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HBAC midwives around nashville?

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My family and I are relocating to Fort Campbell, KY next week and we are in search for a midwife who will attend a HBAC. Some of the ones I've found online don't attend those, so I feel like our luck is running out and go UC, which my husband doesn't want to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated. joy.gifsmile.gif
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We don't have enough homebirth midwives in this area PERIOD, let alone any that I know of that will support a HBAC.  I am just north of Nashville and I am having a UC any day now.  Good luck trying to find one.  Sorry I didn't have any better news for you. 

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Unfortunately, I don't know of any midwives who will do a HBAC.  


However, I know that the CNMs at Vanderbilt in Nashville support VBACs and they are a regular occurance there, including doula clients of mine.


I am relatively new to the Ft. Campbell/Clarksville area myself, but I have recently learned that there are CNMs in Madisonville, KY, which isn't too far.  (Can't offer you much info on them besides that.)  And if you are military, there are CNMs at the hospital on post.  Again, I don't know their stance on VBACs, but they are supportive of natural birth in general.  Whatever you do, don't go to Gateway!



Heidi Duncan

Birth Doula & Childbirth Educator


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I suggest calling, asking, and knowing your csection status (i.e. length between pregnancies, double or single layer sutures). I believe TN regulations regarding home births preclude HBAC, but I do know some midwives in TN (at least in West TN and at the Farm) will do them. 

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This is an older post, but I saw it and wanted to respond.  I am planning an HBAC with a midwife.  Her name is Kathy Williams and she works out of Hendersonville which is just North of Nashville.  Here is a link to her Facebook page.  Good luck!  :)



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Also visit www.tnmidwives.org to see a list of many of the homebirth midwives in Tennessee.  (Not all are members.)

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