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Complaint about Montreal's Virgin Radio

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Good morning All,


I had sent this email to Mark Bergman at Montreal's Virgin Radio and the issue has yet to be resolved. I've also sent it this morning to the Montreal Gazette. What else should I do?




 Good morning!
I have been a long-time listener and I would not want you to lose me (or anyone else for that matter) as a listener. I would like to complain about a comment made by Natasha Gargiulo yesterday evening on one of your shows. She made a comment about Mayim Bialik breastfeeding her three year old son and how Mayim should not go around broadcasting such a thing. Natasha also went on to say that when a child is able to walk and make sounds, that is a cue to start weaning.
From a mother to a mother, I would like to tell her to mind her own business! What a mother does is for herself and the benefit of her own child. If Natasha had any sense, she would had researched the topic of breastfeeding past the age of 12 months before going on the air and making such a crude comment and seen that there are more than simply nutritional benefits to breastfeeding a toddler - and not only for the child but for the mother as well. Even the World Health Organisation advocates breastfeeding until the child is at least 24 months of age.
What I am looking for here is an apology and a retraction from Natasha to all mothers who were listening yesterday evening. A mother should know better than to make another mother feel "bad" for doing what she knows is the best for her child.
Thank you for your concern on this matter and please feel free to forward this.


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Ugh! I'm sick of stupid comments about breastfeeding in the media. And I love Mayim Bialik! 


Anyway, did you email the station? If you have their email address you could pass it on to supportive friends and breastfeeding moms and inundate them with calls for an apology for that offensive remark. (This could be made easy if you sent a simple form letter they could simpy attach their name to.) Also, you could post it to the la leche league's forums. AND give their email address here, as I would love to send them an email too!


I don't live in Montreal (I did once, briefly, though) and I don't listen to that station but I'd support you.


Maybe there are other ideas out there?

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I heard those same comments while listening to the radio feeding my son that day. It seriously made me PISSED. I turned the radio off. I rarely listen to that station so I just shrugged it off and had forgotten about it until seeing your post just now.


UGH. Did anything ever come of it?

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