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Olive Claire is here :)

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I just wanted to let you all know ;) She will actually be 2 weeks old tomorrow! She is a wonderful baby, so easy going and a fantastic nurser :) She was born on Sept 20th at 1:17pm, 8 pounds 3 ounces and 19.5" long.


We had a very tramatic birth experience that I am not yet up to sharing but I just wanted to share that she is here and she is doing great :)




I am cross posting this in the Sept ddc as well since I was over there posting too ;)

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Congrats and I hope you're healing, too.
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Congrats!  Olive Claire is an adorable name, and she sounds like a great baby.  



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Sorry to hear your birth experience was traumatic, but glad to hear things seem to be going so well now.
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Congratulations!!! joy.gif What a beautiful name.


I'm so very sorry you had a traumatic birth. I had a really tough time with my first DS' birth; it can be so hard to deal with. I hope you are able to heal in every way you need to.


ETA: You may want to check out this organization: http://www.solaceformothers.org/

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Congrats, Mama!!  Very sweet name - Claire is our current front running name for our little girl!


Wishing you lots of love and healing vibes!

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Congratulations! Sending you love and healing!

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Congratulations! I love the names (DH vetoed Olive when I suggested it)

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Congratulations! joy.gif

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Congratulations, and as the others said, I wish you peace and healing. We'd love to hear your story whenever it is you're ready to share.

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Congratulations and Welcome baby Olive! I'm sorry to hear your birth experience was traumatic and I wish you peace and comfort in processing it. Enjoy your sweet new one. 

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Congratulations on Olive's birth, and I'm glad to hear she's doing so well.  I wish I knew any way to help you with the difficult birth, but I don't.  Hugs for you, anyway!

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congratulations on your new baby, and yes, share if and when you want to. Best wishes for healing for you, and she sounds like an amazing little girl!

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Congrats and hugs.

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Congratulations!  And peace and healing to you.

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Congratulations on the birth of Olive Claire! I absolutely love the name! And lots of gentle healing vibes to you. grouphug.gif

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