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social group anyone?

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Anyone interested in doing this?  If so, then I would be ok being a group leader, but it sounds like they want 2.  Let me know.

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i'm interested, and i'd be a leader, too, if needed.

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A social group would be great.

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thanks dfunk98!  Now would we want the group open or closed?  orngbiggrin.gif  Then I'll let the person who is in charge of making them know.

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I'm in. smile.gif

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Me too!
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Me three! orngbiggrin.gif

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I want in! I am not posting as much (4 kids 5 and under!) But I still log in every day to keep up!

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I would like to be in..also don't post tons but always checking in!

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would love to be in :) 

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Yes, definitely interested!

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i think an open group is fine, unless you think we'll be infiltrated by undesirables ;)

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Is one set up yet? 

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