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Any disposable diapering moms out there?

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We used g-diapers during maternity leave but switched to disposables when I went back to work. Although I recently snuck in a couple of g-diapers back into the rotation.  I hear a lot of moms talk about the need for different methods of diapering at night vs the day...specifically when it comes to cloth diapering.  Does anyone out there use a different disposable diaper at night than during the daytime to keep baby dry through the night...you know...know sheet changing and all of that?

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We're doing disposables exclusively since we don't have a washer and dryer in our apartment complex. They haven't been 100% foolproof at night, but I really like the 7th Generation diapers - they're really sturdy and absorbent. Had to do a few sheet changes in the last couple of weeks, but that could be due to our new parent ineptitude at actually putting the diaper on the baby... :-)

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I just use different sizes.  During the day DS wears Up and Up (Target) size 3...but at night we size up to a size 4.  Now that he is a little older and not getting a bottle at night, we might be able to do a 3 at night...but it's just easier to insure him being nice and dry and sizing up to a 4.  We were using 7th Generation but their size 4's are too big, and 3's don't hold at night...so we switched to all Target and I love love love those diapers!  No smell, no leaks....couldn't be happier!

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When we use disposables it's Target brand.  We've never had leaks overnight using them.

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I agree with PP- Target brand works pretty well. Also- Pampers makes Overnight diapers called "extra protection" and we've used those. they work really well. 

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Thank you all for the tips.  Up-sizing makes sense.  Hadn't thought of that.

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CD during the say but use disposables at night. I use the walgreens brand sposies they are the best fit for my LO and dont give her rashes.

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I use both cloth and disposibles. I mostly use huggies slip ons or luvs, and i have some good mamas that i will use during the day when my daughter wants to be wiggly or rip her diapers off. I find it harder to use cloth at night because the covers give my DD a rash. However, most of the time her and my DS are bare butt and she only uses diapers when she sleeps, he dosent as we are potty training him.

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My daughter is 14 months old....she's little, but she's a heavy wetter. AND she sleeps through the night. So we use the Huggies overnight diapers, in one size larger than her daytime sposies.


I have some of the Papmers equivalent, but those don't seem to hold as much as the Huggies. And generally I like Pampers better, so there's no bias here. :)

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I have used both cloth and disposables for almost 10 yrs.  I've used both at night and have never had leaks as a problem.  However, I tend to use disposables only at night now for 2 reasons: (1) smell (no matter what, the cloth smell at night!) and (2) comfort.  The bulky cloth (no leaks that way) AND wetness (even with fleece inside) seems just too uncomfortable at night-- esp. since I want to give them no reason to wake up at night!


Brands of disposables has not been a problem, though I do tend to use "name brands."  We use mostly 7th Gen. and have never had a leak.  I change diapers (of all kinds) frequently, however.

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Most of my friends irl did disposables & many found they needed to go up a size for nights.

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What about putting a wool cover over the disposable at night to catch any leaks? 

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I love the idea of using a wool cover on top. I haven't tried it yet, but have thought about actually lining a cloth dipe with a microfiber cloth/insert.


We're using disposables now because we have two special needs kids in diapers and six people in the house, which makes laundry a challenge. We use Huggies Overnites for one of the boys and they hold a LOT.

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I'm a sposie mama (switched out of cloth when we moved back in March).  DD is just over 2yo- so she pees in large.. spurts?  Basically she pees alot at one time, so I usually make sure she has just gone when I put her to bed.  If not I ask her to go if she can, she usually does (we're on the brink of PLing).  When she was younger, however, we found it easier with wool longies on top- just in case a little leak happened.

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