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October 2011 Whatever Ladies Havin' Babies!

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lyeterae ~ Baby boy born February 2011
annie ~ Baby girl born April 7, 2011
Barefootscientist ~ Baby boy born May 30, 2011
AnnieA (due 7/18) ~ Baby girl born July 17, 2011
MarineWife (due 7/30) ~ Baby boy born July 25, 2011
Baby_Cakes (due 8/16) ~ Baby boy born August 16, 2011
MovingMomma (due 8/9) ~ Baby girl born August 18, 2011

akind1 ~ 9/28
mom2one ~ 10/23
jeninejessica ~ 12/1
Kindermama ~ 1/6


Here is last month's thread:





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Carrie, I sure hope so! I really wasn't wanting to work today!


congrats on the weight loss so far, that is awesome!


Gabe was watching the Fresh Beat Band this morning as I was sitting on the floor and trying to bounce on my belly, climb it, and use it as a slide. Funny, but didn't feel so great at that the time.

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kat ~ i think this is the start of something. just try to relax and let it happen. the more anxious you get, the harder all of it will be. (i know, way easier said than done.)

JJ ~ Your aunt is a riot. She's a nurse and she reacted that way?! I can't imagine what it must be like around your family when you're pg. Keep your sens of humor and just laugh about it. Next time someone freaks like that, jump up screaming, "OMG! OMG! She's coming! She's coming!" LMAO
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MW: trying to relax - doesn't help that I'm really tired right now, which one way or another just can't be helped; I couldn't sleep last night.  I  keep trying to repeat some positive affirmations in my head, which I think helps on some level.


In between contractions, she is soooo squirmy!  I don't know what to think about that, guess she's trying to settle into a good birthing spot? they are big movements.


JJ: gotta love family! I hope your friend is able to make do, and your sister is able to recoup some of her expenditures down the road.

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Yay Katrina! Sounds like good progress. Even if it's not "the real deal" every bit will make it that much easier once it starts. This baby girl has been movign like crazy too, to the point where it's actually quite painful, and I'm having to breathe and focus on relaxing while she's changing positions. I can't imagine how much worse it must be being 9 weeks further!


MW-- Oh I know. It's certainly amusing!! It rivals the time my BIL told my SIL (not a couple) that she was at risk of killing her baby for drinking chamomile tea. She asked where he heard that, and he replied from friends. Cue the 27 week pregnant woman flipping out and calling her doctor, googling, calling health links, etc etc... turns out he didn't mean friends as in a general keyword... he meant that he heard once on Friends the tv show-- that it was bad. I mean really though... if you aren't sure, just keep your mouth shut. The stress isn't worth it. lol. 


It's funny, I've been lucky at work lately, as I'm getting bigger, people are actually commenting less. 


Oh, and with the seat, that one looks 'better', I think the arm is designed to keep it from accidently tipping. Either way though, illegal or not, I still plan on using ours. I just think it's so sad that something like that is banned because people don't use common sense. It's the same as with walkers-- It should go without saying that you should not use  them near stairs without a gate-- but because some stupid parents didn't, and babies got injured... well you get the picture. 



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Yeah, I know it must be helping on some level. I am trying to retain some level of zen. have had contractions - still mild ones - yesterday and through the night, but at least I slept well. I need energy to deal with labor when it happens!


JJ: comments will be less until you are at this point (on, near, or past your DD) - then people will pepper you with questions and helpful hints about inducing on your own ;) The most creative one I've heard so far is to take a shot of white liquor and then jump off a stool. Haven't tried that one, but it sound fun!


Maybe they were thinking the possible caffiene in tea? can't be the chamomile itself . . .


on recalls: did you see they are recalling the Bumbo because idiots put it on chairs and elevated surfaces and it tips, causing head injuries? the fix? a better warning label. Now, I'm not a huge fan of the Bumbo (it's ugly for one thing) - we had a Bebe pod - similiar, but I like the material it's made out of better - and hardly used it. It was handy though, because we used it for feeding until we finally broke down and bought a high chair around 10 months or so. (we don't even have a table we eat at, so a high chair seemed silly at first).


