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New here, TTC with no luck & questions

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Hi everyone!!
I'm new to this website & I've finally lost hope :(

I'm a newlywed & my hubbs is in the Military (Navy) to be exact.
We've gone back and forth about having a little bundle of our own for a few months now,
with the ultimate decision of, trying to have a little one...

I was on depo provera for a little over a year.. I decided to go on the shot because
my monthly vistor, Aunt Flow, was just not the friendliest or easiest to bare; for years, so I finally had enough.
Depo provera, basically, suspended Aunt Flows montly visits ( I was belated! ) THEN.. I met my hubbs; we started
talking about babies and whatnot & I told him, I may not be able to concieve upto a year after getting off the shot.
We made the collective deicsion to go off depo provera before we wed.  

I went off depo in May/June... My friend, a fellow military wife, also went off the same time as me,
&& now, shes 14 weeks pregnant!! Which makes me 10 times more envious.

*I know, everyones bodies react differently, but it doesn't ease my envy lol *

We've been trying to concieve since July, I know only 3 months have gone by; but its been 4-5 since going off depo.
Aunt Flow has yet to pay a visit :( Before depo provera, I got my period monthly, on time, never missed. Now I don't even so much as spot!

I recently relocated (after our wedding) & frankly I'm frightened to go to a completely new doctor, especially gyno!!

I don't know if im ovulating, & if not what can help me?

Anyone have any suggestions? Answers? Anything?

Thank you so much for your feedback!!

Kimmy G <3


:) x o x o :)

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Hi Kimmy!  Welcome to MDC!!   wave.gif  You've come to the right place for advice and support.  But, you want to be posting in the TTC forum instead of the Fertility forum.  You'll see it listed at the top of this one.  That's where all the TTCer's are hanging out.  There are lots of threads to join for those TTC at different age levels, different points in their cycles (waiting to O, the 2ww, etc.), etc.  Check those out and jump in!


Regulating off of hormonal birth control can take quite a while- upwards of a year for some women.  I'm sure it must be really difficult seeing your friend already pregnant after stopping her bc, but everyone is so different.  If you are not bleeding then you are not yet ovulating.  Even if you start to bleed, that is not a guarantee that you ovulated as it could simply be hormonal/breakthrough bleeding.   But, to be clear, you will ovulate prior to your first true period. 


You can find out what is happening with your cycles and hopefully catch that first egg by learning to chart your basal body temperature and cervical fluid.  This will tell you when you are fertile, when you ovulated, how long your luteal phase is (the time between O and AF- 10 days is generally needed to sustain a pregnancy), when to test, when to expect AF, if you are pregnant, and if there is anything of concern happening with your cycle.  If this interests you, please post in the TTC forum for more information.  Good luck!

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Thank you so much Jamiee! I don't quite know any of the "lingo" yet & I feel silly LOL I will def. comment in the TTC forum (sorry i didnt see it sooner!) & try to learn what it all is and how to temperature and all of that good stuff! Thank you so much again! Hope to find out more soon!



Kimmy G

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Here's a wicki to familiarize yourself with the lingo: http://www.mothering.com/community/a/abbreviations-and-acronyms


If you'd like specific help getting going with charting, let me know!

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