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Need Urgent advice!

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My son is having dental surgery tomorrow morning. He will be under general because of the severity od the cavities. (it has taken almost a year to see the pediatric dentist and get a surgery date!)

My question is which is better (or less bad): silver fillings, or white fillings? They are telling me that while it is obviously my choice, that silver will last longer and there is not a health risk to the silver. I've been a member here long enough not to believe that. But I don't want the white fillings on his molars to fall out and have him need more dental work. He JUST turned four.

Please help me decide what I should do.

Thanks Mamas!

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In my experience, if you are seeing a good dentist that uses high quality composite filling, they will last a long time. Keep in mind that your son is getting work done on baby teeth, so it doesn't need to last that long, but of course it matters a lot which teeth will have the fillings. He will start losing his front teeth in 1-2 years most likely.
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