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shesaidboom - Wow, you are a lot stronger than me. I broke my promise to myself and tested again this morning because I've been feeling sort of crappy when I wake up in the mornings lately, and wondered if it was a symptom. Anyway, one more week!


gozal - Hope things are going well for you!


TinyMama - I assume the placenta must still make progesterone even with supplementation, because eventually you would be weaned off the progesterone, when the placenta is assumed to be making enough on its own. I don't think they can test you and determine when that is, though, because I think your result would show the combination of the supplemental progesterone and whatever your body's making. But I could be wrong about that. And not to cause undue concern, but just to present a different viewpoint... I have a friend who is absolutely convinced that her son's hypospadias was caused by the progesterone supplements she took during pregnancy. She says she would never do progesterone supplementation again, and strongly warns everyone else against it, too. But that's just her experience, and I'm not certain she has any backing for that feeling. Obviously, a lot of ladies go on to have healthy babes using progesterone, or it wouldn't be prescribed any more. For me, I just feel like my body has a hard enough time getting its hormones straight as it is, and I'm not going to introduce anything extra into unless absolutely necessary. But it sounds like your fertility problems lie with your dh, not you, which is very different from my case. Anyway, hoping good things come to you this cycle!


renavoo - Is it bad that I'm excited you're testing early? I really want to know what happens, and I'm pulling for you!!


brichole - Yay for more good news about your dh!! After hearing so many stories about men who do nothing but deny they're ever at fault and refuse to change any behavior, it is so wonderful to hear about a man who will fight for his marriage!


AFM, temp dropped this morning to just above the coverline. I think I am probably out, but we will see what tomorrow holds.

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Yes, repeat testing is Friday as are our consults with the IVF team.

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Aw, thank you guys for being so welcoming! It really is good to be back on here. I have a hard time keeping up when things get busy, but I think this board is a little smaller than the normal TTC "one" thread, so it should be a bit more manageable. 


monkeyscience even though I've just started following this thread, I'm super excited for you (hey, you've already gotten a longer luteal phase)! Hoping that a longer LP isn't the only thing we're able to celebrate. ;) Thanks for looking into that Femara coupon--I'd read about it on other forums but didn't see anything on there either. I might talk to her about the generic as well. 


gozal Hopefully you won't even need to, but if you do end up trying acupuncture I'd love to hear about it (what it was like, how much it cost, etc.). I've always been a little interested, but it's still a pretty big mystery to me.


renavoo Thanks for the welcoming words! We are not trying an IUI or IVF; I think if Femara doesn't work we'll have to take a break from "medically" trying for awhile. Our insurance is terrible and they really don't cover anything, and we don't currently have the resources to go further than a few cycles with meds. I know Femara is on the expensive side, but I can stomach $100 or so per cycle for a few cycles. Just hoping I don't even have to go that far! I have heard that Letrozole (sp?), the generic, is much cheaper, but I don't know how it changes the effects. I'd love to be followed, but I think that will be too expensive this time around. 

What day are you on now? I think it's getting closer to POAS time, no? Here's to hoping!


shesaidboom wow, the 25th is less than a week away! Sounds like a lot of people in their 2WW right now...which means this might be an amazing month for everyone! :)


brichole1214 it's crazy that you can't edit your posts, so strange. When you do add me, here's a "blurb" to throw on there: chicajones (27) and DH (30) TTC #1 since June 2010. Just diagnosed with PCOS. Limited insurance/finances so we're going to try Femara, then probably just try natural therapies if that doesn't work.


AFM, we found out this morning that my insurance (HumanaOne) denied all of the blood tests/Dr's appointments I've had this month, because the diagnosis code was "Annovulation" (not even Infertility)! I was pretty upset, it works out to about $1300 (ugh). I talked with my Drs office, though, and they are going to resubmit with an "Irregular Menses" code...hopefully they will at least cover enough to give me a discount. It's dreadful how expensive everything is, and how bad insurance is when you're not with a group (I work for a small company so no group for us). 


Time to run! One more day till my appointment. I'm equally dreading/looking forward to it. 

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Hi everyone!!

