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Haha Blue, that is too funny!! I love that we thought alike!!


Brichole, I'm glad they didn't write back! I'm really sad that your best friend has such an jerk for a husband though. That is awful behavior, regardless of why he did it. But oh well, onwards! Calgon it away. hahaha. That's such a funny tag line. I think we all need vacations!! A vacation away from all the worries!!


Catheleni, so at least one mystery solved. It's great that your tubes are open!!


Monkey, I'm sorry your temp dropped but was it a significant drop? Maybe there's another reason for it? Otherwise, maybe you, like me, have a luteal phase defect and you have to be on progesterone supplementation. Sniff. Either way, I'm just sad that you're sad. hug2.gif and lots of them, going your way.


AFM, I'm in MD living it up. haha not really. Just waiting. My transfer is at 3:15 so I have acupuncture at 1:45 and then I have to be there by 2:45. (acupuncture place is in the same building as the clinic). I'm not sure how the embies are doing...doctor said that he won't know until just before...so my fingers are crossed!! And then it's extended bed rest...Home tomorrow!



Hope everyone is doing well!! TGIF!!!

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IVF consults scheduled for 10/21 and they will try to switch my follow-up Doppler to the Littleton office (it was in Lafayette). There are several Conceptions offfices. Seems that saying something totally worked because that nurse is being extra polite now. Brichole- ick. I hate drama. I don't have any advice, but I hope it gets better for you soon. LiveLoveLaugh- Congratulations! Everyone else- I'm sorry I'm so bad at keeping up and doing personals, but I wish everyone success and a happy weekend.

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Hey everyone, just checking in.

Transfer went as well as could be expected. The embies thawed great- both thawed at lest 95% and they were aiming for at least 90% so I was happy. I was a little sad that my 6 days embies weren't hatching on their own though but the clinic did some assisted hatching to help the process along (they do that for all frozen embies).


otherwise, just doing my bedrest as best as I can. haha I am not averse to being lazy but geez! ;o) It gets boring. Thank goodness I have my ipad and books to read. Home today!!!


Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!



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Renavoo:  So happy that things went good!! :)  I am going to be on pins and needles for the next two weeks lol....I hope that you get your BFP!! I almost sent you my last FRER that i have at the house for good luck but didn't know if you would want it or not!! :)   Please rest rest rest! How many did they transfer?

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Awww Brichole, thank you!! I have some POAS left. haha DH and I discussed that we didn't get a BFP this time around, I would actually POAS right after another HCG shot, JUST to see what a positive looked like...



they transferred 2 embies. I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed too! I have been experiencing some cramping, probably due to the procedure, so I am definitely resting a lot!!


Big hugs!

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Renavoo- That's wonderful news! Enjoy your "me time".

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Hello, hello! Just coming back to the Mothering boards after a bit of a break...I was in the TTC forums for awhile; some of you may remember me posting about my crazy (long) cycles. I thought it was just coming off of BC, but after going for over a year and a half with non-consistent cycles, I finally went to a new ob/gyn, and she confirmed: I've got PCOS.


I did a Glucose test last week, and have a follow-up appt this Thursday because my 1-hour results were high (so I'm probably Insulin Resistant). DH (30) did his "specimen" test last week, and we haven't gotten those results yet. 


I'm on the lean side, which is part of why I always overlooked PCOS (most of the descriptions start out by saying that PCOSers tend to be overweight), but I fit most of the other symptoms. I'm a little concerned about being Insulin Resistant and having to watch carbs/sugar, because I really don't want to lose weight (I'm 96lbs/5'3"). I guess I'll just be chowing on veggies and healthy/fat protein like crazy.


At our last appt, my ob/gyn said that she'll probably induce my period and then start me on Femara, which is supposed to be more successful than Clomid and without the higher risks of multiples. Plus, it's only for a few days at the beginning of the cycle, so it'll be out of my system by the time any side effects could damage a pregnancy. Still makes me a little nervous, plus we have really high-deductible insurance so I don't know how the costs will be.


I'm looking forward to catching up with all of you...this year has been so full of pregnancies (for everyone else) that it's gotten to be a bit unbearable. The only friend I could commiserate (who also has PCOS, crazily enough) just told me she's 13 weeks pregnant. I'm encouraged but also bummed, because she was the one person I could rant with, and now she's talking about her new three bedroom and nursery stuff. It'll be good to have some support with this group!

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Just a quick post to say BFN yesterday and today. Temps aren't clear, so limbo continues. Will post more later today or tomorrow.
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Hi ladies--I've never been here before, although I belong.  :)  Hope that's okay!


