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Renavoo:  Thank you so much :) I needed that! I haven't really felt like myself today for some reason! I hope that my hormons are gearing up for me to ovulate this week!!! I do know that it's on in the Bray house this week lol.  A sextravaganza is in my future for the rest of this week!!! I am thinking about going by wal mart on my way home from work and picking up a box of the digital OPKs!! That way we won't have to guess at all this month! I think i can get 30 FRER digi's for $32 and i think that's pretty good...so we'll see if i have time after i leave here today!!!  I am trying to stay optimistic...but now my friend is saying that she's going to have to change practioners because her OB will not take her since she will have to be on Medicaid....so she wants me to help her find a new OB and actually is wanting to use my OB...which i have no problem with that either because i love my doctor to death...i guess i've still got a case of sour grapes!!!!

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Renavoo!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I stayed off the thread all weekend because I was so busy, and I'm so excited I got to come back to a BFP from you!!! This seriously made me smile so big. :) Woo hoo!!! I wouldn't worry about some of your symptoms lessening--you may just be getting used to them. Still, I'll be thinking happy, sticky bean thoughts for you. Keep us updated! 


Brichole, "sextravaganz"?! LOL! I love it. I'll have to drop that one into conversation with DH, he'd love it. Hope you're feeling better from your cold (sounds like you're rarin' to go). I know exactly what you mean about being bummed/sad/hurt when you find out someone (who has been popping out babies) is pregnant again. I have friends who have been married for shorter than DH and I who are on their third kid, and that really stings sometimes. It's true though, you just have to allow that you're feeling sad about yourself. It's hard when it comes so easily for other people, but remember that they are not you, and there are certainly things that they've had to go through (or haven't been blessed with) that you have. Feel crummy about it for a few days, but then try to move on and focus on the things that make you happy, and how you can share that happiness with others. I'll be thinking of you and hoping things look up this week!


Shesaidboom, tomorrow is Tuesday!! Are you ready to test? I hope it's a good one. :) Oh, and I am taking the Metformin for PCOS (mainly)--my official diagnosis was PCOS with Insulin Resistance. Renavoo, no diabetes (yet...thank goodness), but I do have to work up to taking the Met three times a day, as well as watching my carbs/sugar intake. 


deborahbgkelly sounds like you had a crazy weekend! Will you get to chill a little this week? When my weekends are like that, I just want to come home from work and lay on the couch (which, actually, is exactly what I'm doing right now).


babycatcher, did you test yet? 


gozal, a house buying adventure sounds like the perfect thing to be a fun distraction (and hopefully a transition into being pregnant). ;) I love that you're looking for something more walkable/shorter commute. Those are two things that can definitely up your happiness (and give you a better sense of community in your neighborhood). Being happier = more relaxed = ideal baby makin' conditions!


Thanks to all for your kind words--I've been doing pretty darn well. I was super nervous about side effects from the Met, but so far so good! I really haven't dealt with any, which is incredible. I'm upping my dosage to two/day (1000mg) on Friday, then a week later I'll go to three/day (1500mg). I know when I up it the chances of side effects will also go up, but I'm praying it will go by unnoticed. I'm really wondering how long it will take before I get my first period. 


This weekend has been really busy, which was definitely a nice distraction. I've got a lot lined up for this week, as well, so I'm trying to enjoy everything and enjoy spending time doing fun things with DH. Speaking of, he's worked really hard today, so I'm going to make him smile and treat him to a nice back rub. :)


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Congratulations, Renavoo!  I couldn't be happier for you.  I haven't been posting on the boards much lately and just came across your great news. My best wishes to you and yours.   jumpers.gif

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Brichole, it's going to happen for you again soon!! Did you get your OPKs? I always just go on Amazon and get the cheapies. they work really well, I think and they are super cheap...like 12 dollars for 50 of them or something thereabouts. If you want, definitely check them out!!! As for sharing your doctor, hahaha! that's too funny! I'm sure you will share you doctor's name because you're just that sweet but i absolutely know how you feel. I sometimes just like to keep friends and doctors separate because you know, your name will come up during conversations as well!!


Chica, YAH to tolerating metformin well!!! There's nothing like a busy week to keep your mind off of ttcing so I hope you enjoy and that you give DH a great back rub (so sweet!) and a sextravaganza! haha I giggled at that one too!!