Brichole, yah to starting a new cycle! I am really happy that DH is being so accommodating and trying so hard to make it up to you. Sometimes it takes a major event like this to make him realize what a wonderful life he stands to lose so hopefully, everything did turn out for the best! YAH!


Monkey, sniff about getting a temperature drop. I'm not happy about that although that means you have a 13 day cycle? THAT'S AWESOME! i know anything over 12 days is considered "normal" so I'm so happy that your cycle has extended. That means i'm putting all my energy towards your next month, if you're  truly out. Let us know what the test shows!!!


Chica, i can NOT believe that your insurance company won't cover all the different tests...I am happy that the office is trying to work with you but this is just ridiculous. It's like these insurance companies think we WANT to have issues conceiving or something!! My previous insurance didn't cover any treatment associated with infertility but at least, they covered diagnostic tests! My current insurance covers a few IUIs but DH and i pay out of pocket for the IVF. I definitely think that all insurance companies should be forced to cover this for those who need it, within reason. It's not like we're octomom, looking to get octuplets!! We just want our babies!


As for acupuncture, I like it, although i don't get it too regularly because it's so expensive. I always get it before and after one of my IVF procedures though because I read that there may be evidence that it ups my chances. I don't know if it does but hey, I can't see it hurting my chances! Although generally it is relaxing, there are some times that they really hit a nerve or something and then it just feels like I'm being stuck with a needle. That is not as much fun. haha Let us know how your appointment goes!


AFM, nothing different. Still have really sensitive breasts so I feel hopeful with that but otherwise, I'm feeling, well, the same. haha. It's been busy at work so I don't have to continue to obsess over my symptoms (or lack of them) which is always a good thing. I'm so looking forward to the weekend though! Not because I want to test (because I'm really nervous about getting another BFN) but because I've been fighting insomnia so i just want to be able to nap! :o)

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Temp is way below coverline. Just waiting for bleeding to start. More later.
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chicajones - I know generic is definitely available, and I'm sure it's cheaper. Not sure how much - since I had the coupon to use, I didn't check. That is totally stupid about your insurance denying the claim... why would they not cover anovulation?? Grrr. Hope they take it on the resubmit! And your blurb sounds so much like me - I have PCOS, did one Femara cycle then quit for money reasons, and we've been TTC since June 2010, as well. We're even the same age! (Though my dh is younger - only 25.)


renavoo - Hang in there! Not too long till you can test! I will be sad for me if you graduate without me, but happy for you!


AFM, AF still hasn't started, though I have gotten some spotting. So I guess that gives me a 12.5 day LP? Anyway, I am still sad that this did not work. And I want to convince myself to keep hoping, but the temp drop is really undeniable, and it hasn't been wrong before. Granted, I have a small sample size (4 charts with O and AF), but I know I'm out. Siiiiiiiigh. And, of course, I had to have a dream last night that I got a BFP and started telling people. Though some of the people I were told were really upset, and told me it was ridiculous for me to have a baby right now. I've had a few dreams in which I was pregnant, but this is the first one where I actually remember seeing a pregnancy test. And the line was so dark, too, in my dream. greensad.gif


Luckily, I do have some things to distract me/remind me all too much. SIL is 29 weeks with her twins, and having a tough time, so I'm going over there MWF in the mornings to help her with my niece and with housework. It's good not to be alone, and to play with my niece and chat with SIL, although obviously it reminds me a lot of what I don't have. While I was still thinking I could be pregnant it was less painful. And it's still not terrible - just a bit of a reminder every now and then. I did try babywearing today, though - my niece loves the vacuum cleaner, so I borrowed SIL's Moby and wore her while I vacuumed the house. It kept her out of my way, and let SIL empty and reload the dishwasher without her "help". (She also LOVES taking things out of the dishwasher!) Once she was in, it was a good carrier, but my goodness, that thing is complicated! And with both ended up really sweaty, but that was okay. I definitely got some exercise in, carrying around a 20-lb toddler and vacuuming most of a 2-story house. SIL also seems to be less tired now that she's on supplemental iron. (She found out last week she was anemic.) Most exciting, she thinks the babies may have flipped into non-breech position, so she can go for a vaginal delivery. Still praying for that!