I have a 4yo, who was pretty much a miracle--DH has a very poor count/quality/motility.  We had just been told that we would have to do IVF with ICSI when I got pregnant with her.  We're trying for #2, and I'm in the middle(?) of my first (and probably only) IUI cycle.  Just had an ICI yesterday morning, and an IUI this morning.  The RE gave me progesterone to take, and I'm a little confused/concerned about taking it.  Does anyone have any advice or research to point me to?  Not sure why I would need to take progesterone for 12 weeks (if I'm pg, of course...) when I've already supported a pregnancy before.  The dr. seems to think it's necessary b/c this was "artificial."  


Opinions?  Advice?  Criticism?  orngtongue.gif  I just hate being on all this stuff...

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Hey guys, I've been away from the computer for a few days.


Monkey, I am so angry at the universe on your behalf. I am just so sorry. I was hoping so hard for you...I wish I had more words. I am so sorry.


Renavoo, phew, I'm so happy to know the transfer went smoothly!! Welcome to the 2ww, lady!


Shesaidboom, Hey, are you on progesterone supps this cycle? They are making me crazy this cycle. (More AAM later.) So yeah, I hear you on the crazy and how crazy-making symptoms can be. I had to smile at your train moment, because I imagine it becoming a funny/sweet little story you and DH can smile about later...you know, when it results in a baby! Thinking good thoughts.


livelaughlove, what an inspiring BFP!! That is just such wonderful news. I wish you a completely uneventful and blissed-out pregnancy!


Brichole, well, everyone gave you great advice before I got back to the computer, and I'm so glad it looks like the drama is on the wane! I'm also so, so happy to hear that it sounds like you and DH are working things out so well. I am a sucker for a happy ending. :)  (And as my sis always reminds me...if it's not happy, it's not the end...)


catheleni, yay for open tubes! It's so good to know that's one less hurdle, right?


Deborah, 10/21 is coming right up - how exciting!


Chicajones, I remember you from the One Thread! I'm not at all happy to see you here, but nice to see you! Also good to hear that you know what's going on, even if it's not so great, and that you have a plan. It is majorly frustrating when diagnosis takes forever. Wishing you a short stay here - everyone is awesome and I am sure you will feel the love and support.


Okay, AAM time. So for whatever reason, maybe because my underlying progesterone is higher from a better ovulation (I hope), the progesterone supps are making me all-out crazy this time. It's all the same stuff as usual - all the pg fake-out stuff like supersmell sore breasts/nips - but they're also making me emotional as all get-out. I am hypersensitive, want to cry all the time except when I am angry, which is the other half of the time. I'm also getting sweet aversions (um, totally unusual for me) and heatburn (which I never get). I know I should be feeling hopeful but I just feel depressed. I am 99% sure all my body sensations are progesterone and stress. Oh, and my hair is falling out. I didn't think much of it and just attributed it to autumn until my 4yo asked me about it. So I googled it and apparenly this can happen 3-4 months after a stressful event. Yep, apparently the whole ectopic saga is making my hair fall out. I really miss my sense of humor and better self. I also decided to try accupuncture next cycle unless my RE is totally against it.

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Hi ladies!


Monkey, hug2.gif I'm so upset for you...I wish, more than anything, that you could have gotten your BFP. Sorry :o( What is up for you next?



Welcome back Chicajones! i didn't meet you the last time around but i'm happy to have a chance to provide support to you this time around. i'm glad that you actually have an answer for something and i hope that the femara helps. As for coverage, believe me, I completely understand about the expense and lack of support from insurance. I hope you get some coverage for your treatment. Femara, being off label, may be more expensive for you. Are you doing an IUI as well? If not, then perhaps the expense won't be too high because it'll just be drugs, unless your RE is going to follow you regardless of the IUI? Being followed is the best because then you know whether the follie is developing but yeah, it adds up!! keep us posted on how everything goes!


Welcome, TinyMama! It always sucks to have to take meds...I feel like i've been taking them so long now that it's just part of the routine, which is probably a bad thing. I'm a little surprised that the RE wants you to take it just for an IUI...he/she sounds extra cautious. Is there any other reason for it? For instance, do you have any issues with fertility or is it only something with your DH? I had a friend who was also pregnant before but then, for her second baby, needed to take progesterone because she had miscarried the previous one. However, if there are no signs that you have a short luteal phase or something, I'm not sure why you would need progesterone. However, please feel better knowing that progesterone will just boost your own levels up...there does not seem to be danger to taking it, especially short term, the way you would be taking it. how are you taking it? If you're taking progesterone orally, then i hope it doesn't affect you poorly...I took it orally only one cycle and i have to say, I became a mad woman. I have been taking it as a suppository these last few times and I like it much better.