Alot of recalls have more to do with people being stupid and not the product being defective. Like my Maclaren stroller. . . kids got their fingers pinched in the closing clasp. Why are your kids closing the stroller? *sigh*


So yeah, I'm still pregnant. Still really ready to NOT be. Everyone we run into tells us they really feel babe will be born this week. I truly hope they are right!



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On a related note, the Nap Nanny that I'm looking at was recalled for negligent reasons, too.  Now theres a huge sticker saying not to put it inside cribs or cosleepers.  I just feel so sad for the babies that had to get hurt or worse, die, b/c their parents were so desperate for sleep.  I can't even imagine waking up to find my baby...ugh.  I shudder.  Literally.  I can't even let my mind go there.


Anyway, Kat, you were in my thoughts all night!  I'm sending you some serious SERIOUS labor vibes now.  You need 'em!  How is your DDC doing?  Are all the babies born or do you guys have a group of Past EDD'ers?  


AFM - going to have a low key day after having company yesterday.  Had a rough night with finn so having a MASSIVE cup of coffee and listening to music.  Celine Dion seems to soothe him, go figure.  LOL.

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So twice last night I wrote nice long posts - and just when I was about to "submit" them I lost them - i am using my dad's laptop and his touch pad is super sensistive so if your hand even grazes it messes everything up - makes typing hard!


Anyway - here is some of what I had to say lol:


JJ - I hear you ont he painful kicks/movements!  This babe is so much more "aggresive" then my other two were!  At least now that he/she is bigger the movements have slowed down a bit but I do still get some pretty painful ones - the other night I was talking to my mom - she was istting across the room and all of a sudden baby deicided to move and my mom stopped mid-sentence and was like "I SAW that!"  She said she had never seen a baby kick from that far away  - it was out really far and it killed! lol Oh well at least I don't have to worry about counting kicks or anything - there is no doubt this little one moves enough!


KAT - Every time I hear about your contractions I get excited - after you I am next!  So the sooner you go the sooner I can go! lol If only it worked that way!


I have to go for an ultrasound today.  Last Thursday the Doctor said I am measuring small and when she felt around at the baby she said it felt small too.  She said that I am still technically int he range of "normal" but I am on the very edge....So they want to get an ultrasound to check on baby's growth.  She said that sometimes if baby is not growing they have to take them a little earlier - so we will see.  I really don't want to be induced!  I hear it is pretty brutal and I really don't want to have an epidural either.  Does anyone know if the natural remedies to induce labor cause the same pain to be as intense as the meds they give you?  I guess the thing with the meds (from what I hear) is that they put you into hard labor suddenly so you don't have a chance to build up to it - is it the same with the natural stuff? Any suggestions on what I could try??  I really don't want to - but I would rather use something natural first if they say they are going to induce me.  I guess the issue with the smaller baby is IUGR???  anyone know mcuha bout that?


Well kids are getting antsy - better go check on them...


Hope everyone is doing good!





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Since none of the natural methods I tried to induce labor worked, I can't say if they are more brutal or not - I would think not, since all they do is get your natural hormones to kick in, and they adjust themselves naturally as needed; unlike Pitocin, which is adjusted not by your body, but by an outside entity. There are non chemical means they can use to induce, like a foley catheter inserted in the cervix, for example.


LOL on the agressive babies! the way this one squirms I keep telling her "squirm your way OUT!" and "there is far more room to squirm outside!" but so far she hasn't taken heed.


Carrie - it's awful how some things stick in your head, isn't it? I read an article once when DS was little about this mom who left her toddler in the car by accident and he died - the way it was written was so to garner some sympathy (kids had been sick all week, etc) but all I kept thinking, is HOW can anyone forget they have a kid in the car with them? listed all these tips about how not to forget your kid in the car . . .I just can't imagine! No matter how quiet DS is, I never forget that he's there. Bummer about the Nap Nanny thing. Did you get the bouncy seat? and is Finn doing any better with the spit up?


