuff.


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Rough day here mamas. 


Bec, hope your half went awesome!



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Nic - hug.gif


Bec - Hope you kept plenty in the tank for your workday!


Noticed this morning that my some of my hens were crawling with mites.  Ugh.  Sorry chickens! So now I've dusted them pretty thoroughly and I'll try to keep it on the schedule.  THe poor girls, half of them are molting and look like war victims, the other half seem to be on a sympathetic egg strike, and now mites. 

Happily a potluck that was supposed to happen here tonight fell through because the other people had a rough week.  I'm thrilled, I just want to schlump around the house for the rest of the day and not think of anything.  Maybe eat the ice cream I managed to buy yesterday for tonight's guests. 


Hope everyone else is having something like a weekend this weekend.


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Nic ~ grouphug.gif


I dragged my children into St. Louis to go to packet pickup for tomorrow's 1/2 marathon.  Then took DD2 to a birthday party where I stayed (because she burst into tears and grabbed me around the waist when I asked her if it was okay for me to go eyesroll.gif).  The party was nuts.  These people have 9 kids, ranging in age from 3 weeks to 18.  Throw in relatives, school friends, neighbors and family friends and there had to be at least 50 people crammed into their house.  DS stayed too, since he's friends with one of the birthday girl's many brothers.  I was wiped out by the end of 2 hours there, had lost my voice, and developed a fever.  There is no $#%^&ing way I'm racing tomorrow.  I feel way too crappy.  And I can't even squeak out a word.  So much for my last race.  I'm ready for DH to get back from his trip so I can crawl into bed.

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Oh, JayGee. hug2.gif back atcha. Feel better.

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1jooj--glad your DH finally arrived and that you got a bit of a break. Also, I'm really happy to hear the weather is finally cooling down for you.

RM--great pictures.

Nic-- goodvibes.gif

JayGee--ugh. goodvibes.gif for feeling better, at least.

Last night's Fall Carnival went well. I finished the crown for R's costume about an hour before, and then we ate dinner, got the girls dressed and headed out. There were two bouncy inflatable jumping things, so that was a big hit this year. The second one was a smaller one supposedly for the younger siblings, but big kids kept running over to it, presumably because there was a line for the one with a slide. This didn't phase J, even though she was being bounced all over the place. I had to drag her out the first time when some really big kids got in. The second time DH had her and asked an older boy to watch out for her. Apparently the boy just stayed nearby and every time one of his friends got too close to J he'd just shove them away. lol.gif Eventually we had to drag her out again, and this time she was really mad about it and putting up a full-fledged toddler tantrums. I started walking her through the school back to where our car was parked and someone handed me a bead necklace and asked if she could have it. She instantly quieted down so I was like "yep." She spent the rest of the time wandering around in a cute princess dress with a black necklace and a goth-type skeleton hanging from it. But she was happy again. lol.gif

It was exhausting though: loud and crowded. Both of the girls were wired by the time we got home, and we managed to get R to bed without too much trouble but J didn't fall asleep until after 10.

This morning I did get to the asthma fair, and lame as that sounds, I learned a lot. Between road construction and needy children, I only made it to the last 40 minutes, which meant that I was the only one there. That was kind of fun, actually. Anyhow, the most important thing I learned was that I can "pre-treat" with my rescue inhaler before every run, so that's awesome. I'd been saving it only for longer runs or speedwork or days when I could just tell I'd need it, and this changes everything. Patient education: so amazing!

The rest of the day consisted of nursing J, taking care of various chores, and managing to squeeze in 8 miles. I soooo would have liked to go for 10 but there wasn't time.
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Oh, JG.  I hope you feel better soon mama!  As far as kindergarten enrichment, the teacher is doing a couple of things.  She has created a reading group of two kids that works with the reading specialist for the school.  This other kid has a higher decoding ability, but Abby has a way higher comprehension rate.  The teacher is hoping that they will feed off each other.  The other thing I have seen her doing is to really just engage Abby in her abstract thinking.  She will ask Abby some higher level questions about a story or subject.  If Abby comes up with a question or an answer that is more in depth than she was looking for, she will let her go and engage her on that level. 


Ok, RR:


So, it was a chilly morning, only around 42 when we headed out.  My dear friend was going to do 7 miles of her long run with me, and then go back to her car.  The run wen through a several mile loop in the middle, so it worked out perfectly, and she didn't run the 7 miles only to be that far from her car!  We went out nice and slow.  We managed between 12:30 and 13:00 minute pace.  The run felt amazingly good from the very beginning.  Seriously, it was one of those glorious runs that only comes once in a rare while.  This is on a trail parallel to the Des Plaines River.  And it is on one of my favorite sections.  Flat and fast, mostly wooded, and just beautiful at all seasons.  I did a LOT of running on this part of the trail when marathon training, so was feeling nostalgic and like coming home.  Just wonderful.  Anyway, at the 6 mile mark, my friend peeled off, and I was on my own.  Unfortunately, I still had her car key!!! Ooops.  She called me, and we made arrangements.  Her 7 mile run turned into 9 as a result, but she was ok with that.  I ran a few more miles out to the turn around, and met her on the return run, where she ran another mile or so with me (there was a shortcut so she didn't have to do the 3 mile loop and could get on with her errands).  At the turnaround, there was a guy who was doing the full marathon on his way in.  He was hitting the wall in a major way, and ran with me for a mile or 2 to get through it.  I tried to talk him through the worst of it, but he eventually needed to walk.  I felt like I had done my part, so continued on.  I was still feeling pretty good.  I really ran the entire race, except for walking through the aid stations.  I talked one more marathoner into getting into a run about 2 miles from the finish, and felt good about that.  Having someone chat with me when I was hitting the wall in my marathon was so critical.  I felt like I was repaying that karmic debt!  The slow start allowed me to really run through the whole race.  This meant that I took about 10 minutes off my time from a couple of weeks ago!  My official time was 2:48:29!  Definitely not a PR, but I'm pleased with it anyway!  Especially, knowing that I had worked a 5 hour shift the day before, and had to work a 6 hour shift a few hours later!  That was all right, although, I bought some new shoes, wore them, and because they aren't broken in, I got blisters.  :-(  I work again tomorrow, which is probably going to suck much worse!  Oh, and the best thing!  At the end, they had real food!  I got a chicken breast sandwich, and really, really good Oktoberfest beer from a local brewery!!!  Definitely doing this race again!

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