Gozal, your progesterone related adverse events sound like how mine were when I was taking progesterone orally!! As I said to Tiny, i was a mad woman...I was crying and arguing with DH all the time or irrationally angry. It has been much better since i've been taking the progesterones as suppositories so I'm sorry that isn't really helping you :o( But regardless, are you sure that the progesterone is the only thing to cause these AEs? Perhaps someone will be receiving a BFP soon? Although SWEET AVERSIONS? My heart is breaking for you. haha Seriously, though, the hair falling out is awful... :o( is this due to a delayed effect with the methotrexate? Or is it just completely stress?! I'm so sorry. Big hugs to you and hopefully, soon, your sense of humor will come back. Revel in the fact that you're a wonderful person, the best self, regardless of how stressed or badly things seem now. I personally am so amazed by your grace during this struggle and I think that you are your best self right now, even if you don't.


AFM, not much to say. I basically am just waiting for my 2ww and I'm feeling ok. I had some light cramps yesterday, probably due to my procedure on Friday but today I feel better. I was feeling a little emotional this morning too so maybe that is a side effect of the progesterone i'm taking but i'll take it because it really isn't bad. Breasts are also getting a little more sensitive too. ah, the lives of the hormonal. whistling.gif


Deborah, just a few more days!! Are you excited?




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Right now I'm anxious because if I am not responsive enough to the medication we will have to put off the cycle for another 2-3 weeks. Hoping I'm responsive and can get excited.

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Just another flyby to say - I don't think I'm out. I don't know. We'll have to see what happens tomorrow. No spotting after sex tonight, which is typically an indication AF is on the way. I refuse to POAS again until Wednesday, though, unless I get some sort of crazy pregnancy symptoms. Will post more tomorrow, dh is getting impatient with all my puttering!

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Well, dh spoiled my no-POAS-till-Wednesday goal. I told him I wasn't going to to it, and he told me to just go ahead and do it. BFN, of course. irked.gif Anyway, temp is still up, so this makes me 11 DPO. That is the most hope I've ever had of pregnancy in almost 1.5 years of trying. It also means that, at least for this cycle, I'm not worried about a too-short luteal phase. carrot.gif But it drives me crazy that I can't possibly know any more until tomorrow morning! Grr... there should be some deal that you get some sort of clue every 12 hours, at least. But no. Just my temp and POAS to go by, and both of those happen in the morning. I guess AF could show, but that would be a total break in my previous patterns, as my temp has held steady the past two days. I think Saturday's temp was a fluke.


Okay, enough about me, back to you guys:


gozal - Did you POAS?? I'm waiting to know about you, cycle buddy! Sorry about the hair loss and the crazy feelings. I was waaaay emotional the first few days after O this time. Not good!


renavoo - Yay for a good transfer! Glad the thaw went well. Too bad it will be so long till you know if it worked. (Yeah, a week or two seems like forever!) But I'm pulling for you!! And yes, you should totally POAS with a trigger if this doesn't work. (But I hope it does!!) I'm glad I did with mine - now I at least know that I don't have magic, pregnancy-test-destroying urine. I really can test positive if there really is something there!


deborah - Hoping and praying things go well with your consult this week. Go blood go!


chicajones - Welcome (back)! I, too, had PCOS ruled out as a diagnosis because I didn't present with the classic physical symptoms. But I have every other symptom (polycystic ovaries, elevated male hormones, irregular periods), so at least I finally have a diagnosis. I did a Femara cycle that didn't work out, but I think that was in part due to poor timing (we were doing timed intercourse, and traveling for a funeral). The manufacturer of Femara used to have a program where you could get a prescription filled for $10, but I just hunted down the link, and it seems it doesn't work any more. :( But yes, Femara is supposed to have lower twinning rates, and also not wreck your lining, the way Clomid does to some people. Hope it works for you!


TinyMama - Welcome! I found a frustrating lack of information on progesterone supplementation when I was doing a medicated cycle. I was doing Femara with timed intercourse, and my RE wanted me to do progesterone suppositories. I questioned him about it, since my post-O progesterone levels had never been tested, and he just told me that in their experience it increased the success rate of IVF. Except I wasn't doing IVF. Or anything like it. I chose not to use the progesterone, but I also didn't get pregnant, so take that for what you will. I guess whether or not you should take it depends on how likely you would be to be upset with yourself for not taking it if you don't get pregnant. I still wonder sometimes if it would have made a difference for me, although my gut instinct is no. But I don't think you should feel bad about choosing not to take it, especially if you know your LP is normally of a sufficient length and without spotting. If you do start it, though, you can't just quit it cold turkey, though. As I understand it, you can end up miscarrying if you end it abruptly. Maybe this is not true if your body is making plenty of progesterone on its own? Not sure, so hopefully someone else can chime in. Either way, good luck to you!