Mammabird, thank you!! How are you doing?




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I had a relatively relaxed day yesterday. Today I have to catch up on work and I started business school yesterday so I have reading to do for that. I do all of it online though, so if I desperately need a break (e.g., nap), I can take it.

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OH MY GOSH RENAVOO!!!! I am so so so so so happy and excited for you! This is the best news I've heard in a long time. YIPEE!! Congrats :)



So my fertility specialist appointment was today. I did my bloodwork yesterday and didn't realize I was supposed to do an ultrasound too, but they called and said it was okay if I did it this morning. So two visits today! It was a big fat BFN for me, but things are changing for us. We got all our test results and the good news is that dp has super sperm. something like three times the normal count and they are good quality and awesome. So the problem is just me, which makes things less complicated. I'm starting on Letrozole tonight and will be taking it for five days. Starting on Monday I'll be doing cycle monitoring (bloodwork and transvaginal ultrasounds every day, ugh). If it looks like I'm about to ovulate I have to do a Ovidrel injection and we are going the IUI route. Afterwards I'll be using progesterone suppositories (which I know some of you ladies had experience with recently). Our specialist thinks this will be our best chance. I'm hoping it works on the first cycle because I don't want to do this more than once!

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Shesaidboom, I'd like to think that I'm just starting the trend!! I want all of us to get a BFP for the holiday season!


By the way, wow to monitoring every day... During my IUI cycles, they only monitored me starting around day 9 and then i'd come in one or two more times if needed. no blood work needed. It's cool that they are being so cautious with you though, although your arms are going to be like pin cushions! I'll be neat to see how things progress!! are you going to have to give yourself the ovidrel injection? the offices I went to always did the injection for me, 24 hours before the IUI. If I could do it over again, I would ask to do the injection myself and then come in for the IUI 36 hours before. Otherwise, often, the IUI was done only about 24 hours after the trigger, which i don't think is enough.


hahah did you DP walk around like a rooster when he got his results? My DH has really good numbers too and he was quite proud of that fact. It was very cute.


I can't wait to follow you through this cycle!


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Hi, Renavoo!  I'm still smiling ear to ear for you.  It's such fantastic news for you and your family, but also, it gives me hope.  Probably gives lots of us hope.  :-)


I'm doing well - thanks for asking.  I've been seeing a TCM nutritionist and acupuncturist for 7 weeks now and love it.  I'm gluten and dairy free, and I physically feel better than ever.  I'm now 8 dpo/IUI, and took Femara, Follistim (injections), and Ovidrel this cycle.  I had an acupuncture treatment at the fertility clinic immediately before the IUI -- that was awesome, so relaxing.  I have no symptoms of any kind, but I suppose that's normal at this point.  I'm trying not to test until day 12 or 13...I leave for Asia on a business trip on day 14, so I will definitely test before then.  I'm eating pineapple core every day -- I think it was you that gave me that tip.  Feel free to send any other great advice, or baby dust, my way. 


After seeing the posts from you and Shesaidboom, I'm wondering now about the lack of monitoring on my IUI cycles.  I've gone in for an 11 day ultrasound and that's it.  Hmmmm....Well, hopefully it's a moot point now!

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I think it's typical at my clinic that everyone gets monitored so heavily. I see the same ladies at the lab each morning. It feels weird to be honest. We're all hearded in like cattle at 7:30 am, grab a number, hang out in the waiting room with the pregnant ladies who are in for their ultrasounds, and then get poked and prodded while we pray for ovulation. In my case they have no idea if or when I will ovulate so I guess they have to be careful. They're not starting monitoring until cycle day 9 though (Monday) because I'm on the medication until Saturday. These aren't my actual cycle days, but we're acting as if today is day 4. I am doing the Ovidrel injection on my own. I am kind of scared about it though! I'm thinking I might get my aunt who is a lab technician to do it for me because I won't be able to myself and dp refuses to. I do the Ovidrel less than 24 hours before the first IUI but I do an IUI two days in a row. Is that weird? My dr said there's a much better chance of fertilizing the egg this way. It does add extra cost though. Then I do the progestrone suppositories twice a day until we find out if I'm pregnant or not.


Dp definitely was strutting around after his results. We were also high fiving each other over our blood test results and our dr thought that was hilarious. The only problem we have with our blood is that we found out that I'm O negative and dp is O positive and apparently if the fetus is also O positive my body may develop antibodies against it so I have to take medication for it in late pregnancy. I'm going to have to do more research about that part. I was hoping to be through with all the medication after we conceived, but I guess don't have a choice!