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Hey guys! Guess what I'm doing? Baking brownies. I am going to need them to get through this morning's BFN. I don't know why I was stupid enough to think that somehow it would happen for us in Sept/Oct. I am hereby suspending all expectations. I seem to be going through these fits of zen and then anxiety over it again. Progesterone? I don't know. Blah!


I'm going to be away from the computer for a few days, so just know that though I'm quiet, I am rooting for all of you. For this 2ww, for the next cycle, for ovulation - for everything. You guys know you are awesome, yes? Thank you just for being there.

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Monkey and Gozal, hug2.gif


I'm so sorry for your respective BFNs. sniff. I was so hopeful for you both this month. Well, it's on to next month...come on, we're due for a BFP soon!!!


Gozal, MMMM to brownies! yum! Hope you have a great few days away!


Monkey, I totally get what you mean...I love seeing my nephew even when it makes me sad that I don't have a baby of my own. But something about being with our families and even the children of our families is just so wonderful and gives me a glimpse into the future. No matter what, I'm going to still be here cheering you on. I want to be here with everyone until we all get our BFPs!!!


Big hugs everyone!!

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Aw, Monkey and Gozal, sorry to hear that this was not the month. It always seems like it's the worst when you've been trying not to get your hopes up...and then you do...and then you are ultimately disappointed. But then it's a new month, and after that? The possibilities are still open. 


But, brownies sound like the perfect way to spend an evening. :) 


Monkey, that's so funny that we're on such a similar track. Hopefully we'll also share getting BFPs in the very near future! Oh, and I love that you got to try out babywearing. I have a zillion friends with babies, but that's one thing I've never experienced. A toddler + vacuuming seems like quite a work out!


Renavoo, glad you're still hanging in there! Thanks for sharing about the acupuncture...we'll see if I ever get the nerve up to look into it. I keep hearing good things though!


I'm just as confused as you guys with the crazy insurance stuff. Anovulation and Irregular Menses are pretty much the same thing, but apparently ovulating is totally optional (pft, who needs to do that?). Silly insurance. 


Oh, speaking of brownies--I've been trying to avoid sugar (and majorly limit my grain/carb intake) for the past few days, and today my taste buds have had it. Every time I close my eyes I see chocolate and ice cream sundaes and pasta (although, not all together). I've never really been on a strict "diet" before (I'm little, so it never was necessary), so this is not fun. I know, I know, I shouldn't complain--it's just funny, because I don't eat much sugar/pasta normally, but now that I can't have it I'm craving it like mad. 


Tomorrow is the appointment! Here's to hoping I walk away with some more answers, and hopefully a prescription (if it's needed) that will help get things on track.

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BLAH!!! I have a cold!!! At least it's at the start of my cycle but REALLY...i wanted to be able to TRY this month! If i don't get to feeling better i'm not going to feel up to doing anything near the time that I O this month which is just going to throw everything off!!!  My family still thinks i'm crazy for wanting a 3rd baby but i really feel like my family won't be complete without one more.  Maybe i am crazy lol.


BIG HUGS to Gozal and monkeyscience!!!  I really hope that this next cycle can be the one for you two!!!  Hey looks like the three of us will be pretty close in cycles this go round!!!  At least we'll have someone to go thru the 2ww with in November!!! 


Chicajones:  That is UBER crazy what the insurance company did with not covering it because it was labled as "anovulatory"!!! I was shocked that I was labled with Infertility at one point i do believe and they still covered me though it CLEARLY states that I had NO coverage on IF treatments!  I hate insurance companies!!! BLAH!  I hope that they will get it covered with the new way they will be coding it!

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OH and Renavoo I really hope that this weekend hurries up for you so you can get a little bit of rest along with your BFP!!! :)

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gozal - hug2.gif Glad you have some brownies to get you through! It probably wouldn't be bad for me to take a break, but I think I'm too addict to MDC. Enjoy some you-time!


chica - Let us know how the appointment goes!


brichole - Boo to being sick! It seems like whatever is going around this year is really, really nasty. Besides my own sickness, I've heard multiple other people from completely different parts of the country complaining about being sick for weeks. Hope you don't get it that bad!