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Monkey! I'm so glad my progesterone-addled brain completely misread what you wrote and you are still going strong. So yeah, BFN for me this morning. It is legitimately early still - I'm actually more like 9.5dpo this morning (my inner rationalist is frowning at me as I type that, but I have always had highly reliable o pain so my inner intuitive is pretty sure about that insanely precise estimate). However since I got a non-squinty postive with these strips on a piddling pg at 10dpo last time I'm not going to have a lot of hope if I get another neg tomorrow. My problem is that since I'm on progesterone, I won't get AF until I make the decision to stop. So I am trying to decide when to call it. I know if I ask my RE she'll tell me to wait until 16dpo. And then I will do it because I trust my RE. But I don't actually think I should wait that long, so I'll probably call it on the morning of 14dpo. 


Renavoo - I can't tell you how much your words are helping me. *Deep breaths.* Seriously, I feel so much better reading them. Thank you, thank you. Also - what "dpo" are you on? I am going to start going crazy right along with you as you enter the testing zone, you know. :)


TinyMama, our posts crossed in the ether - welcome! So progesterone: the short answer is that the research is inconclusive AFAIK. However, bioidentical (not synthetic) progesterone causes no harm and is likely beneficial. So it becomes a "why not?" thing. I hate taking it too, both because I hate taking stuff in general and because, as you may have gathered, it's making me insane. I am on it because my progesterone levels during my monitored cycles so far as been a touch low. However, it's pretty clear that during those particular cycles my body was still readjusting after not cycling for an extended period, and I strongly suspect that my progesterone would be normal now if tested without the progesterone supp. Still, I think it's worth taking, especially if your doctor recommends. The annoyance is in my mind relatively minor compared to the potential benefits and I'd rather not worry. And it's a mild drug to introduce into the body, I would say something like a vitamin C tab in the wintertime. (I don't take vitamins, but I would pop a vitamin C tab if I felt it could be beneficial for a particular instance, you know?) 

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monkey - sorry about the BFN. Limbo is the worst! I still have hope for you though!


renavoo - glad the transfer went well! I'm keeping things crossed for you too.


chica - I can defnitely relate. I have PCOS too and lost my one friend who I could comiserate with. I was really happy for year, but a year later I'm feeling very alone. I'm so glad for this forum. I hope we're able to support you through your journey.


gozal - nope, nothing this cycle, just tests tests and more tests. The train story will definitely be something we laugh at! I just hope these are all stories we'll be annoying a child with one day. I'm so sorry the progesterone supplements are making things so rough. I hate hate hate fake preggo symptoms. I'm hoping good things for you though. I'm also hoping your sense of humor comes back. It's so rough to go through such hard times without it.


Welcome to the new members! I hope your stay is short (because of BFPs) and that we're able to provide you with some support on your way.


AFM, nothing much going on here. Still more symptoms, but I have a bad cold as well. I had a very frustrating weekend due to some family issues and a poor puppy with a tummy ache who didn't quite make it outside in time..in the middle of the night. I worked myself too hard yesterday and ended up fainting while doing the laundry. My goal for today is just to relax and take it easy. I'm still tempted to POAS again, but the 25th isn't too far away. I do have a test in my drawer, so the temptation is hard. I just don't want to see that BFN again.

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Thanks so much for the info!


renavoo, I'm not taking it orally--it's a suppository.  And I feel better hearing that it just boosts my natural levels.  I have no issues, it's all male factor.  But since we went through all of this, I'm feeling so icky about taking MORE stuff, y'know?  Finally feeling like the Gonal-f is out of me, and the insemination is over, and just not looking forward to taking yet another round of drugs.


monkeyscience, I'm frustrated too with the lack of research on this.  I really don't understand why, with all the women out there doing IUI's adn IVF, there would be some good clear studies on this stuff.  The dr. basically told me it's just in case, but she really convinced me by saying that since this was a sped-up cycle for me (I ovulated, with the HSG shot, on day 7), there wasn't enough time for my body to know to make progesterone.  I'm thinking I might ask her if my levels could be tested before 12 weeks, so I could start weaning off of it earlier.  I wonder how the placenta knows to make progesterone if you're getting it all from a suppository?


gozal, I love love love the comparison to vitamin C.  That's going to become my mantra.  What a great way to feel about a medication!  (I'm all about fooling yourself sometimes, if it lowers my stress level.)