I do hope you are starting a trend renavoo. I'm so so excited for you and would love if a bunch of us here (or all of us, even better) became pregnancy buddies!

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Shesaidboom, I didn't realize that you were taking later. I usually took my treatments on days 3-7 so I had a couple of days between the end of treatment before I had to see the doctor. But man, does the cycle fly, doesn't it? It's really quite amazing when I think about how quickly the IUI cycles always flew for me but how IVF cycles seem to crawl (mostly because the cycles can take up to 2 months from start to completion!) By the way, I think all large clinics are like cattle drives. The ones I go to are specifically for infertility though


haha I can imagine your RE's face as you guys high five each other. That is too funny. I hear that the ovidrel injection isn't actually very bad to give...it's subcutaneous so it's a tiny needle and doesn't hurt very much (my nurse gave it to me the first time). Saying that, however, I wouldn't be able to give myself any injection. DH had to do it all for me. haha. he was a sport although, he got really scared at the end when he had to give me an intramuscular shot. He looked a little green around the edges when he saw the size of the needle. ;o)


Mammabird, 8dpo!! Testing time will be here before you know it! It's difficult but I'm with you...I try not to test until day 13 or 14...this time, I actually tested on day 12 but that's only because i was annoyed at my insomnia and decided that if I was annoyed about one thing, I might as well be annoyed about another if it was a BFN. Happily, it wasn't!! I love giving you guys hope...I was talking to my DH and we were both saying that we never though this day would come after we got the BFN after the first IVF (and 4 IUIs and trying for a year and change before that). I think I set my expectations so high that when I didn't get BFP after the fresh IVF cycle, I just felt hopeless. But as you can see, that's definitely not the way to look at it! I'm sending you a whole bucket full of baby dust!! goodvibes.gifAs for pineapple core, I did that this time around too so I'm a huge proponent as you know. Keep eating it until around day 10, since implantation can occur up until then.Oh and an Asia trip... Where are you going? That's so cool!


So, I got my hcg results...1828IU/L, which is definitely within range for a 4.5 week pregnancy. I have to go test again on Friday so I'm really hoping that the numbers rise significantly. DH and I were talking about how we're really still cautiously optimistic because we don't want to get too excited if something goes wrong. But I'm trying to keep my mind off of it so I need you ladies to get pregnant too!!









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It is definitely typical to get monitored regularly. Some people are even monitored every day. I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning and just had one Sunday. This was longer than I thought they'd have me wait.

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Hopefully I'm pregnant and there won't be another cycle.  :-)  But if I'm ever in the IUI situation again, I'm definitely going to ask about monitoring beyond day 11. 


Renavoo -- I'm going to Beijing for just under 5 days.  Nearly 4 days full of meetings and 1 day to check out the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, maybe a market.  I'm not looking forward to the long flight, the jet lag, and the pollution (I hear many visitors get sick from it) -- but I am excited to get to know my colleagues in their environment (this group has visited me in the USA four times and this is my first we're visiting them), learn more about Chinese business/education culture, and get some good plans in place for our work together. If the "deal" goes well, it'll all be worth it. 


I wonder if I can post on mothering.com from Beijing?  Only time will tell...



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Good morning ladies!  I had a wonderful 2 days off work and it made me sad to have to drag my butt out of bed this morning lol...granted i didn't get to sleep in any on my off days, I did get to spend all day tuesday at a pumpkin patch with Jayde (my 7 yr old) and then spent all day yesterday with Emma, shopping, seeing my sil and 2 of emma's cousins and then went home and waited on DH to show up!


Renavoo: Those numbers look GREAT!!!! I know some women who's numbers aren't even that high at this point so go you!!! :)  I pray that they are even higher friday!


Mammabird:  I hope that this cycle is your BFP cycle! That is strange that they only did 1 days of monitoring for you, maybe they will do more next cycle IF there is a next cycle :)


Deborah:  Where are you in your cycle with things? Pulling for you this cycle too!


