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2 year old's diet

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I was just wondering if anyone had any good ideas for meals for a 2 year old. My son can be pretty picky and usually will only eat chicken, hot dogs, corn dogs, any kind of fruit, and carrots.. Does anyone have any suggestions so I can add some variety to my son's diet? :)

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My son got a little pickier as he approached 2, especially when it came to veggies, so I had to get a little creative when putting his meals together. (He would live on PB sandwiches if I let him)


Here are a few things we have tried that work for us:


turkey roll-ups: turkey, cheese, avocado, mayo & mustard on a small tortilla

mixing peas or green beans in with mashed potatoes or quinoa (he is less likely to pick them out if they are mixed in with something he likes)

breaded eggplant with pasta

turkey meatloaf with french cut green beans mixed into the meatloaf


For snacks we usually do yogurt, applesauce, hummus & pitas or crackers.


He is still pretty picky with certain flavors/textures but we just keep offering it to him and he will at least try it.


Hope these suggestions help. Good luck and just keep trying! thumb.gif

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Our 2 yo is also pretty picky about veggies.  Here are the things that work for us to 'sneak' healthy food into her:

- pureed vegetable soups (this is the ONLY way she'll eat greens)

- grated zucchini in homemade mac'n'cheese

- food-as-activity: anything that involves dipping, smearing, mixing, etc. will lead to more of whatever-it-is making its way into her mouth

- I often puree an entire bunch of spinach (or collards, kale, chard) and add it to spaghetti sauce. 

- We use dried, reconstituted textured vegetable protein in chili, stew, soup, sauces, etc. to add protein. 

- smothering veggies in butter helps.  Not sustainable, I know, but for the toddler years I don't worry about fat as much.

- letting her help prepare food seems to make her appreciate it more.  So if she helped stir the soup, for example, she's more likely to want to eat it.

- fun presentation works wonders!  I just started a thread in "nutrition and good eating" asking for ideas for fun ways to serve food to toddlers.  Bugs on a log, for example, are a big hit around here.

- think outside the serving box.  DD loves peas straight out of the freezer, for example, but often won't touch them if they're cooked in something.  Some veggies can work in a sandwich, or sliced thin into a tortilla, etc., where they aren't so obviously vegetables. 



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Thanks to both of you!! You've given me A LOT of good ideas, and I cant wait to try them out :)

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