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i don't know how to crochet. my mom taught me how to do the first row.. but now i forgot. i can't even make it to the second row either. i tried some websites suggested here and YouTube, but i am an extremely slow (visual) learner. im not so good when it comes to reading instructions. im better at being shown how to do it. what do i do? ):

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I just learned how to crochet in the last month or so! I used a couple of books that had good detailed instructions and diagrams (Teach Yourself Visually: Crochet and Stitch n Bitch The Happy Hooker), but it sounds like that's not your preferred method. If the Youtube videos aren't helpful, then you can either find a local yarn shop that does lessons (you probably just need one: crochet is REALLY easy -- once you learn how to do a single crochet into your starting chain and how to turn, everything is else is just an elaboration on that basic technique), or buy a DVD, or get a friend who knows how to show you.

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Try the library for free dvds or "how to" books.  I love YouTube for helping me learn to crochet better.  This one is great and he has links to others who have crocheting tutorials.  http://www.youtube.com/user/mikeyssmail

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You Tube, seriously.  Great tutorials and you can go back and see it again as many times as you want.  I started with a basic granny square and went from there.  I then started checking out some basic stitch books from the library and taught myself to read a pattern.

But YouTube is a great resource!

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I would suggest finding a yarn store near you, or looking for knitting/crochet groups (Knitting groups are often called "knitting groups" but have crocheters as well so don't hesitate to go).  They can probably show you what to do and guide you through it in person. :)

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Check for a crochet group on meetup.com or local churches may have a yarn crafts ministry.  


I'm not so good at learning from a book either, but I was able to figure it out by looking at the "Happy Hooker" and "Simple Crochet" books.  I'm addicted now.  Good luck!

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Definitely give youtube another try.  I like bobwilson123.  Her videos are easy tofoloow and I love how her Aussie accent makes "cro-shay" come out as "cro-shuh". Heehee


Anyway, my grandmother taught me basic stitches when I was like 7yo but I never learned how to make anything useful.  About a year ago, I got the inspired idea to see if youtube had any good tutorials and sure enough, I am now an official crochet-er.


Check out what I made recently for a friend:



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I know I'm really late to this thread - But I LOVE The Crochet Crowd.  Mikey does an amazing job teaching everything from the basic stitches to complete projects step by step with great camera work.  He's a sweetheart and is ADORABLE!



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