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A monthly thread to talk about all of our various journeys through the difficult, trying, and often heartbreaking world of infertility. This thread is a place to chat, vent, get support, cheer each other on, and hopefully occasionally laugh!


Please let me know if there are any changes/updates to make.

Trying to Conceive #1


Shesaidboom (27) TTC #1 since 2007. Struggling with PCOS. Seeing a fertility specialist this month, and hoping for good news!


Cbaa2010 Cait & B (26) trying to add baby since 10/2010- Started IF testing in 8/2011, my main concern is spotting from O until AF, now to see what is next. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/caitylady


Sourire (29) DH (32) - TTC # 1 since August 2010 with short luteal phase.


Monkeyscience  (27) and dh (25) TTC#1 w/ PCOS since 6/2010 - waiting till May 2012 for further intervention... praying.gif praying for some ovulation! chart1.gif


LuluRoo (28) TTC#1 since March 2011 after taking a break from TTC for a little while!!! Doing what I can to prepare for our first medicated cycle March 29th, 2011


Renavoo  (35)  moved to graduates!!!!!!


Blueyezz4 TTC #1 (technically #4 - long story) since 2006; Moving on to our 3rd Fresh IVF in Oct. after 5 failed IUI's, 2 failed IVF's and a failed FET.  Hoping & praying for a miracle. Mother to our twins boys - lost at 22.5wks on 6-20-09 and another little angel in heaven lost at 8wks!


deborahbgkelly (29) TTC #1 IVF scheduled for November. Turns out DH  is fine. I am on DHEA and at a therapeutic dose. Start all the other meds mid-October. Fertility issues- Endo, hypothyroid, diminished ovarian reserves.


JodiAriel  Jodie (33) married to Jay (31)  TTC#1 with PCOS, male viscosity issued, low progesterone.


Catheleni35, TT#1. Male factor issues and consult with RE in November.


Chicajones  (27) DH(30) TTC#1 since June 2010. Just diagnosed with PCOS. Limited insurance/finances so we're going to try Femera then just try natural therapies if that doesn't work. Also adivsed that I have IR problems.


Trying To Conceive #2


RCR TTC #2 since December 2007. One failed IVF, three failed medicated IUI cycles (follistim, menipur, and gannirelix). Planning a few more IUIs, then back to IVF if those don't work. Thankful every day that we have great infertility insurance coverage. Severe MF, poor egg quality, one early loss in July 2010.


Gozal (33) trying for number 2 since 2009. Finally diagnosed with prolactinoma after extended breastfeeding; PRL levels normal 4/11; ectopic pregnancy 6/11; doing monitored natural cycles for now and Clomid if needed.


Tinymama TTC#2. Male IF issues (poor count/quality/motility).


Trying To Conceive #3

zanelee TTC#3 for almost 5 years now. Secondary IF due to cervical cancer surgery. Had extensive endo removed and cervix manually dialated (so dh's boys could get in!) in late fall of 2010, and now trying on our own for a few months. Can't decided whether or not to start clomid. Praying for a miracle!


Brichole1214 Brandy (27) DH (31) taking a break in between our little precious bundle who came to us December 6th, 2010.  Planning on starting out TTC venture again in Septmeber 2011 since it took us 31 months to get pregnant with her and technically took me 5 years of off and on TTC to finally get pregnant.  I don't wanna wait too long!!!!  http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/158654




Trying To Conceive #4




Those TTC who have not posted a Blurb
























Taking a Break






Graduates(May everyone who passes through this thread find her way to this section!)

Tantylynn, Kaydove, Brichole1214, Sweet.Bee, Lega, NishaG, Kewpie80, Tear78, ValH, Lesliesara63, no5no5, Minkajane, EastbayK, Grapesbunch, thtr4me, alexaskj, trumpcard, poetgirl, ann_of_loxley, livelovelaugh, Renavoo, Tenzinsmama




Missing In Action

First Shot Photo





Victorian Patch




PLEASE let the thread keeper know if there is anything you would like to add/delete/change in your synopsis above. Bolding requests is appreciated! love.gifWeekend Wrap-UpName:Age:TTC #:CD:DPO (if applicable):Testing:Trying Since:Plan for this Cycle:Link to Chart (if applicable):Thoughts:


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Good morning/afternoon ladies!!! I hope everyone is well.  I am so sorry i've been MIA lately...things have been REALLY crazy at the Bray house this past month! I'm so happy that September is over and October is here.  It gives me a chance to start a new month feeling refreshed!!!


