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I really like Grobags well into toddlerhood.
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Subbing in here, but those of you who go the wool route, do you rewear them for several nights?  I'd love to get some, but they're just SO expensive.  I'm not sure we could afford one, but we definitely couldn't manage more than that.

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Yes, wool is so awesome, you can wear it repeatedly without washing it... I mean, literally, unless it gets actually dirty, I would wash it every few weeks or so. I think wool naturally possesses anti-microbial properties, and it just doesn't hold a stink. Someone on here probably knows a lot about wool's amazing properties and can speak to this better. But yes, it's amazing, the only reason you might want more than one is that it takes a long time to dry. What I have used is Babyology (kinda ugly but cheap and it's sleepwear so who cares?) longies, which are actually used often for diaper covers but I use them for sleeping. I have also knitted sweaters and pants for her. The wool sleep sacks are probably a lot more expensive, but probably adorable!!

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It helps if you lanolize the wool once a month (easy process) and use euclan for your weekly wash, but you can totally get by with one pair of whatever and just air them out during the day. It's what we're doing.


My 2 yo is huge (over 3 ft, 35 lbs) so I bought the ruskovilla dungarees on the green mountain site, which are basically the one piece zippered, footless pjs type of things made out of wool ribbing knit. I needed a one piece because we just cloth diapers and two pieces don't work. My little guy outgrew the ruskovilla long diaper cover I was using as a night time pj bottom held up with a wool onesie. I bought it several sizes too big (120 cm instead of 100) and just roll the sleeves and legs.I expect to get two winters out of it. That's how I got over the sticker shock.


It came a little scratchier then I remember the diaper cover pants arriving, but after a few washes it's softening up. I do the wool wash in my machine (another reason to size up) and then spin it on high to get all the water out. I haven't noticed any shrinkage, but again, it's about 6 inches too long in the arms and legs. Put it on a rack in front of a fan and it will dry by evening. Very cozy, but I imagine if the room were hot it would not be comfortable (too warm).


There are lots of pants options out there for wool, Disana, Little Beetle etc. but it's hard to find a zippered pj. The Gap sells cotton sleepers in size up to 5t, but they are tight to avoid flammable issues and don't fit over our cloth butt.

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we live in the Boston area in a 1789 Colonial, verrrrrryyyy drafty. I have used a silk filled sleepsack since my girl was out of swaddling.

she wears pj's and this in place of a blanket. She LOVES it and still uses it at 2 1/2.

And it is beautiful too!




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DS mostly wears sweat suits, fleece pants, thermal long-sleeve shirts and thermal sets (those really tight kind, you know what I mean?)

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DD 15 months is right now wearing regular cotton PJs with fleece over top. The fleece is NOT sold as PJs, since we avoid flame retardants and all fleece PJs contain them by law. Booooo. It's just a one-piece, footless fleece romper kind of thing. We also have an organic cotton, double-layer, sleeveless sleep sack that still gives her plenty of movement but adds a lot of warmth, we go between the two and she is pretty comfy. She's a very active sleeper and hates blankets.

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17mo DD absolutely loves her fleece footed pajamas from Carter's. They have some that have the animal faces as the feet (monkeys, monsters, polar bears, etc) and those are hands-down her favorite things to wear day or night. They keep her super-warm, so we've had no need for extra warmth even when I'm under two blankets in the same room.

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If you don't like fleece footies, you might try looking for terrycloth or velour footed PJs.  DD was a hot sleeper and we mostly used the terrycloth PJs for her -- warmer than regular thin cotton but not as sweat-inducing as fleece.  Hard to find, though. 

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We have nights in the high 40's to 50's inside (we don't heat at night) and use wool.  I generally dress ds in wool longies and a wool sweater upcycled from old cashmere sweaters from the thrift store, and then a wool sleep-sack (open at the foot) also out of upcycled wool.  It makes a warm, soft, cozy combination that breathes well so he doesn't get sweaty but also is really comfy.

Flannel sheets are a huge help, as regular cotton sheets take longer to feel warm!

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I love Leverett:




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