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Can babies have bad dreams?

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Elliott is a very mellow guy.  He's always happy and almost always wakes up happy.  He's funny...he'll be asleep and then a few minutes later I look over and his eyes are wide open and he's just sitting there all chill.  Occasionally he will be out like a light and all of a sudden, he'll start to cry really hard and it sounds shrill-ish.  I pick him up immediately and then he's okay.  It seems very sudden and it doesn't seem like a burp or hungry.  Could he be having a bad dream?  Not sure what he would be dreaming about. :)

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I think so, yes. Charlie has had fussy dreams since birth. A really loud scary one once, I felt strongly he was reliving birth. C-section birth is worth some nightmares, I figure.

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Magnolia will start hard crying in her sleep. I figure its probably nightmares about the csection, since there isn't too much else at this age I figure she could be having nightmares about. Usually I just shhh.. her and gentle caress her face or leg and she stops crying.
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Yeah, Charlie stops quickly, too. Good thing they like us!

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That happened with DD once. She was deeply asleep in her room and then started wailing a scared, upset cry, out of the blue. I ran in to her room and picked her up and cuddled her and she calmed right down. I was afraid she was dreaming about the scary halloween masks we accidentally set her down in front of at the store. hide.gifgreensad.gif
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