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Strong hunger...is this normal?

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I'm hungry a lot and I'm wondering if I should be concerned.

This may sound silly, but I have PCOS and am on metformin. Before the meds if I felt hungry it was this all consuming soul-crushing hunger that destroyed my life (and really, I'm not exaggerating). WIth metformin I rarely feel hunger at all, but I eat at regular intervals because I'm not stupid. With my last pregnancy, while on metformin, I had absolutely no appetite but I also had hyperemesis gravidarum.

This time around I've had minimal morning sickness and a decent amount of hunger. The past few days that hunger has been getting stronger. If I wait too long to eat (dinner takes long to cook, wait at the restaurant) I start to feel light headed and kind of ill. I have to eat more, craving more protein and often needing easy access to protein (reasons why I'm still eating lunch meat). If I don't, I feel kind of ill.

Is this normal for pregnancy, or should I be concerned that my blood sugar/insulin levels are off?
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One thing I've seen with the GD and insulin issues is that you crave the sugars and starches and then feel horrible after eating them (and I mean HORRIBLE...I would curl up in a ball and cry because I was sick and dizzy and everything annoyed me!). I would guess if you're craving protein it's just normal pregnancy hunger...something I've never experienced until this time. I've always either had Hyperemesis or just plain lack of appetite. This time I'm wanting to eat 16 times a day. I think it's all just variations on the normal. Trust your body to some extent, eat what it's telling you to (within reason) and if there is a reason to be concerned it will be pretty obvious.

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Thanks for this. I'm pretty darn in touch with my body except for this hunger thing because my sensation of hunger has been so abnormal for so long. The idea of wanting to eat while pregnant is so new to me, which seems weird, but hey, food! I'm kind of naturally doing a Brewer diet now :/
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I have had the overwhelming hunger with both pregnancies.  With DS, I would get physically ill seemingly out of nowhere.  I would feel like I was going to pass out, throw up, and be frantic to find anything to eat when just moments ago I felt fine.  I had to eat something every hour to hour and a half, no exaggeration.  I even had to get up in the middle of the night to eat or else I would get up starving and dry heave.  This time around, I still get the light headed part and feeling ill and super hungry but not as bad. I can go more than two hours without eating but more than three is just too much.  For me, the best remedy has been regular snacks with some protein, fat and carbs.  If I do too much of any, it doesn't sit well.  No real sugar crashes or issues after carbs, more just crazy hunger attack.  I too have to have some sort of snack ready on hand.

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The last few days have been a "snack attack" for me.


If I don't eat at least every 2 hours I get ill. So now I just have to make sure that I have good foods around so that I gain the right kind of weight and that this lil babe gets the right stuff.

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You pretty much described what I have been feeling most of this pregnancy. Hunger, which sometimes comes in several-days spurts, that I must obey or risk feeling really terrible. A couple times waiting for food either in the oven or a restaurant led to an inner panic attack. I NEEDED the food THAT instant. ANd it's mostly protein needs. Although for some reason straight red meat isn't as appealing, milk, fish, nuts, cheese, and meats with lots of flavor/spice are what I find I really pine for. Then there are other days when I feel back to my "normal" hunger plus a little.


I've never had glycemic issues, FWIW?

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hunger. must obey. must have protein now. and several forms of it.


At night, (1-4am), it's carb craving.


My hunger sensations are similar to what you describe, and they are similar to my last pregnancy.

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I'm definitely feeling this way too. It's especially annoying when I wake up to pee in the night and am too hungry to fall back asleep afterwards so I have to get up and eat something.  It's a job keeping up with this hunger!

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for the first 13 weeks i couldn't look at food.  wk 14 was ok.  i'm headed into 15 now, and i can't get enough food! also craving protein, but surprised at how dramatically my appetite has shifted...i just hope i dont pack on the pounds too quickly!!!

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i have hypoglycemia, and you all sound just like me!  (me and my brother actualy)  we literaly have to eat a protien THEN a carb every 3 hours or we get dizzy, super grouchy and vomit. (of corse there is nothing to throw up)  and for me it gets way worse durring pregnancy. 


yesterday i was helping in DS pottery class and i had about 3 minutes between, "i should probably find food, i'm feeling a little run down" to running to the bathroom to vomit, and then scavenging my car for nut crackers. sooo embarassing.  


you may want to have your blood sugar levels checked if this is not normal for you. 



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I had that with my son last pregnancy.  I had the hugest appetite and if I didn't eat soon enough I started to feel sick.  I always carried almonds on me, although sometimes that didn't even help.  I was big into beans and rice and corn tortillas all together.  This time the appetite is slowly starting to come back after not wanting much for the past 9 weeks, but it's not like with my son.

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