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Chicken Pox

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I have an oportunity to expose unvaccinated 2yo DS to chicken pox(well shingles, but as I understand it they are the same virus). Is he too young(do you have any resources you could share)? I'd like him to get immunity from the disease rather than the vaccine, but with most kids being vaccinated I don't know when this opportunity will present itself again. And if he hasn't had CP at some point before 8 or so I think I'd go ahead and get the vax b/c I know CP can become much more severe with age. Has anyone done this before? It feels very strange/wrong to intentionally expose my guy to an illness and hope he gets it. I thought I would jump at this opportunity, but now I'm not so sure, though I know the alternative is to have him vaxed later on and I don't like that either.

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I know what you mean.  My wife couldn't bring herself to purposely expose our 3 boys to Cpox either.  Luckily, they all caught it at school.  I think that exposing a child to the disease at any age between 12 months of age and prior to puberty is ideal.  I don't have a particular preference on when in that age range is best.

I actually think that getting Cpox during the teen or young adult years is OK, because you can take acyclovir (an anti-viral that minimizes the disease severity).  So, you don't have to vaccinate as a pre-teen unless you feel like you want/need to.

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