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Scared for tomorrow...

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So I had what I originally thought was either an early m/c or early a/f but then I kept getting sicker and sicker. My sister bugged me until I tested, and boy was I surprised it came back positive... But now I am all on paranoia over drive because of the bleeding (its gone now but it lasted for a week and was definatly more then standard Implantation Bleeding). I have an appointment with the nurse-midwives at our local hospital tomorow, and I am going to demand Progesterone and HCG counts... but I am still scared...


What if it comes back bad...


I know I can't really change whatever it is, so I am trying to be strong and except it, but it is still so hard. :(


ramble ramble... k I am done...


But 24 hours seems like a lifetime away lol



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Good luck!

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hug2.gif Good luck!
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Sometimes, you can have a "period" and still be pregnant. In fact, I have a friend who had periods all 9 months with her first, for no reason whatsoever.  And I'm not talking about tiny, light periods.  She had full-blown periods and no clue that she was pregnant.  She found out when they did the boot-camp entrance pee-test for the Navy, and they came and told her she was pregnant, and she refused to believe it right up until the ultrasound.  She was 5 months in. 


So, all that to say, get it checked, but it doesn't necessarily mean your body is trying to lose the baby.  You might be just fine.  :)  Here's hoping!

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Praying for you RoseRed. I've had some spotting and cramping too, it is really nerve-wracking. *hugs*

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Praying for ya, hope your results come back with good numbers. smile.gif

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HI Rosered, how did it go? Hope everything is well.

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Update? Hope it went well

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Also thinking of you, RoseRed!!

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Sorry I didn't get the difinitive everythings ok like I expected and since have not been too happy.


I took a urine preg-test at the midwives and it came back negative :( so they sent me over for a blood test and it came back at a level of 12 HCG :( (midwives said the levels should be 50 - 150 at this point)


I get to pee on a stick until friday when I go back in and get blood drawn again and see where we are at.


Its just like rubbing salt on an open wound, "lets watch the pee line get fainter and fainter until we get confirmation of the m/c..."


I did get a + pee test this morning.... sometimes I just think its over, but other times it doesn't add up. How long does HCG be in the blood after a m/c.. I mean I had implantation on 22nd (guessing based on symptoms) and bleeding from the 25-29... wouldn't that just mean I would have an HCG of 0???


So lost and confused am I, am I.


I will keep you ladies updates, but I am not holding out much hope at this point...

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from my understanding HCG has a half life of 24 hours 12 24 48 96 192 potentially you were around 384 on the 30th which sounds like a likely number if you implanted 8 days prior. It is very likely that you did mc and it's just taking this long for the HCG to leave your system. My mc last month was extremely light, not even period worthy, but that was it. I kept thinking there would be more but their wasn't. It took a few days for my HCG to get to 0. Sorry you are having to go through this. *hugs*



If that sounds ridiculous for your level to have been 384, this website shows some women at 14dpo (which I'm assuming is where you would have been on the 30th) at 2088. http://www.betabase.info/showBasicChart.php?type=Single

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I'm sorry you aren't getting the answers you need.  I am hoping that you might just be one of those ladies that has issues with pregnancy tests.  Some women have an oddly-shaped HCG hormone and they don't always test positive on urine dipsticks, but nobody's real sure why, just that the HCG is slightly not the same as the tests are looking for and don't react the same way.


Have you been checked for an ectopic pregnancy?  Because ectopic pregnancies are often wonky with HCG levels.  If you haven't had an ultrasound, I highly recommend that you do, just to be sure.  If you are having weird symptoms and feel sick, and if you start feeling dizzy and cold, please go to the ER to make sure you're not bleeding from an ectopic. 



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I'm sorry the news doesn't look good RoseRed. greensad.gif I will definitely be praying for you!

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