AFM, AF is definitely here now, and the cramps are awful. Just need to keep shoveling down the Tylenol, as that makes all the difference. And yes, I did go out and buy Tylenol instead of Advil so I could have something to take if I were pg. banghead.gif

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Monkey, UGH!! I'm sorry about the cramping. As if you needed that on top of everything. I hope the cramps resolve soon. It may be time to make a pit stop (or send DH) to get you some ibuprofen or naproxen. Acetaminophen never seems to work as well for me!


Chica, how did the meeting go? I hope that your appointment bought you some answers!!


Brichole, ugh to being sick. This has been a nasty season for the cold!! I know of a few people around me who have gotten sick too with really severe colds. So bad that this is happening early in the season!! As for your third baby, I don't think anyone can tell you what is crazy or not! Did you get DH to expand the 10% to higher? haha


AFM, Ok, just a few more days and then I can test. Seriously, my breasts are really sore. Last night, I couldn't sleep in my sports bra because they were so sore so I ended up having to take off the bra and sleep with just a t shirt on. They definitely do NOT like being bound. They always seem marginally better in the bright of the day but even now, I can FEEL them, if that makes sense. Usually, they are kind of just in the background and I don't think of them but right now, they are tingling and if I walk quickly and they bounce even a little (and I have an ample set so they bounce a bit!) they make themselves known. I certainly hope I get a BFP because if I don't, I'm going to hate living with this as a symptom for future cycles! haha. Seriously, I always have a little breast pain so I don't take this as a definitive sign (although this feels worse than usual-but I may be fooling myself!). I wish I had been better taking notes during my last few cycles though...I always think that around this time, the breast tenderness goes WAY down so that I barely feel any sensation right before my period comes. It was just off that the breast tenderness started going up about 2 days post transfer. Argh, now I'm driving myself crazy!! Technically, if Sunday is around 14dpo, I guess today is 11dpo? I'm definitely not testing until Sunday though. I can't stand to see another BFN before then!!!



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Renavoo:  I really hope that you being able to "feel" your boobs all the time is a good sign!!! :)  I was 10dp trigger when I tested positive with emma so you never know!!! :)  I wouldn't have the guts to wait...i'd be peeing on a stick EVERY day until I either got a positive or AF showed up lol.  ***BUT I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL!!!!***  As for DH and his 10% he hasn't really waivered from it...but if he doesn't say anything about "using protection" or (sorry tmi) pull out then HEY i can't control what happens!! LOL  I am going to start temping tomorrow again probably...only because i want to see what us turning the heat on in the house will do to my temps.  They usually are really low until O time so i guess we'll see!  I have GOT to get some more OPKs i've been out the past 2 months and it's really killing me not being able to pin point my ovulation or round abouts without those or my temps...and i've been so tired lately that temping has been the LAST thing on my mind!!! I guess i really need to get back on the wagon though!


Being sick really does suck though.  Everyone person who has called and talked to me from the police department that I dispatch for today has made a comment that I sound "under the weather"!!! I really wish everyone would stop pointing out to me how bad I sound lol.  It just makes me feel that much worse!!  DH said he's going to go find me some meds to take tonight so that should help.  I have been taking off brand Robitussin that has helped some but not much really.  OH WELL, AF should be making her grand exit any day now and that makes me soooooo happy!!! I am so tired of this crap lol.  I got use to not having one last year that it really made me forget HOW MUCH i HATE this time of the month!!! Why don't men have to go thru this? It's not fare that we are the ones who have to bleed for a least a week a month and then get our hopes up that we won't have to the next month to just be disappointed again!!!  I don't think men truely understand what we are going thru with IF. 