Here's what's been going on since my last post:


DH got another job with a different contractor at the same BP plant...so YAY.  Also, he will be making a little bit more money an hour than he was before which helps us a lot...so i'm not AS stressed as I was.  My reduction surgery STILL hasn't been set because we're still waiting on my blood work to come back...but i do know that it will be before the end of the year since my insurance will either change or just be canceled. (depends on if i'm given my job back once our contract goes to a new contractor in January) DD#1 is well into her second grade year and has been very emotional lately.  I really feel bad for her because one of her complaints is she doesn't want to grow up...and I for one can't blame her. With the way things are these days, i wouldn't want to grow up either...lol.  DD#2 is getting her top 2 teeth in at the same time and it's been HELL trying to get her to calm down long enough to sleep at night....so coming to work without much sleep really sucks!  She is saying more things now though like, "dada", "pawpaw", "hi", and when she's really mad at me she says "mama" but only if she's mad and tired...but hey i'll take it!  DH is going to have to put off his counseling session until he gets insurance after 90days of employment so it will be the first of 2012 before he will be able to get in, but he still is planning on going which makes me happy.  Things have been much better lately and i've finally added him onto MY facebook account so it's mine and his not just mine anymore. I at least know that i have 24/7 access to his information now and his personal info will not be on there so no one will be able to contact him...and since it's connected to my email address I will know anytime anything happens...period. 


ANYWAYS, enough about me.  I want to know how everyone else is doing! I've really missed you ladies a lot!  I can't wait to see updates...i'm going to do much better this month with keeping up with everyone!  I will stop writing now so others can update up all lol. 

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Everything is right on schedule for my IVF so far, so I'm really excited. I am also very nervous, but feel so happy that science is here to help. I have blood-work scheduled for Wednesday and genetics counseling scheduled for Thursday.  We have a new dog in our lives, Peaches, and she is super sweet. She is beginning to understand that the kitty is family not food. Beginning... 

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renavoo- glad I could help- it is quite a miracle after all!


gozal- what things do you feel on the prometrium? I am SO thrown by what could be real or what is just the drugs?!


deborah- fingersx.gif Time for the best birthday present ever!!


brichole- so happy your DH got a new job! I hope they schedule your reduction soon so you can get it taken care of before your job changes! Thanks for the new thread!



AFM- 8 DPO, my nipples are still sore and now they seem a little bigger and more red  & I'm having dull cramping, my boobs hurt a lot. Weird thing is these things just started like 3 days ago... that means I am 10 days now past trigger and 7 days into endometrin (100 am/pm), I hate the feeling of hopeful/realistic (exactly what you said shesaidboom). Anyone want to share their 2ww experience on progesterone?

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Hi ladies!

Brichole, YAH! to being back. We missed you too! I'm hopeful that the months can get better now that September is over :o) How long does it take for the blood work to come back? I hope it's soon because we all know how exhausting it is to wait for blood work redface.gif As for DD, Awwwww to her talking more but sorry about her keeping you (and herself) awake during her teething period. How long does the teething period usually last? I hope everything continues to get better with dh.


Deborah, I'm so excited for you and I know how nerve wracking it is but it really is a miracle that those of us who need that extra little push can now get it! I cracked up when i read your comment about how Peaches no longer sees your cat as food. haha.


Cbaa, ugh, the symptoms of the endometrin are so similar to pregnancy symptoms that it's definitely very difficult to tell. For the many months I've been on endometrin and prometrium before that, i can tell you that I always started with really strong symptoms (tender swollen breasts and nipples, nausea, fatigue, etc). I always suspected things were over when the symptoms started to wane. It's very sad but i also don't think that you should take what I say for definite. Other people on the site also say that they had symptoms that went away and they were pregnant. So it's very individual. I know my friend mentioned that during her cycle, her breasts were painful, more painful than she's ever experienced, and that's how she knew she was pregnant. By the way, I'm so with you about POAS to prepare for the phone call. I did that too...I POAS 2 days before my beta because my beta was being done during the week. I didn't want to receive the call during the week and then end up crying at the office. So I POAS and got by BFN and had time to prepare. It was more civilized but still hurt like a truck running over me. If I get a BFN this time around, I'll probably feel the same or worse but I'm definitely going to POAS just in case; I tend to wait until late though- at least 8 days post 5 dt.


