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I'm so sorry for the BFNs. This process is so hard and upsetting and I hate that it hurts so much. I'm keeping you all in my thoughts. brichole, I am also thinking of your friend, and your SIL monkey.


Good thoughts and fingers crossed for you renavoo!


Chica - so sorry about the blood sugar news. As if you needed something else to worry about! I'm taking metformin as well (still haven't got past 1 a day though), but for PCOS. I hope you tolerate it well and it helps fix things.



AFM, I am having a very rough infertility day. It's the fourth birthday of the little girl of a friend of mine. A friend of mine that started TTC soon after dp and I started seriously trying (after years and years of wanting and waiting for the 'right' time..oh, how naive we were). While it is of course a happy occasion, I can't help but think 'has it really been that long?' I love her so much and she is a wonderful friend, but she is now pregnant with her third little one and here I am with empty arms, after losing pregnancies, struggling so hard get pregnant at all, praying for that BFP. It makes me think about the little one(s) I would have had I not miscarried, had dp and I got that BFP right away. I see the little ones of my friends, most conceived after we started TTC, and while I love them so much, it does make this harder to bear sometimes. I did break down and test again and got another BFN. I am waiting anxiously for Tuesday to hear what our next step is.



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shesaidboom, I am so sorry. Big hugs. It is so wonderful that you have developed such a close connection to your friend's children which shows what a big heart you have but i am sure it hurts. We are here for you though!

What day are you, again? Maybe it is still early? You are never out until AF is here!
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Brichole, i am thinking of your friend. What a horrible experience. She must be so heartbroken. I really wish that she would seek some help too. That may prevent future hertbreak. I am glad you are feeling better! So sweet of your DH to help out like that! Go Dayquil and Nyquil.

Monkey, i am so glad your SIL is ok and that one of the baby is no longer breach!

Chica, ugh to the blood test results!! Were you diagnosed with diabetes? I hope that you tolerate the metformin well! However, it is still cool that met may help normalize your cycles! I know one of my REs was considering metfomin as an option for me too, even though i don't have high blood sugar. I hope it works! It does suk o wait three month though!

Big hugs, ladies! I will check in once i get my results. Haha who knows... Maybe i will test tomorrow!
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Thank you so much renavoo. You are so kind <3


Going by the first day of my last period, I'm on day 41 right now. I don't have regular periods though. I'm pretty sure the only reason I had one at all was because of the sonohysterogram I had. I'm having a blood test on Monday, so I'll find out forsure on Tuesday at our appointment. I'm pretty sure that I would have gotten a BFP by now, but it would be nice to get one on Tuesday anyway.


I'm looking forward to hearing your results!

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I promise I will do personals later, but I just wanted to say... SIL has been sent home from the hospital. The contractions seem to have pretty much quit for now. However, she is on complete bed rest until she sees her doc again on Wednesday. Luckily, both my family and hers live very close, so she should have lots of help! More when I am less tired!

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Monkey, thank goodness! I hope that she gets a clean bill of health on Wednesday!


Shesaidboom, ugh. I really hope that they at least let you know what the heck is going on. Will you end up doing an US during that visit too?


AFM, ok, I couldn't help it. This morning at around 3am, I just got so frustrated because i couldn't sleep that I thought I would test. Ladies, it was a BFP!!!!! I can't believe it. I didn't believe it so I tested again and there it was again. I don't have magic pregnancy test destroying urine!! biggrinbounce.gif Once I got the positive, I jumped on poor DH (at 3:30am) whoops. He was ecstatic too.


I'm still going to wait until Thursday after the blood test to tell my family, just in case. Heck, i may wait after the first 2 few blood tests. I'm just a little antsy about it but hopefully, everything goes well


Ok, now we need more BFPs to round us out!!!

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Renavoo:::::   I"M JUMPING UP AND DOWN IN THE AIR FOR YOU LIKE LITERALLY!!!! YAY!!!!!! OMG LOL I JUST KNEW THIS WAS YOUR CYCLE!!!!    OK, sorry for the all caps and the bold but i'm super excited for you!!! I can't type fast enough to let you know how excited I am for you!!! THank you for not waiting until Sunday lol.  You have made my weekend!!!!! I am sooooooo going to have to get to a computer that will let me edit my posts now so that I can put you in our graduates list as soon as you are ready to be moved there.  I guess you'll want to wait until your numbers come in on your BW on the 27th?  WOW okay, i can go the rest of the year without a BFP and i will still be on cloud 9!!! LOL  OKay, i'm going to go walk outside for a minute to calm down haha...i'm just so super excited for you and your DH!!!!! YAY!!!