Shesaidboom: I really hope that this is your cycle also :) HEHE WOW there are several of us who are right about the same time so we should all be testing about the same time in November!  I had to give myself injections while i was TTC Emma and it wasn't too bad.  Which i had some spots on my tummy that are completely numb from my c-section so I used those places and alternated sides each day.  I think i had to take injections like 20 days straight during the cycle i had when we finally got pregnant.  I also had 45 day cycles back then too so my hormones were kinda drug out a little longer than those who have shorter cycles.  I also had to give myself my trigger shot and it really wasn't so bad.  I think that needle was smaller than the other needles that I used. 


AFM: I haven't had a chance to get in my sextravaganza because DH has been so tired lately at night after work, which has sucked...but we got in a BD on Monday night and DH woke me up with a GREAT surprise this morning HEHE!!  I think that i'm either about to O or I just Oed because (TMI on the way) I woke up like wet wet this morning and i'm NEVER like that!!!! It was crazy! Which i guess it's good that I did because usually it takes a little while for me to "get in the mood" and if i don't then we end up having to use lube...none for us this morning though hehe!  I just hope that we can at least get one more in tonight after we go to a fall festival at my neice's elementary school tonight! And maybe the rest of the weekend too just in case and to cover our basis.  I wasn't able to get any OPKs for this cycle so i'm just going on a whim on the fact that i am ovulating.  I did check my cervix last night before bed and it was open...so i hope that it stayed that way for this mornings session!!!!  TTC is sooooooo stressful!! It's so crazy that there are so many younger girls who probably don't have a chance to have sex EVERY day get pregnant but other women like ourselves can have sex every day and also be monitored and medicated and STILL not have a baby! I just get frustrated! One of my friends from high school's little sister (she's 17) just had a baby 2 or 3 days ago....and i am all green eyed over here!!! I mean for whatever reason the baby was having breathing problems when he got here so he's been on o2 ever since he was born...and will have to stay in the hospital until at least this weekend....but I still wish that was me! I know i'm crazy for being envious, but it drives me crazy when teenagers have no problems at all getting pregnant. heck my aunt had sex 1 time her entire life...and that 1 time gave her my cousin who's 2 months older than me and my twin brother. She was 18 when she got pregnant, my mom was 17 when she got pregnant....and my mom even got pregnant with twins her first time to get pregnant!!! I don't know, maybe i should just be greatful that I have the 2 that I have and not worry about having another baby, but i just feel like my family is not complete yet!  I just want to be able to feel good about saying i'm done having babies...and i just don't feel right by saying that yet.  Emma will be 1 on December 6th and I really wanted to try to be pregnant by the time that she turned 1 because I don't want emma and my next child to be 7 years apart like emma and jayde are.  ANYWAYS, i hope that everyone has a great weekend this weekend.  My football team has a bi-week this week so I have no idea what me and DH are planning on doing lol.  I will probably still be watching football with him, but we just won't get to see Alabama play! 

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I got an ultrasound this morning and I am clearly responding to the stims. I have 6 follies growing already and I just started the stims on Monday. 3 follies on each side, 2 larger and one smaller.

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Brichole, do you ever watch 16 and pregnant? haha yes, I watch that and frequently think...they can get pregnant so easily and i can't?!? How is that fair? haha and then I realize that life isn't fair but hey, I don't think I would have done well if i got pregnant at 16 anyway!


hahah maybe you'll have DH's attention during what would be game time and you could continue your sextragavanza? ;o)



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Deborah: YAY for your response to the medication!!! I hope that you are able to get a BFP out of this cycle!!!


Renavoo: YES, me and one of my guy co-workers watch "16 & Pregnant", "Teen Mom", and "Teen Mom 2".  It does drive me crazy to see those girls be like "oh, it was my first time to have sex and i got pregnant!" It's like they don't understand how HARD it is for some of us to actually have a baby.  I think on teen mom Caitlin and Tyler are my favorite because they helped Teresa and Brandon by adopting their little precious baby to them!!!!  I was proud of them for realizing they couldn't give Carly the life she deserves...it takes a very strong set of young adults to make that choice in life!!!  I'm really hoping that our "sextravaganza" can continue thru the weekend because i have NO idea when i will or if i have ovulated! I have a feeling that my body has been gearing up the past couple of days so we've gotten AM BDing in the past 2 mornings yay!!!! I think we are going to try to get more in tonight after I get home from work and then maybe tomorrow and sunday too!!! How much fun would it be though if I can say that I got pregnant on or right around Halloween lol....it would be my little treat!!! Don't you have another blood test today to see where your numbers are going?  How long do you have to wait to get your first US to see if both embies took or not?  I'm sooooooo excited!  I'm going to have to stalk you in your DDC unless you decide to stay here and chime in when we need advice :) (I would like the last idea better hehe but i'm being selfish!!! I love to see what you have to say each day!)