Gozal, yah for your puppy!! Why does it take a month though? sigh, I would be so impatient but I hope that you get your new furry baby! sigh, of anything, I would love a dog. It isn't in the cards though because my apartment building doesn't allow dogs and even if they did, my schedule is so bad that I couldn't imagine putting a puppy through that! I love the amazon cheapies, even if I haven't gotten a bfp on them. They are just so cheap and convenient and you can't beat 2 day shipping with amazon prime! Love amazon! I'm glad you're getting monitored because then you'll have a better idea when you're ovulating. Anyway, day 11 seems like a good day but are you also going to go back to get more monitoring if it carries into the next week?


AFM, waiting impatiently for Friday's US but otherwise, nothing really happening. My breasts are really tender and sore so that's a little annoying but I'm sure normal. I'm also impatiently waiting for news about the iphone 5 and whether it will come out on Sprint. I really hope it does because I need a new phone!!


Big hugs, everyone!

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And... I'm behind again! So if I don't mention you, don't take it personally, please!


brichole - So glad your dh got a new job so quickly! Sucks about the wait for insurance and counseling, though.


deborah - Good luck with the IVF and the puppy!


cbaa - Hoping those are good signs!


renavoo - Glad you survived your trip - your transfer is getting close! It's actually the same day as my niece's first birthday. :)


AFM, sloooooowly getting better. dh is now getting sick, though. Boo.

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I should say she MOSTLY no longer sees him as food. She did chase him last night. LOL. Thanks everyone.

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I'm NOT familiar with all the lingo & shorthand, so here goes!

I'm married 36 years old, we have a 6 year old boy and we have been TTC for 2+years. We had a miscarriage in March.

We just did our 2 IUI ( Clomid 5 days,Bravelle& Ovidrel) I'm in the 2 week waiting period & want to know if there is anyone in the same situation? With IUI, Older Child.....Anything!

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My symptoms pretty much feel gone today.. no more pressure/cramping, I woke up in the middle of the nigh to pee, which seems to consistantly happen at 8 & 9 DPO, boobs/nips aren't as sore. I feel sad. On top of that my mom keeps telling me to POAS every day until Sunday... I just can't deal with seeing no no no no no.


Welcome Bridget- I don't have any children, and I didn't do IUI, but I did clomid days 3-7, ovedril, and endometrin, 9 dpo... so I'm not a fountain of advice, but I'm a listening ear!


Thanks for the encouragement ladies, I just feel down today.

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Hello, new to the infertility threads - been an interesting journey for us.  We found out my husband had testicular cancer after having DS 7 years ago, then he had radiation and we conceived DD1 with more difficulty, but it worked and was fine, and then we beat all odds and conceived #3 when told we had a 1% chance of doing so naturally.  Cancer returned after that DD was born and was blasted with chemo.  Gone for good now!  So, we are trying to conceive #4, the last for sure if it even works.  We are doing natural IUI with frozen sperm (only option for us for a couple of years  post chemo and I will be 39 in January), had back to back IUI yesterday and the day before.Timing was PERFECT, ovulated yesterday, but sperm was not.  Very low count, etc., about 5.2 million, but I figure since we could not have timed it more perfectly and millions are better than nothing...there is still a chance, right?  good luck to everyone this month!!!!

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livelovelaugh- my DH also had testicular cancer. We are lucky we caught it very early and didn't have to go through everything you did, but thought you might like to know you have someone around who can relate.

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Hi, I'm Jodi (33) newly married to Jay (31).  We are TTC #1 w/ PCOS, male viscosity issues, low progesterone.  We had our fertility workup 9/10, did nothing to prevent for 6 mos.  We got married 5/11 and started our journey.  6/11 we were both treated for mycoplasma.  7/11 Clomid 50mg-BFN. 8/11 Clomid 100mg-BFM. 9/11 Clomid 150mg+IUI-BFN.  I had an endometrial biopsy this past Friday and are currently waiting for the results.  I am having a laproscopy/hysteroscopy on Tuesday 10/11/11 with possible ovarian drilling.  It's nice to meet everyone!

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Hi everyone,


Cbaa, hug2.gif Remember, you're not out unless you get your AF. I hear of a lot of people who have waxing and waning symptoms and many people who don't have ANY symptoms at all. So don't feel down. I still have hope for you!!! As for POAS everyday, I'm with you...I wouldn't want to do that. However, maybe around 12 or 13 dpo? I hope that you get your BFP!!!


Bridget116, LiveLoveLaugh and JodiAriel, welcome! I hope that you find being on this thread helpful! it's such a stressful time but everyone on this thread is so fantastic. Please feel free to pose any question and I'm sure someone has had the experience!


