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Which sound is worse?

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So Parker is 4 weeks old and is getting over his first cold that his beautiful, yet germ attracting, sister gave him (and me).  He didn't get it nearly as badly as she and I got it (Yay for breastmilk antibodies!) but he still has a junky nose.  So I make daddy suction out his nose because I can't stand to hear him cry.  It makes me literally cry too.

I've been power pumping tonight and I just fed him which means my oxytocin levels are soaring and I'm in loving, nuturing, mommy mode.  

Unfortunately (or fortunately in certain situations I guess) I also have a very strong MAMMA BEAR mode.  

The sound of my son screaming while getting his nose suctioned makes me want to straight up walk up and beat the *** out of Nate for doing this to our baby! So every time he does this (and especially tonight) I have to excuse myself outside so I can't hear it.

Tonight, however, I came outside to hear my neighbor having sex with her window wide open.  Now, I have a very vivid and strong ability to visualize and this is not someone you want to visualize having sex.  

Needless to say it's definitely time to start borrowing DD's ipod!

(Yes, she has an ipod and she's four, it's one of the super cheap ipod shuffles and she adores it. Plus it's teaching her responsibility and how to properly care for her things, which is a lesson she needed.  But then again that's not the point of my post, just nipping that tangent in the bud before it even starts.)

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i would have made a point to run into the neighbor and say, "sounds like you had fun last night!" 



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See if you can dribble some of that pumped gold into his freshly suctioned nose. It helps immensely!

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I was never able to get the snot sucker to work.  I know they make a motorized one called a NoseFrieda (I think), but who knows if that thing does any better.


I have done the less-than-glamorous "squirt breastmilk up the nose" technique when our LO was congested.  We also tried elevating his sleeping surface a bit (completely ineffective) and a very hot, steamy bathroom (also didn't work).  However, what didn't work for us might for you.


When he was much older, our ped suggested a bit of Benedryl.  That did help, I must say.

Good luck and congratulations on your new sweetie.

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