I really appreciate all of your comments!  Good luck to everyone...

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Monkey- magic pregnancy test destroying urine?!?! I LOLed so hard I was just happy I wasn't drinking something at that time. hahaha. i seriously think that i have that- obviously! hahah


While I'm happy that your luteal phase has lengthened, i'm sad that you're getting the BFNs. But like we always say, it's not over until there is bleeding. And, if you're as delusional as me, apparently, it's not over even then. ;o) Just a couple of more days...unless you tested this morning as well? haha if you did, then more power to you and I hope that you're starting to see that wonderful little double line (literally or figuratively)


Gozal, 9.5 days is way too early!! (by the way, I LOVE that you use the .5s like i do. I always think i sound like a dork when I do that but hey, we have to be accurate!!) And anyway, I don't mind sounding like you! Hope the test went well today and you can report back with a BFP!! Fingers crossed :o)


Shesaidboom, PLEASE GET SOME REST!! I hope that you did get a lot of rest yesterday and that you feel better today. The colds this year sound like they are really bad...i have a few friends who have been hit by bad colds and I'm definitely hoping you feel better soon. i'm getting tested on the 27 (beta) so we're definitely cycle buddies!


TinyMama, I'm glad you're feeling better about the process. Wow, you are hyperresponsive if you were triggered on day 7!! I think it's a good thing to just take the progesterone. As Gozal said, it won't harm you (I'm so using the vitamin C analogy too...love it!) Good luck to you! It looks like you, Shesaidboom and I are cycle buddies!!


Deborah, I hope you're responsive too! three more days until testing, right?





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oh I forgot...AFM. Nothing really happening. Yesterday, I felt bad because I was running up and down stairs at work because i was so busy. I am technically supposed to be taking it easy. Oh well. I doubt this affected anything. My breasts have started hurting more the last couple of days and I had some cramps yesterday but those could be for a number of reasons. So, I'm just taking it easy and not reading into things too much. But i will test on Sunday, which will technically be day 14 dpo. I think I'm day 8 or 9 dpo today and 3.5 days post transfer.



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FINALLY about to catch up on the past week!! I've been so busy at work and with a sick baby that i haven't had time to post!!!



Chicajones: Welcome back to the Mothering boards...I hope your stay with us here in the Infertility One Thread is short but sweet!!!  I will get you added to our main list as soon as I'm able to edit my posts.  For some reason I still can't edit..it's getting on my nerves!!!


Tinymama:  WELCOME!! I hope the IUI brings a BFP for you!!


gozal: Yes, everything is MUCH better for me and DH!  He even had me change his cell phone number so the girls who were trying to get in touch with him couldn't anymore!!! I was really proud of him and so was my mom.  He also hasn't had any problem with me going thru his phone and I have given him LIMITED access to his facebook.  LOL I have the password and he's not able to accept anyone as a friend without my knowledge because if i see that he's accepted someone i don't know and i don't think he should have on their i delete them.  I also cleared out his friends list of girls who he didn't go to school with and was just friends with them because they were hot.  And he hasn't complained 1 time!  I think he completely gets how bad he messed up!!!  I am sending you big hugs too!! I know that it sucks to not really feel "right" and then to be losing your hair on top of that just makes it even more stressful!!!! LOVE YA!!!!  :)


monkeyscience:  So has AF shown up yet?  At least there is a good side to this even if you aren't this month! YOUR LP IS LONGER!!! I really hope that you guys get your BFP soon!!!!


Shesaidboom: Hugs!! I hope you can rest your body a little more!! Only 1 more week until your test date!!!


renavoo: TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY AND LITTLE BEANS LOL!!! I'm soooooo ready to see what your test comes out as sunday!!! If it's a bfp you NEEEEEDDD to up load it so we can see it!! Even if it's a little quinter i wanna see lol. HA! 


AFM:  I am on CD3!! I knew that AF was on her way and she found me! At least I didn't just spot as long as I did last month! I had a 25 day cycle this past month too.  Which i guess is actually the average of my cyles!  DH has decided that he's 90/10 on the baby thing now instead of being 100 % against it so that makes me feel much better.  I told him I would take a 10% that he wants another one over a 0% chance!!!  I think as Emma gets older his wanting another child will be stronger!  Speaking of Emma, she has been sick with a double ear infection and now is getting a cold with a runny nose, coughing, and sneezing! I sooooo feel bad for my baby girl because it's like nothing I can do makes her feel better!  BLAH!  ANYWAYS, I hope everyone is doing good!! And i'm looking forward to maybe getting a few BFP's this month! (since i know i'm out and all it would be nice to see someone else get it!!) 

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