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haha you are too cute, Brichole! We need to get you pregnant so we can be pregnancy buddies! i did get my blood drawn and my levels are now at 4690IU/L which means that the levels doubled from 2 days before! So I'm still in the clear. US is set for the week of November 7th. I'm debating whether to go on the 7th (because i'm impatient) or whether to go more in the middle of the week (so I can maybe hear a heart beat). haha who knows!!


Hope you have a wonderful night (full of bding!) :oD BIG HUGS!!!

(and all my fingers and toes are crossed in hopes that you get pregnant this month! I would be so happy for you!!!!)


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Renavoo:  Thank you for all the good vibes hehe!! SADLY, DH fell asleep again last night before we were able to get any BDing in so i'm PRAYING that i'm either off on my O date or praying that the other 3 days of bding will be enough for us! I know it only takes 1 little swimmer to get pregnant but having extra there just in case makes it much better :)   He promises to make it up to me tonight but i'm not holding my breath!  Plus my crazy sex drive is pretty much gone now...so i'm pretty sure my O day has come and gone....that is one of my BIGGEST signs that i'm about to O or that i'm Oing....lol....I guess if we don't get pregnant this month we will try again in december.  If we get pregnant on the NEXT cycle then we will find out right around Christmas time and I have the PERFECT way to tell our family during "Dirty Santa".  I might even wait to tell everyone until christmas IF i am pregnant this go round. 1) To make sure that i don't have another MC and 2) I don't want to tell just a could people at a time i'd like to have everyone together.  I'm thinking i couldn't wait any longer on the US than the 7th lol.  We were able to hear emma's heart beat at 6 weeks (maybe a couple of days before 6 weeks) and it was amazing.  At the hospital it was running around 125 and i was a little worried because Jayde's was always in the 140s or so, but by the 3rd US it was up to 135 and that made me happy!!! I can't wait to hear how that goes...Now more sitting and waiting for me ha



Here's my plan if i get the chance to be pregnant : )  ::::::::


I will get a pink onsie and screen print "emma will be the big sister on _ _ -_ _- 2012" And enter the date in there.  I'll put it in a really pretty bag and put the gift card that we get in with it....and just wait on someone to pick that gift bag.  I think they will all be shocked and excited once it sinks in.  My grandparents don't think i need another baby but my mom and dad are okay with the idea now.  I think that we might get a BIG reaction some good/some bad....but i honestly don't care either way...as long as me and DH are happy..i'm good :)




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I start suppression today. I might trigger as early as Monday and have my retrieval as early as Wednesday!


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Thanks for all the help and support! I'm so glad this place exists.


Renavoo - Wahoooo for the hcg results! I am so unbelievably happy for you. I bought a pineapple today and hope that helps me this cycle!


Mammabird - I so hope you're pregnant! Keep us updated when you can.


Brichole - I'm glad you had a nice 2 days off! The pumpkin patch sounds wonderful. Thanks for the needle advice. I'm glad I don't have to do it more than once! I'm crossing my fingers that all your sessions helped and you get that BFP! I totally understand the teenager thing. As much as I hate it, I get so upset. I used to be addicted to 16 and pregnant, but I'd just cry the whole time and it was too much for me.


deborah - sending lots of good thoughts and baby dust your way! Keep us updated.


gozal - Glad to hear from you. I wish it were a happier update though. I'm thinking good things for you. I hope the session and herbs do help. How annoying that they said you were covered and you aren't. Ugh!


AFM, nothing much going on here. Taking my last dose of Femara tonight and starting monitoring on Monday. In a perfect world I would get the go ahead to take the Ovidrel on Friday and have my IUIs next sat/sun so dp can come with me (he's already taken off more days for appointments than he was supposed to so he can't take off more). A really close friend of mine is on call to come with incase it's earlier/later. Honestly, I just want it to happen at all! I'm so nervous. My body is not reacting well to the Femara - I have been feeling really sick and can't sleep more than an hour a night - so I'm glad I'll be done with it soon! I have a good feeling about November. I think November will be the month for a lot of us!

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Brichole, what an adorable plan!! I love it!! It's such a great idea and yes absolutely. It only matters if your family is happy with the outcome. And once your parents and grandparents meet and fall in love with the new baby, they will wonder what they EVER thought when they told you not to go for it!


I've been reading that you have the best chances of conceiving if you BD the day BEFORE ovulation not the day of, contrary to belief. It has something to do with the sperm needing about 12 hours anyway to capacitate. So, hopefully, you actually caught it at the perfect time!! I'm waiting on pins and needles for you! dust.gif


Shesaidboom, oooh I really hope the pineapple works for you!! remember, only eat the core. haha you end up wasting a lot of pineapple but hopefully DP likes pineapple too ;o) My DH decided to make pineapple infused vodka with the rest of the pineapple. thumb.gif

Ugh, to your poor response to Femara...It is supposed to be the milder drug too. Apparently, fewer people react poorly to Femara than they do to clomid! Well, I hope in a week, that you will see a couple of beautiful follicles and that in 2 weeks time, you will get your BFP! Keep us updated on your monitoring. I remember Femara was a lot more slow going for me compared to clomid so i hope you get the same result and you can get your IUIs on Sat and Sunday...haha i never thought I would use slow going with any of you ladies.


Gozal, how are you doing? And Monkey, how is everything going on your end?


It is going to be a great month for you ladies. I have a good feeling!!


