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What size is your baby wearing?

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How old is your little one and what size is he/she wearing?


Elliott is 9 wks today and is mostly in 3M clothes.  He has a couple 0-3m that still fit, but mostly those are too short.  I just put him in a couple 3-6m onesies that fit better.  It seems like the clothes with a range (i.e. 0-3 or 3-6, etc) are smaller than the ones labeled with just a single month (i.e. 3M or 6M).  You notice that?


I think he will be solidly into 3-6m clothes in a couple weeks.  He isn't super chubby, but he's really long so things that snap at the crotch or that have feet tend to be outgrown much faster.

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Our babies were born on the same day.  Rafe can still fit into some NB onsies and is just moving into the 0-3 month stuff as he his getting longer.  He was only 19 1/2" at birth so not super long to begin with.  He is around 12 lbs right not.  We go for a WBV on Friday. 

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Magnolia is 6wks and still in some newborn and is in some 0-3 months. Most of what we have in 0-3 months are dresses and most of those are still huge on her even though she's probably close to 10 lbs now. We may end up shopping soon because most of her 0-3 months are summery sun dresses since I figured she's be in that size within a week or two of birth. Its still in the upper 80s and lower 90s so she may can get away with wearing the summer clothes a bit longer.
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Alexander is 2 months old today love.gif


He is mostly wearing 3-6 months, some 6 months (mostly Carter's, which i find to run on the smallish side).  He can't wear anything with feet because his feet are HUGE!  I tried on a pair of size 2 shoes that were Nickolas' and they FIT!  Aye!  So I'm having to replace all the footed sleepers I have (a lot!) with footless ones.  So much for wearing all of big brother's hand me downs.  Hopefully I'll find some time to do some sewing so I can not have to shop anymore for a while.

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Charlie's 7 weeks and the 6-9mth things are getting a little snug. Gah. We just got them. I think he'll last a bit longer in them. The top is fine, it's the diaper butt and the torso length that are getting us.

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7 weeks old and 3-6 month clothes.  I still squeeze him into some of the cuter 3 month things, though. love.gif

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5 weeks, and 3-6 month is basically all he'll fit in. I have a few 12 month things that run on the smaller size that fit. The gerber 3-9 month are getting a bit tight, but they seem to run small as it is. Cloth diapers don't help too much, either. 

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Ada will be 7 weeks on Thurs. she is in 0-3 mos.  But she's really started to add on the chub so I'm thinking she'll def be in the 3-6 mos stuff before we hit two months old on the 18th.  I agree the stuff labeled with just one month does run bigger.  She was only 19.25 inches at birth but she's gettin' pretty long now.  I can't wait to see how much she weighs when we go to the ped on the 18th.  I'm guessing somewhere around 11ish lbs. 

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Seth is 4 weeks today, over 11lb and at least 24 inches. He went straight to 0-3 clothes, all the NB stuff was too short, even with the sposies we used the first few days.


Right now he is still in 0-3, but only just with the US bought stuff. He'll get more time out of the UK bought stuff as it always runs a bit bigger in size. He also fits some of the 3-6 already. I find the Gerber clothes run a bit smaller than most, so they are usually the next size up from everything else. Its definitely the long torso, and cloth diaper butt that moves us up in size. So many of the clothes as still really wide even when they are too short, and Seth isn't a skinny baby either. I got a lot longer out of each size last time, so at this rate they'll be wearing the same clothes in another 6 months.

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. I got a lot longer out of each size last time, so at this rate they'll be wearing the same clothes in another 6 months.

I totally know what you mean! Ds1 is soooo skinny (about 28lbs)! Since switching him to sposies, he has been fitting in 18mo shorts (he's 28mo!). Ds2 (about 13 lbs) is getting close to being fully in 6 mo clothes. They will probably be wearing the same size in about a year!

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Cate's able to fit into NB short sleeve shirts, almost all her 0-3mth dresses, and 3-6mth pants, as well as some of the 3mth pants still fit over the fluffy diaper butt.


Trying to buy ahead for winter is a big guessing game still. I ordered her Christmas dress and am hoping it works out, at least dresses are less affected by the big cloth diapers.


She'll be 10wks tomorrow, and was 11.5lb last time she was weighed -- last week sometime.

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