I don't want to be working! but I know baby will be here at some point and then I can stop for a while. It just sucks.


As for DDC: I stalked the September one and am actually on the roster for October. I don't visit either much because all I can see are birth stories, and until I can post mine, I just can't go there. I just get frustrated about not having this baby yet! and I don't need to be.

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Originally Posted by akind1 View Post

Carrie - it's awful how some things stick in your head, isn't it? I read an article once when DS was little about this mom who left her toddler in the car by accident and he died - the way it was written was so to garner some sympathy (kids had been sick all week, etc) but all I kept thinking, is HOW can anyone forget they have a kid in the car with them? listed all these tips about how not to forget your kid in the car . . .I just can't imagine! No matter how quiet DS is, I never forget that he's there. Bummer about the Nap Nanny thing. Did you get the bouncy seat? and is Finn doing any better with the spit up?

The stories about leaving kids in the car freak me out.  I read one once where, b/c the mom was sick or had somewhere to be, the dad said he'd take the LO to daycare.  But once he got in the car, he was on autopilot and just went to work.  During the day the alarm kept going off on his car, but he couldn't figure out why, so he just kept turning it off with the remote.  When he got out of work that day...well, he found his LO in the car.  He had passed away.  How disturbing and just...awful. mecry.gif


I'm still thinking about the nap nanny, you can still buy it.  It just has that warning label on it.  Finn is still in the swing at night.  Last night I slept with him cradled in my arm b/c I didn't want to let him go.  I just wanted to smell his head and have him be right there with me.  It's so hard to not sleep with your baby!!  He seems to be puking less, but it's all relative -- he's def not in pain so that's what really matters.  My friend brought the bouncy seat and he loves it for during the day.  It keeps him much more upright so he can watch us and I can put him in different places in the house, so that's helpful!


I sure hope labor kicks off for you soon, mama!!  I'm rooting for you!!


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I have friends that don't even room share because the noises baby makes in their sleep disturb mama's sleep. I don't understand, because for me, those are the most reassuring noises in the world  - I don't sleep well without them when baby is small. If I were more of a back sleeper, I'd probably love for babies to be on me to sleep; but I love sleeping on my stomach, which makes that difficult, to say the least. Which is probably why I have to be at least partially awake to nurse in bed, even laying down, since I have to adjust a bit so baby can have access.


I hope you manage to get back in your bed; I'm sure you miss it!


and yeah, I'm thinking about making some sort of poll or betting pool for baby birthday guessing. My little brother that died was born today (he did live 16 days in NICU), so I am not gaming for today to be the day. Tomorrow would be good though. then we'd have a 10/5, 10/10 (my dad), and 10/15 (me!) birthday run. at this point though, I'm willing to take whatever she's willing to offer, as long as it's soon!

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How come I'm the first to subscribe and I don't get any notifications? Grrr!

People can be so silly and so stupid. What else can I say?

We had the best night last night. D fell asleep around 9. Woke up around 11, nursed back to sleep and didn't wake again until around 4:30! After that I think he woke twice more but slept until after 10 am, when I finally went upstairs and started making noise so he'd wake up. We had to be at bowling by 11 and Ethan was still sleeping, too. Then D slept almost the entire time we were out. He woke once at the bowling alley so I put him in his car seat so he could see what was going on and the next thing I knew he was asleep again. No fussing at all. He didn't nurse again until about 2. That's about 4 hours since the last time I had nursed him was right before we left for bowling. Now he's asleep again for at least 2 hours. Maybe a growth spurt? shrug.gif

