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1jooj--glad you're getting some writing done. And as others have said, you're not being selfish. What you're getting isn't what you signed on for, not by a long shot.

sparkle--ouch! And the GRE...yuck. I have to say, that's one of the things I'm glad I'll never have to take again.

tjsmama--good luck with the cover letter and resume.

RR: barely a half-mile. eyesroll.gif I had plans to bike to the resale shop this morning and look for some clothes for the girls. J was fussy. Eventually plan A, B, and C were all shot down by the fussy toddler, who at least fell asleep but then was woken up too soon to be dragged to my sister's so I could get to my dentist appointment. So I figured we could do something after school, but that was a bust (see: shrieking, hysterical, screaming-at-the-top-of-her-lungs 6-1/2yo who currently lacks the capacity to pedal more than 3 mph or go down a hill that she rode without problems this summer). Ack. I'm mostly annoyed because it was beautiful and 65 and sunny today, and there's another snowstorm headed in tomorrow night. Oh, and there's the part about how J now wakes up screaming "mama" at the top of her lungs even though I'm laying right next to her, and that I was completely stressed out about my recommendations being turned in by tomorrow's deadline because I hadn't heard that any of them had sent a recommendation directly or anything. And also possibly because AF is coming. redface.gif It's one of those days where I feel like running away, partly because I want to be away from my family and partly because I think they will be better off away from me.
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Real hug2.gif I've been feeling that way, too, with no relief in sight. My poor kids. I hope you get some good sleep tonight, and maybe a chance for a do-over tomorrow.


November Thread


I hope the link works.

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So, hi mamas.


It's been a totally crazy ride. I can't even begin to tell you...well, I'll begin to tell you. lol.gif


I drove my kids down to my parents in NJ from Mass. early Friday morning. Met my mom at a rest stop, packed them into her car, and continued down to DC. I found the DC Armory where I got my packet, but got COMPLETELY lost trying to get back out of DC and to Silver Spring. I thought I knew where I was going, having lived there for 5 years (8 years ago) but apparently...not. So I finally found, thank God, the Beltway and just went the long way back around up to Silver Spring Yeegads. I should have taken it as an omen.


Shabbat was wonderful at my friend's house though. They had invited over for lunch a lot of the people I was close with when we lived there and it was like no time had passed (except everyone's kids ...grew up! What the heck?). I really had such a nice Shabbat. Right after sundown on Saturday night though my phone started pinging and I heard that we had lost power in Mass. (where dh was still) and at my folks' in NJ. I offered to come home but everyone said, don't be silly.


So then I got LOST again driving into downtown DC to find the hotel my brother and I were staying at Saturday night. I have to tell you I have never been so discombobulated. I managed to get myself all the way over the 14th street bridge into northern virginia, which was NOT where I wanted to be. Over an hour later I finally found the hotel, after 9 pm. I was beside myself.


Checked in, very nice place. Then started majorly stressing about my kids, the power (lack thereof), the marathon, etc. I did not sleep well, which was a shame because it was a really nice hotel. We got out of the hotel and onto the metro around 6:30 a.m. which was probably too late. It was packed. We did get to the Pentagon stop and inched our way up and out of the metro, checked our bags, and managed to portapotty. I made it to the start after the gun but since it took over 15 minutes for my corral to go out, it didn't really matter except with my stress level. It was also bloody FREEZING. Windy, and so cold.


First few miles were ok...but I just did not feel great ever. No rhythm, trying to buck and dodge, trying to watch my feet for ice patches, stomach still in knots. I was off pace by the 3rd mile and told myself at that point, just cross under 5 hours. I slipped a little on an ice patch on the Sprout Run Pkwy and got freaked, and then a guy bashed into me trying to get past (it was packed!) and threw me for a loop. I don't know, it just wasn't happening and I got frustrated. Georgetown was awfully smelly by the canal. But once we came down out of Georgetown and into DC the crowd support was just awesome and that perked me up quite a bit.


Nothing much to report miles 8-10. Reaching the Jefferson Memorial, I stepped in a pothole and twisted my left foot. The top of my big toe all along the top of my foot was hurt and I was totally in agony. At that point I was trying to figure out if I should continue or bag it but I had marathon brain and I could not figure out the logistics of how I would get back if I dropped out. Seriously. So I just kept going. The next 10 miles or so are kind of a blur. I stopped to use a bathroom at one point and it was like a 5 minute wait which was so frustrating. I took a Gu and immediately became completely nauseated. Stopped to try and throw up (it seemed like it would be a relief) but I couldn't so I just kept going. Started getting water at every stop because my mouth was fuzzy. Right before the 14th street bridge, there was a guy handing out tissues which seemed like the Best. Thing. Ever. since the left side of my nose was running the whole race. And a guy with fruit roll ups which at the time seemed like nirvana, and I took one and actually it helped with the nausea a bit. 


The 14th st. bridge (miles 20-23) was Hell. It went on FOREVER. I just put my head down and kept shuffling along. Till that point I had managed to maintain 10:30-10:45 minute miles but at that point I was fading to 11, then 11:30. I stopped to walk a few times. But it was more painful to walk than to shuffle/run so I kept going. Crystal City...kept going. Miles 24-25 I did a lot more walking. At one point I stopped to walk and was crying in pain and a lady came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder, and said, "Come with me. I've been following you the whole race, you're my rabbit, and now we're going to do this together." It was just about the nicest thing ever and I didn't even have the presence of mine to ask her name. 


I crossed the line (and man that hill going up to the Iwo Jima Memorial is a killer. I was not the only one muttering "motherf*&^^ hill") at 5:00:22 on my Garmin (which I had stopped during my potty stop) and having run 26.57 miles. My official chip time was 5:04 and change, which reflects the potty stop I guess (and the fact I ran several tenths of a mile more than a marathon!). 


I'm glad I finished, and right now I can't imagine doing another one. I'm signed up for Disney and am considering going down to the half instead. This one took a lot out of me emotionally and mentally, not to mention physically.


So my brother and I then had to wait 40 minutes for a cab back to the hotel (I was in no condition to deal with the metro). I was nauseated and in agony on the cab line, and also freezing. Awful. Took an amazing hot hot shower, and then we got in the car and drove back to his house. They don't have power either. I could not get to my parents by then because it was dark and their neighborhood was icy, full of downed trees and power lines. Stayed at my brother's (no power) then went to my mom's in the a.m. to get the kids (no power). I called my friends on Long Island where we used to live and asked, can we please come stay with you? And they said of course, so here we are. My kids and I both need to have a warm bed, hot water, and warm food, and my parents didn't want to leave. No clue when power will be back either in NJ at my family or in Mass. at my home...could be a week. There is a downed power line on my front lawn according to my husband and a tree blocking our driveway. His hospital has a generator so he's camping out there and coming back to the house to check up every day. This is crazy. 


So that's what's up with me. I only have sporadic computer access but will try to check back. MCM is over and this marathoner is. exhausted. 

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