Bridget, I'm 35. i started ttc when i was 33 and still no luck so I'm going through IVF. I had one cycle already and going through a frozen embryo cycle in about a week. I've been through 4 IUIs, 3 with clomid and 1 with femara. I hope that our 2ww goes by quickly and that it ends with a BFP!


JodiAriel, wow, you've been through a lot! mycoplasma? ugh. Sorry. I hope that you have fully recovered. Pneumonia will definitely take a lot out of a person! I hope your tests go well! It's hard waiting for the test results but hopefully they give you some answers. I hope you don't eventually need ovarian drilling!


LiveLoveLaugh, I hope that you get a BFP in a couple of weeks! I'm glad your DH was cleared of cancer. It's always wonderful to hear happy news like that!


Have a great Thursday, everyone!



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Bridget116, LiveLoveLaugh and JodiAriel - welcome all! Yikes, I cannot even imagine your collective strength, my heart broke (and then filled with hope) reading all three of your stories. I want to second what Renavoo said - I hope you find lots of support here, please ask anything. I'm in a little bit of a different situation, I have a rare pituitary tumor (now treated/controlled) and then I had a failed pregnancy/suspected ectopic (probably not ectopic, my doctor now thinks following an HSG) earlier this summer. We've been trying since my 4yo was born, essentially, but my fertility never returned. Actively we've been ttc since he was 24 months in hopes of catching the first PP egg, so for about 2 years now, though most of that time I wasn't cycling at all because of the tumor. (OB refused to see me, he said it was just breastfeeding/LAM. Cannot believe I listened to him. Live and learn.) Plan for this cycle is monitoring and probably an hCG trigger. Clomid is next for me if that doesn't work.


cbaa, so I thought I would share with my personal policy on symptoms-watching during a 2ww on progesterone (for myself, I mean!). Here it is: ignore everything. Sucks, I know. Progesterone supps make me feel pregnant. Now, in my (limited) experience there are two kinds of pg symptoms. The "classic" ones - extreme fatigue, morning sickness, breast tenderness (I do not usually get PMS breast tenderness) - those only kicked in for me at 6-7 weeks and were unmistakable. The early ones were very real but they were more subtle and a lot more mistakable, if that makes sense. For me they were heightened sense of smell and reduced appetite. The super smell in particular, I have learned, is a high progesterone symptom. I get it on supps. That is the number one reason I hate supps, because they throw off my body sense/intuition. One thing I can add, I did not have any of that dull cramping/faint pressure stuff going on on progesterone but not pregnant. So I think any of that super mild cramping is a good sign IME. But in general, I consider my pg status unknowable until I POAS on a prog-supp 2ww. I do not allow myself to take any body sensation into account. I just start POAS every day 10-13dpo with my super-sensitive cheapie strips. I used to hate to see the BFN but after all this time, it feels worse to be wondering all day and knowing that there is theoretical possibility that I could know, than just to do an elimination round. Probably just my craziness. But that's how I do it. My fingers are so tightly crossed for you, it's insane!


That goes for everyone...sending out lots of good thoughts today.

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Good morning ladies!!!


Welcome Bridgett116, livelovelaugh, and JodieAriel!  I've added you ladies to the top with a short blurb of what i picked up from what you told about yourselves in your posts.  If you would like to put it into your own words just BOLD what you want me to put and i'll change it! :)   I hope that you ladies have a short trip through this thread....I forsee BFPs all around for October (well except for with me because i'm really not needing to be pregnant until after the first of the year lol)


Gozal:  How are you doing?  I so feel like i've been lacking in the keeping up with you department lately! LOL I have been so busy it sucks!


Renavoo:  I am SOOOOOO looking forward to your US friday also lol.  I never thought this month would get here so I can obsess with you again :)


Cbba:  Not much longer and you should be able to get a + on a test! I totally understand that not wanting to see BFNs all the time though.  I drove myself crazy for 5 years taking tests and them coming up neg when i was trying to get pregnant with Emma!!!!  I hope that this is your month too!!!!


Deborah:  I hope that everything has gone good with your appointments this week!  I TOTALLY get where you are coming from with your dog and your cat lol.  My brother and SIL have a pug and a calico/siamese mix and they love to hate each other lol.  Their can was the first too so it has taken her a while to get use to the dog...and actually there's only 1 week a month she likes him LOL HAHAHAHA...which she likes my husband that week too. I guess it's the pheromones he gives off that she loves....it makes me laugh because he can't stand it when she starts rubbing up again him lol.


