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Wasps! Help me to get rid of them, please!

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Our new place has wasps outside.  I ahve never lived somewhere where there are wasps hovering around the house! I called a landscaper guy I know who came yesterday with the intent to remove the wasps nest. He looked all around and under the house and didn't see any nests! Bummer because the wasps are still here irked.gif

There is an overgrown field bordering our lawn- not too far out from the house- where I imagine their could be ground nests- it is only mowed 1ce a yr and due to be mowed soon.

but I hate the wasps! We have this lovely deck but I am scared to be out there and scared to have ds out there because I see usually 4 or 5 wasps there, plus some hovering around the upstrais window and around the house on the house.


I looked aorund to see what people do and it seems like it is hard to get wasps away.


I am hoping there is some kind of non toxic natural spray that I can spray all around on the house and deck- some kind of essential oil diluted in water or something- that will keep them away but still be safe for us.


I also read about blowin up a brown paper bag to look like a hornets nest which I am going to try.

Anyone have wisdom to help me? I want to claim our beautiful yard and deck and play out there and feel relaxed with my toddler!

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The first step is to identify the type of wasps you are dealing with. This time of year, yellow jackets are active, but they live in the ground, so finding the nest can be hard. 


Once you identify what kind of wasp you are dealing with, you will be better able to deal with them.

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I just ordered these:


they got great reviews- I hope they work! We have this great deck out back and a nice yard but every time we go on it I see wasps hovering around the house and door and deck! I will let whoever is reading this know if they work.

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We have a wasp problem, too. I'm interested to know if it works or not.


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I am expecting the things to arrive in the mail today- I will let you know if it works.

I was also reading about citrus oil (nt sure exactly what it is) which supposedly kills/repels them so if this thing doesn't work I may try to get some of that and spray the side of the house and deck with it. I am determined to be able to use our deck! My toddler wants to open and close the door and throw things down the 4 outside stpes and scramble around and it is perfectly safe out there in our back yard for him to do that - other than that he is usually 1 step away from touching a wasp! argh! so we avoid the deck right now

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omg- these things may actually work- the first day I hung it up we saw a few wasps but then I haven't really seen them since-! I still am not 100% sure- it was sunny- now it is raining- but they seem to be working so far. oh shoot I left them out in the rain- better get them in! I would recommend it though- 5 dollars for a 2 pack and they seem to work.

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