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Yipeee!!!  Congrats Renavoo!  So exciting!


Just back from vacation and haven't gone back over any of the posts for last month or this month - just saw this latest post and had to respond!


So our vacation went well, but AF didn't show up, and so far all testing has been negative.  I am 12 days late today, and I've only ever been this late when I've been pregnant with the three we lost, so I have no idea!  I'm not going to test again until Monday, so we'll see what happens.


Any other BFP's????  I love hearing the good news!


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Thank you ladies!! Brichole, you are just too cute and soo sweet! I can't wait until YOUR dreams come true too!!! And i want everyone here to get their BFPs too. Only then will i be completely happy. I can't believe that i still have 5 days before the beta. I wish it was tomorrow!

Babycatcher, so glad you are back but I'm not happy you didn't get your AF yet (unless you are pregnant!! Then i would be ecstatic! joy.gif hope Monday brings you great news. I am hoping these next few months brings us a bevy of bfps to ring in the new year!
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Renavoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are literally tears in my eyes reading your news, I am just so happy for you and DH!!! Seriously, I am so, so, so, SO excited. I am smiling so big right now. Grow, little bean, grow!


I also found out today that a dear friend of mine who's been trying for a long, long time to get pg is expecting...it feels like somehow the world is righting itself a little tonight. I also started my period today (I was expecting it, testing neg at 12dpo) and I've decided that maybe, just maybe, with this confluence of events...wouldn't it be awesome if my own lucky little egg was starting its journey tonight? (Is it creepy that I think of it like that? I am so well beyond baby crazy, I can't even tell...)


Okay, back to being crazy excited for you, Renavoo (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

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Sorry I've been MIA the last few days. It's been quite crazy here the last few days. Mostly good though. My blood flow problems seem to have been resolved and I am on day 1 of my IVF cycle today! I did do acupuncture along with several medications, so for those who are skeptics, it might be worth a try. It does feel a little weird while it's happening (not painful, just weird), but you end up very relaxed afterward. I spent all day doing IVF consults and driving yesterday, then went to dress rehearsal. Today, I was in a martial arts tournament and then sang in a concert. I am EXHAUSTED.

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baby catcher:  I really hope that you being late is that you caught a late eggie and your pregnant!! That would just be wonderful!!


Gozal: I really admire your out look on this next cycle...and you aren't crazy promise :)  I'm pulling for you with this cycle!


Deborah:  Sounds like you've been a VERY busy lady!!! I wanted to wish you luck with this IVF cycle!!!! I hope you get your BFP by the end of it!!!


AFM: I'm on like cycle day 8 or something like that.  I'm so ready to get to ovulating lol...if i'm going to this month.  I still haven't had a chance to start temping yet because i've been taking medication at night to help with my cold. I hope everyone has a great day!!!


ps. renavoo: Thank you so much for being so kind :)  I really do hope that this could be my month and everyone else's month too!! How wonderful would it be if we could all book it out of here and be in a DDC!!!!

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Gozal, I'm sending you all my hopes too!! i want you to get a BFP!!! As Brichole says, it would be awesome if we could all get our BFPs before the end of the year. You know what? I'm going to be optimistic and say that it will happen. haha mind over matter. My DH is funny because he says that whenever I feel bad for a football team during a game, they always seem to make a miraculous recovery. (Since he plays fantasy football, he always warns me not to feel bad for those who are losing, if their winning would make him lose! ;o) haha) Anyway, i'm putting all my energy and spirit into hoping that all of us experience our BFPs by the end of the new year!!


Yah for your friend!! Stories like hers give all of us hope!


Brichole, ugh to the cold. Is it getting progressively better? I hope that you can stop taking nyquil soon (haha although I have friends who love the stuff!!)



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I know we still have 8 more days left in October but i was going to see if anyone is going to be interested in taking over for November when it gets here.  I would do it again but since i'm not able to edit my posts it makes it hard to add people and move people in the first post and I don't want anyone to think that I am ignoring them.  Just let me know if you would like to take over for next month. I'll still be here going strong lol.  Thanks ladies!!!