AFM:  WELL, they finally found my blood work at the doctor's office....after the 3rd time I called and advised them that my insurance will be ending at the end of the year and they will need to get me scheduled for my reduction before then or else it won't be covered...yeah, the scheduling nurse is calling me either this afternoon or tomorrow!!! (YAY me for being pushy!!!)  DH is loving his new job, and i'm happy about that. He's also going to be able to work over time which will help out a lot right now.  They still haven't told us what's going on with my job but at least I know that DH has a solid job again...so i'm not AS worried about it. Plus i'll be able to pull out ALL of my 401K once our contract ends so we'll have a little bit of money to live off of until i can find another job if they don't keep me.  (I'm really trying to see the bright side of things)  Things are going much better with me and DH, and I really almost hate that it's going SO well after being so bad for a few weeks...i guess because i expect something bad to happen again.  I need to start being more positive when it comes to my relationships instead of just staying positive about my working situation lol.  Well i hope that everyone is doing good.  I will be back later this afternoon or tomorrow morning to see more updates!  Gotta get to working on my stats :(  BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! 

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ok so my computer is being stupid and won't let me edit the first post to add our new ladies! I"ll TRY my best to get to my mom's house this afternoon to change it!!! SOOOOO sorry ladies i'm not forgetting about promise!!!

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brichole - I'm so glad things are looking up!


deborah - congrats on the new doggie! Good luck with IVF! I hope this is your time.


cbaa - those symptoms would drive me crazy just because it's hard to tell if it is pregnancy or the endometrin. i'm sorry you're feeling down, and I get you about the POAS. It's so hard seeing that no again and again. I want you to see a big fat YES.


bridget - welcome, and I hope your stay here is short! i'm so sorry about your miscarriage grouphug.gif


livelovelaugh - What a journey! I'm sorry about your dh, but so glad it is gone for good now! Good luck to you!


jodi - welcome, I hope your stay is short because you get that positive!



AFM, nothing new happening here, just waiting around for the next appt. Still having pregnancy-like symptoms, but trying to ignore them. Dp suggested testing anyway, but I'm not going to do it. I cannot see that no again. We're off to the fertility specialist again on the 25th and if all of our tests go well, we'll be starting cycle monitoring and probably clomid. I started the Metformin, one pill only so far as I'm building up to three, and so far nothing. I'm hoping I can keep those belly aches away as long as possible!

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Thanks everyone! I had my genetics counseling today and the doctor said that we have a pretty low chance of Canavan's being an issue since Ian came back negative as a carrier and he's not Jewish. He did recommend doing the fragile x test. He does not think we need PGS (yay $3000 less cost for us). Doggie chased kitty today, but I think that's more because of the storm that's coming. She's pretty anxious.

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Deborah:  I'm happy that things went well at the genetics counseling yesterday!! YAY for not having to pay out that other $3000!!! I know that is a lot off your plate!!!


Renavoo: Did you have your US done today yet?  I'm eagerly waiting for an update!!!


AFM:  I got intouch with the doctor's office to schedule my reduction today.  Turns out that I can't have it done until February 20th, 2012 because they are booked up until then.  The doctor doing my surgery only does them on Mondays and only does one a day...so go figure!!! I"m NOT happy!  Not only is that AFTER my current contract ends and I still don't know if i'll have a job much less insurance coveragae and also if I DO have insurance at that point I will be having surgery 5 days before my 28th birthday!!! SO i'm going to be miserable for my birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!  LOL  They did say they would call me and let me know if someone cancels but i don't forsee that happening!

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Glad the testing went well Deborah!


Brichole - can you get it done anywhere else? I'm sorry the wait is so long! I'm crossing my fingers for a cancellation.


renavoo - also looking forward to an update. Any news? I'm hoping good things for you.



AFM, I am still experiencing the 'fake pregnancy' symptoms and am not happy about it. It really messes with my head, and I know in a few days I'll have worked myself up enough to test and will just be disappointed. What I think is doing this is I've heard so many stories about women with PCOS conceiving after the sonohysterogram test, I had a period afterwards, and dp and I have been a lot...closer...since then, if you know what I mean. I think because of that I'm convincing myself that generic symptoms added together means possible pregnancy. I think I just want that BFP so badly.


I booked dp's sperm functioning test for next Wednesday. I'm not looking forward to it because it means going downtown alone (he has to go to work, so I'll be taking in his sample) during rush hour to drop it off. Crowded subways are awful for my anxiety, but driving is such a waste, especially when it's a three block walk from the subway station. It'll give us important info though, so of course it'll be worth it. Until then I'm just going to focus on Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. It's my first time doing a big family dinner with everyone, so it should be good fun.

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