Ryan has moved back in. He offered to pay $200 a month in rent. I didn't even bring it up. So, I'm wondering, should I put it all in savings for him or just half and keep half to help with expenses? I'm not going to tell him that I'm saving any of it for him. That way he may have a nice little stash when he's ready to move out for reals.
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I know what I forgot. About induction meds vs. natural, I can't compare the two different types of possible induction. I can compare labor with and without pitocin, though. Mine were all the same. I didn't bother doing anything to prepare for the birth of my 3rd at home because I thought it would be easier than the induction of my 2nd. Nope. Just as long and difficult. Same with my 4th at home. The only difference was that I did have an epi with the induction but didn't have one with my 3rd and 4th. My induction may have been a little different, though, since it was a VBAC. They couldn't give me the full dose of pitocin becuase I refused an internal monitor.
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I would not think the natural induction methods would be the same, since you're introducing artificial chemicals into the body. That said-- if the issue is _true_ IUGR (and definately research and make sure it is, and not just a small baby) then they probably won't be able to wait for natural methods to work. Natural methods of induction (and medical ones to some degree actually...) will only work if your body is almost ready-- more of a push you over the edge, than a true labor starter. 


I doulaed for one mom who needed to be induced due to a combination of IUGR and pre-e, and it was a very quick, lightning labor, very intense, but mom and babe were both fine at the end of it, and she managed to get through without an epi, which was really nice. 


Katrina--  I did that with my DDC. I'm due as per the dr Nov 28-30, and as per my dates, December 1st. I've only been active in the December DDC though. I fully expect to go over (my guess is December 8th), and I don't want that 'stress' of being the last person waiting around. lol. It's also why we keep telling people just "December" when they ask when we're due. Then at least if I go early or pretty much right on time, it will feel so early, especially since I'm really banking on going over myself. 

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ok, i'm a dunce. figured why i wasn't getting notifications. i didn't subscribe.

i don't really know anything about IUGR. i know someone who's baby was diagnosed with that (is it baby or mom? anyway...) but i don't know any details.
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MW: that is interesting, comparing your labors. I see the dr this afternoon, so we'll see what they say then; I'm thinking not much because today is my DD according to them - so therefore I'm not really "late" (which is why I was cool with their DD being different from mine - it gives me some extra wiggle room, though I really wish I didn't need it).


Much as I kind of hate to say it, I don't know that I'd really refuse an induction at this point, if I have a decent Bishop score. As of my last visit, it would be about a 5 I'd guess (they haven't really said if my cervix is soft or what, but I'd guess yes, based on my own internal exams) When I get my chart today, I'm going to look and see what I was prior to Gabe, I think I remember, but am not sure. Just to do a comparison. Also really hoping that she just hurries up and chooses her birthday so I don't have to weigh further options.


Yay for lots of good sleep for D (and you too I hope!)

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You're lucky you get that extra wiggle room and that you know it. That's one of the great things about charting.

I'm sure it will happen soon. It's got to be within these next 2 weeks sometime. Hang in there.

I was thinking about you not being too confident about relying on LAM for birth control. You can always determine your BF BIP and track your CF to give you some additionally info. Then you'd know if your CF ever gets wetter than your BIP, you can be cautious even though you may not O.
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That is what I did after Gabe; I noticed when it changed to EWCM and wasn't surprised to see AF for the first time about 2 weeks later.


I remember you asking about my emotional state a few days ago: I'm very irritable today (was yesterday too, but today it's worse)  Not sure if that's a good sign or not, but people should just watch out! I slept pretty well, all things considered, so can't be blaming it on that.


yes, I'm thankful for the extra wiggle room and I do know she has to come out eventually! I am just ready for it to be now!


how is the hazelwood supposed to work? mostly for sleeping? I have heard of amber for teething, but not hazelwood (do they make combo necklaces?)

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The Hazelwood helps with acid, actually. Yeah they do have combo ones... I'm trying to decide if I want to get one, too.

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i was an emotional wreck exactly a week before D came. i think in the day or two just before i was chill. you've got 2 days. winky.gif

the hazelwood supposedly treats all kinds of stuff. i got one for ethan for his eczema. I got one for Dylan for acid reflux, assuming he has silent reflux. I got one for Kellen just because I couldn't get one for everyone else and not him. The one I got for D is a combo hazelwood/amber in case he starts teething soon. The site I ordered from says you don't get the full effect of the amber when it's combined with something else. I'm hoping it will tide us over until he gets a little older and over the reflux and then I can get him a full amber necklace just for teething.
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