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Shesaidboom:  I really hope that your timing works out so that DP can go with you!!! That would be wonderful!!!!  But it's nice that you have a friend who could go with you anyways!! My DH only went to 2 of my appointments.  The first appointment to which was our "consult" and then the second appointment to where they did our transvaginal u/s for the first time and some blood work. (i lucked up and my first appointment was CD3 lol).  The other times either my mom or my best friend went with me or i went by myself.  Which we only did the blood work and monitoring at the office.  Our problems stemmed from me and it took 3 medicated cycles (after 1 year of ttc on our own and 1 year of doing a year on Clomid) to finally get pregnant.  G/L!!!!


Renavoo: I am so excited for you!! i'm ready for November 7th to be here!!! That will be the day after Emma's 11 month birthday :)  LOL  I really can't believe she will be 1 in a month and a couple of days!!!! And thank you so much for liking my idea lol :)  I'm really looking forward to maybe getting to do that :)


AFM: I'm about to go crazy in this wait lol.  I know that AF is due November 10th so HEY I have an Idea lol....Renavoo you go to your appointment on the 7th and i'll test and maybe that will give me good vibes!!!!!! That would put me about 11 or 12 DPO and I know i should be able to get a bfp by then!!! YAY!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this be the month!!!!

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Will do! Thanks for the well wishes. I have bloodwork and an ultrasound today and will find out when they anticipate I will trigger.

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Brichole, praying.gif (lending you my prayers!!) haha I think I'm aiming towards going for the US 11/9 now but that just means i'll be putting all my energy into you and your BFP!!!

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 Renavoo:  Awww thank you so much!!! I am soooooo excited that the spotting that started at cd13 last month hasn't started so i hope this is a good sign!!!  I'm on CD16 now and about 3 dpo YAY!!! I have at least another week before i can test and actually get a positive and AF usually shows up around CD25 or 26 so I will know in about 10 days either way!!! I am REALLY REALLY hoping to I am this go round!!!   .



Deborah:  I really am happy that you are responding well...I can't wait to see you get your BFP!!!!


Everyone else:  I hope everyone is doing good...Gozal: I REALLY appreaciated you doing next month's thread!!!  I hope it brings you luck!!!

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I'm really confused right now. I started Femara on what we called cycle day 3. I didn't have a period, but I don't have regular periods. My fertility specialist didn't induce a period because everything looked great (5mm uterine lining). So I had my last dose of Femara on Saturday and started cycle monitoring this morning. I just went to the bathroom and I have what looked like a period. I normally get spotting from the ultrasounds, (TMI!!!) but this is heavier and when I wipe it just keeps coming. It looks exactly like a period. I just called the results line (we all have an answering machine box) and these are the results I got from this morning:


estrogen 68, LH 15, progesterone 5.

13 follicles on the right side with one leading follicle at 1.4, 11 follicles on the left side all under 1 cm

I'm to go back tomorrow for more blood work and another ultrasound


I have no idea what any of this means to be honest. I'm not sure what optimal levels are and am having trouble finding info online, and I have nothing to compare it to because my tests results have always be explained to me as low, high, or normal, never a number. So I'm confused about the maybe period and everything else. I'm going to call in in a minute because I'm wondering if I can keep going this cycle or if I have to count today as CD1 and start again. UGH BODIES.

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Thanks everyone. My follies did a lot of growing last night so I will probably trigger tonight! I will know for sure in the next couple of hours.

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Definitely triggering tonight! Retrieval scheduled for Wednesday morning :-).

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deborah, that's awesome!! Yay little follies!

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Shesaidboom: don't get too discouraged. I did that bleeding during the cycle I got pregnant and the nurse just told me it was break they bleeding. I was on femara and menopur that cycle. I hope your number are still good next draw!

Deborah: that is wonderful news! I hope everything keeps going well!

Afm: I swear this week is killing me! I need to find something to keep me busy so I don't try to test too early
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Thanks! Getting HCG levels checked today to make sure we don't need a booster.

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I put up the new November 2011 Infertility One Thread! Come on over and chat!

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This may be a little on the unusual side, but I went through infertility issues with my children too.  We did IVF for our last baby and got 23 eggs, 20 fertilized, 2 were transferred and 1 implanted.  We now have a beautiful daughter age 7 months, plus two boys, 6 and 7 from previous attempts.  We now have 18 frozen embryos and looking for people in need of them.  Please text or call me Deb at 515-745-5399.  We are serious about finding good parents for our embryos.  We do not discriminate against single parents or same sex couples.  Thanks.

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You may want to post in the December 2011 infertility thread: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1337882/december-2011-infertility-one-thread/140#post_16785113/.

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We are looking for good families to use our embryos.  We have 18, 8 of which are already promised to another woman.  These embryos were frozen in Aug. 2010 and are leftover from our IVF attempt that resulted in a beautiful daughter.  We have two boys from previous pregnancies.  If interested and in need, please call Deb at 515-745-5399 or email me at carter6805@msn.com.  Thank you and good luck to all!  Baby dust on everyone!!!

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Hi Deb,

I removed your posts because this community focuses on support and the TTC journey. Seeking egg/sperm donors or offering your sperm/eggs/embryos to other is not something we host on MDC. While your intentions may be genuine, this isn't the appropriate forum for your offer. But well-wishes and luck are always welcome! smile.gif
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