To everyone:  I would like to add that if you ladies don't have too much on your plates...could you please keep on of my friends in your thoughts.  She got pregnant very unexpectedly in May this past year and had a miscarriage at 8 weeks.  Then she got pregnant again and was 7 weeks on Tuesday and had another miscarriage!  I just feel for her because I understand loss and i know that everyone here understands too...even if you've never been pregnant you understand the struggles of not being able to get pregnant.  I feel for her because she wants a baby so bad...and it's like it just isn't happening for her and her husband.  They have been married for 3 years and have been trying for the past 2.  I really want to tell her to go talk to the RE i went to but i'm just not sure on how to approach her on the subject.  I know that she's able to get pregnant on her own...but if she keeps having miscarriages there might be a problem with her egg and his sperm that just aren't clicking right or something.  ANYWAYS, if you guys could just think about her...i would appreciate it! She is a great person and just like the rest of us deserves to have a baby!!!   I hope that the rest of you know that I believe deep down in my heart that you all deserve to be pregnant too...and that not one of you are failures!!!  I want to be able to help you all through your hard times and i think that even though we don't know each other IRL, we are all friends here on this board!!!  I never realized what kind of support I could get from complete strangers until I came here and I feel blessed to have gotten to know each of you ladies!  I would give up on my dream of having a third baby if all of you could just get your BFP and have a bundle of joy to hold of your own!!! Thank you all for being such wonderful listeners and for helping me thru everything i've been thru over the past several months! I honestly don't know what I would of done without you ladies!!! I love each and every one of you!!!  BIG HUGS TO EVERYONE



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renavoo - Praying the boob weirdness is a good sign! And I'm actually alternating acetaminophen and ibuprofen so I don't have to let one wear off. And I cannot spell today to save my life! I had to go back to your post 3 times to spell 'acetaminophen' correctly!


brichole - Hope new drugs help! And I prayed for your friend. Not that any problem is nice, but I can honestly say I'd rather have what I've got than recurrent miscarriages. That sounds unimaginably painful to me.


Okay... I took a deep breath and did it. Have an appointment with an OB/GYN recommended to by a fellow PCOS sufferer for November 1st. First male OB/GYN I've seen. Not too excited about that, but he has several good online reviews, and he's been practicing a long time, so hopefully if he were creepy, he'd be ratted out by now. Also, when I mentioned PCOS and thyroid issues to the appointment lady, she commented that he was a good person to see for those things, so it's nice. :)


In less-nice news, I went to the dentist today and will have to get my first crown next week. :( And they want to do another filling on a different tooth, too, that they say looks like it broke off. But it hasn't been bothering me at all, so I may ask them how urgent it is. It's frustrating, because my teeth have been feeling fine. When I went in April, I was sure my mouth was full of cavities because my teeth had been aching so much. But I got a clean bill of health then! Siiiiiigh. Also, we'll probably finally firm up our travel plans through December when dh gets home. Going to be glad to have a little more limbo out of my life!

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SIL has been admitted to the hospital for pre-term labor. She's only about 29.5 weeks. Prayers appreciated!
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OH MY GOSH, Monkey, all my prayers and thoughts are with your SIL, you and your family. I hope everything turns out ok!!!!!


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Okay, from what little I've heard, the situation seems hopeful. SIL's doc said this is mostly "normal twin stuff", and doesn't seem too worried. SIL is in the hospital till Saturday morning for magnesium treatment and observation. She's been given a steroid shot for "just in case". Her cervix isn't dilated at all, and the babies are doing great. Baby A has also turned head down! So hopefully things will go up from here. Will keep you posted.
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Monkey, so glad to hear all is well! I was really concerned when I saw 29.5 weeks, but then when I saw "twins" I breathed a sigh of relief. :) Still early, but definitely less scary! Hopefully things will proceed as they should and everyone will stay happy and healthy. Oh, BTW, just noticed from your sig that your anniversary (5/29) is my birthday! So funny.


brichole, I'll keep your friend in my prayers. I can't imagine--it's difficult enough TTC for so long, and I'm sure it's that much more painful to actually conceive and then experience that loss. I hope that you're able to mention to her about seeing someone. I agree that there may be other things going on, and it's definitely good to find answers.


renavoo, Sunday will be here soon! It's funny, breast tenderness is always something I start checking for when I'm 10 or 11 DPO (that is, the few times I've actually O'd), but have never really had. So who knows, it could be a pretty real sign! Yay!