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okay ladies!!! I FINALLY got to edit the first set of blurbs. I've moved several people down to the haven't heard from you in a while list.  If there is anyone who needs to change their blurb or needs me to add a blurb for you please let me know.  I'm still hoping that someone else would like a chance to be thread keeper in November...maybe will have some thread keeper luck!!!

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Brichole, I'll do it! I'm a little nervous that I'll somehow be remiss in my thread-hosting duties, but why not? Lots of holidays for me in October so I knew I'd be away from the computer a lot - but November should be a good time for me to try hosting for the first time! Okay, now I'm excited.


Renavoo, I'm totally signing up for your BFP '11 or Bust Plan!


In other news...we decided to put our house in the market. Right now we're living in a suburb we are not so crazy about. Long story how we got here, basically it was a good decision at the time and I'm glad we did it. But we're so ready to move. Actually we'd like to get out of this metro area altogether, but we need to be near DH's job for the next 5 years or so at least. So we're trying to move to a "walkable suburb" we like a lot, that will also reduce DH's commute. How's that for a distraction tactic?! Now I have all these things to do...like pack up half our stuff so the house looks all empty and big. I am really nervous we won't be able to afford to sell...but hey, this whole adventure is still lots of fun.

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renavoo - joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

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Gozal, very cool!!! Do you already see a house in the new area that you would like to buy? That is really exciting (and yes, definitely a distraction.) When will you start showing it? Do you have a deadline to make?


Monkey, how are you doing? How are you feeling? How is your SIL?


Brichole, how is your friend, by the way?


AFM, not much happening my way. I'm waiting to see if the doctor will let me test earlier but i don't think he will. haha I am so impatient. But overall, I'm still worrying. By breasts aren't hurting as much anymore so in my mind, I'm concerned that this means that I'm going to lose the pregnancy, which would really suck. I really hope not. I'm watching to see if i feel bad or if I have any bleeding but so far so good. What a roller coaster! For those who have had a baby already, is this normal to lose symptoms so early on? They still hurt a little but just not the same level as they did before. Maybe i should test one more time. hmmmmm



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Gozal:  Sounds good to me :)  I appreciate it very much!!!


Renavoo:  I talked to her today and she had to have a D&C Friday after the ER doctor's told her she had passed everything.  Thank GOD she didn't cancel her US that was set up for Friday or else she could be worse off!  She said she has almost already stopped bleeding so that makes me feel good for her. Her doctor told her that she needs to wait two more weeks and then she and her husband can start TTC again so she will be on the ball again soon! Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers for her...she has a very good attitude toward everything. 


AFM:  I'm on CD 9 and I'm still battling this stupid cold.  It was getting better but i forgot to take any meds last night before I went to bed so I woke up feeling like total crap this morning.  I think i'm going to go back to taking the Robitusin though tonight because not only will it help with the cough it's supposed to help with fertile cm too so hey, i'll take whatever help i can get!!! LOL.  On a sad note, a girl who had a baby 2 weeks after I did just text me and told me that she's expecting again.  This is the third time in 2 years she's been pregnant.  She had a still born at 21 weeks in January 2010, then she got pregnant with her son who was born 2 weeks after emma last december and now she's expecting again...and she JUST came off birth control.  I tried to be excited for her, and I think it came off in a good way to her, but I'm so sad that I haven't been using ANY kind of birth control since like March!!! We've had really good timing a lot of months too and still nothing! I really really don't want to have to go back thru the medications just to get pregnant again but it looks like i might have to.  That just kinda ruined my day a little. Not that i'm not happy for her...but I thought I'd get to give emma a baby brother or sister before she decided to have another baby again....but i guess not.  I'm just being shelfish today i think.  BLAH, i hate getting in funks like this!! IT makes me feel like a horrible person...it really does!  ANYWAYS, i'm going to go finish some reports now and try not to think about anything.  I will talk to you ladies sooN!!!

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Don't have a lot of  time but Brichole, I wanted to give you a big hug2.gif. You're a wonderful person!!! Like you said, it's not like you're not happy for her. It's just that you're sad for yourself. And that's totally a normal feeling, in my mind.

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