Gozal:  Where are you in your cycle?  How are things going?


Babycatcher:  How are things with you?


mammabird: I really hope that you get your BFP and that the trip goes well!!!!


AFM:  My sex drive has TOTALLY hit full force so i'm thinking that O is happening as I type lol.  Plus i was a little crampy on my left and right side this morning.  How much fun would it be to have my body do like my mom's and have 2 eggs that i ovulate at the same time!!!! I wouldn't be opposed to twins, but i will have to get a bigger car if I do end up with twins lol.  That would put us at having 4 kids and I would have to find more child care if that were the case.  Either that or DH will have to find a weekend job and work 2 jobs while i stay at home with the kids. I would like that a lot better anyways, but geeze it's so hard to live off just 1 income these days!!!! 



does anyone else have any good news for this week?  We only have 3 more days left in this month...WOW how the time has flown by!!! I swear it feels like i JUST started this thread lol.  I am super happy about all of the response we've had in the past couple of months!  When i first joined this thread 2 years ago next month this thread MIGHT have made it to 3 pages some months!!! I hope that everyone has a very fertile weekend :) 

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Hi guys! I guess I've been a little quiet. (Thanks for asking, Brichole, it made me smile!) I'm not feeling very optimistic right now, I think is what it is. I've been waiting by the phone to hear back from mortgage brokers so we can see if we have any hope of selling our townhouse and moving. It feels like everything is on hold. 


I did see an acupuncturist, but it turns out I can't go back. Although acupuncture is listed as a benefit when I put in our health insurance plan on the company website...surprise! It's not covered. So, we are hoping that the one session plus the week+ supply of herbs will do something positive for my next ovulation. The acupuncturist also told me my tongue indicates I need to get more sleep. So I'm concentrating on doing that and I'm starting on a raw, food-based prenatal this month too. Otherwise, CD7 - blah! Guess I'll start OPKs tomorrow. Trying not to lose hope...


Renavoo, if your beta is in the same units my lab uses, that is super awesome! As you know by now I am very superstitious so I won't say anymore. But !!!!!


Deborah, glad to hear the stims are working so well for you!


Brichole & Mammabird - I am hoping hard for you both. Maybe it's going to be a great November?!

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Gozal:  It sucks that it said that you were covered and then you weren't on the acupuncture!!! That is crap!!! At least you did get in one session! :) I really hope it helps this cycle!!!!  And thank you so much for pulling for me this month :)  That makes me smile! 



I have dubbed that O happened today just by my body signals so we are going to get in one more BD tonight and another tomorrow morning just to cover us!! :)  I REALLY hope that our timing is good.  I looked back at my chart (that has no temps on it btw lol) and we dtd Saturday Oct. 22nd, Monday Oct. 24th, Thursday Oct. 27th, and now today Oct. 28th!  I REALLY REALLY hope that these are good days for us.  Would it even be worth temping the rest of the cycle just to see where my temps go? I haven't decided if i'm going to or not yet.  It's just hard to remember some mornings and with DH waking me up with some hubby lovin in the mornings the past two mornings it's been hard to even think about anything else anyway!!! LOL

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Gozal, ugh! I'm sorry! Please don't lose hope. It's hard to stay hopeful when you're just constantly waiting but we're hopeful for you!!! I'm definitely pulling for you. As for acupuncture, I had the same issue! i think that acupuncture is covered for things like pain but as usual, for things like fertilization, it isn't covered. Isn't it amazing how they completely screw us over?! But i hope that things will work out this month. I really really want that to happen for you ladies because i know how down we all get with all this trying. And it makes it worse because it consumes our life!!


Brichole, you make me laugh...a lot. hahahaha. I hope that you get lucky! ;o) In more ways than one. hahahaa Sextragavanza, it is!




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Renavoo: I TRY HEHE!!! I like to keep the mood light, especially since i know we are all so stressed out anyway!!! Did you have your blood drawn today?  When will they do an US to see how many babies you'll be having in 9 months!!! I'm getting anxious!!!!

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