So today was my appointment--I was actually a little surprised; my doctor said that I had very high blood sugar at my one hour test (my fasting level was fine). She said she wasn't expecting it, and that she really just did the glucose test because she wanted to be able to totally rule out Insulin Resistance before she started me on anything, but lo and behold I'm very insulin resistant. She actually got me a bit concerned because she said that down the road I may have to look into finding a primary care doctor to monitor me; much higher and she would have done a full diabetes testing. Augh! So she's starting me on Metformin. I'm supposed to take one a day for a week, then go to three a day. Three pills a day, for who knows how long! I've never had to do that before; I have a hard enough time remembering to take my multivitamin! I'm supposed to start getting a regular cycle within 2-3 months; if I don't, then I have to go in for another appointment. She said it's very likely though, that I'll start ovulating and be able to get pregnant on my own in the next few months, which is definitely encouraging. I've even read about some PCOS gals with IR who got a BFP their very first cycle on the Met. So we'll see. 


I feel so mixed about all of it--glad that I got my 30-day script for only $6 (thanks, Wally World) and that I don't have to fork out lots of dough (and risk any side effects) for Femara...but then, a little bummed that we aren't already pulling out the big guns, and that it might be three more months before I see any progress (if there is any). I'm also nervous about getting used to the Met. My friend who also has PCOS said that she had horrible stomach issues the first two weeks she took it, and that she had to work from home b/c it was so bad! Tomorrow is day one, and I'll be taking it before my normal 1-hour commute, so I'm praying it will sit okay with me. 


Finally, I'm still a little in shock that I have blood sugar issues. I don't know how much this increases my risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, but I know that it does to some point. It makes me glad that we eat healthy food, but now I feel like I'm going to be extra paranoid about sugar, alcohol, and carbs. And I definitely don't want to lose weight--that won't help at all. Guess I have to keep upping my natural fats and proteins. 


Whew! Sorry, that was a bit long. Happy Friday to everyone tomorrow, and I hope the weekend is filled with fall loveliness!

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 Monkeyscience: Thinking about your SIL and keeping her in my prayers!!! I had to go thru the magnesium treatment when I was pregnant with emma because i started going into labor at 34 weeks....it was not a fun treatment and she will be VERY uncomfortable...but it's better than the twins getting here too early!!! I hope that she's able to rest well!!!! 


Renavoo:  SO excited that it's friday!! We only have to wait 2 more days for you to finally POAS!!! I really wish you didn't have such strength to wait lol...i want you to pee on one now!! HA!


chicajones: I'm sorry to hear that you are having to deal with the IR issues!!! I really hope the MET helps!!  Maybe if you make sure to have something on your tummy before you take it that might help with the tummy problems that could occure.  As for the side effects from Femera...they are SOOOOO not as bad as those that come from Clomid!!! At least they weren't for me.  I actually didn't have any side effects from the Femera or the Menopur injections that i had to take while TTC Emma (our youngest daughter).  I have PCOS also, which i kinda figured i did since i had so many problems with cysts when i was younger.  (i had one rupture when i was 17 and i honestly would rather go thru labor pains ANY DAY than have one ruptur ever again!!!)  I really hope that your body starts acting right and that the medication helps with your IF issues!!! BFPs need to happen all around this thread soon!!!  I know that we got like one or maybe 2 last month but still...it would be wonderful if everyone who is in this thread could go ahead and graduate to a DDC!!!!! :)



AFM:  My cold is getting a little bit better!! Thank you NYQUIL and DAYQUIL, you are my best friends lol!!!  DH was a doll last night too and let me sleep thru emma getting up to have her midnight bottle!!! I barely remember him even bringing her into the room to feed her lol.  I am hoping that I can get at least 2 more good nights like that...i think the rest helped me feel a little better too because it's been SOOOOOO long since i've actually gotten to sleep thru the night and not have to worry about waking up with emma.  Don't get me wrong, i love her to death and I would stay up all night with her if i had to, but if i don't get some rest i'm not going to be worth anything to her, my oldest DD or to DH.  Not to mention when i start going without sleep i start going crazy and start forgetting things!!! I experianced that last week when emma was battling her ear infections!!!



Everyone please have a wonderful and blessed day!! I hope that we get to see a BFP this weekend !!!!!

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