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I wouldn't put a cover over a leaky pocket diaper either...seems like it would be bulky and wouldn't breathe well at baby's skin would probably get really red.  I'm sure that someone on the diaperswappers site with sewing skills would be glad to buy your FB if they like your asking price.  If they got you through 2 babies, you have definitely gotten good value from them! 

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Hope it's ok to ask this here:


I'm on my third baby with my Fuzzi Bunz and they're leaking through the leg openings.  My DD has thin legs and the elastic in the FBs isn't what it used to be.  I tried replacing the elastic in some of them, but I hated doing it and it didn't seem to help much.  It seems a waste to throw them out and buy new (especially since my baby due in March will be our last), but I tend to reach for disposables because I don't want to deal with the leaking.  Does anyone know of a cover that would work well with them, preferably one that has little leg openings?


Thanks, expert mamas!!