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congenital dysplasia of the hip

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My 3 month old baby has been diagnosed with congenital dysplasia of the
hip ( also called DDH ) The orthopedic surgeon suggested
operation of the hip to properly secure the hip joint.
Anybody has experience with alternate approaches to
healing this condition (: other than operation and cast for
several months.

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hi there,

i read up a lot on this when dd#1 was little because they doc thought he had heard a "click" right after she was born. it turned out not to be anything-- here is what dr. mendelsohn says about congenital hip dysplasia-- "is extremely rare and seldom requires radical treatment with casts or surgery. mild conditions are often overtreaed. don't permit your pediatrician to employ extreme measures without first assuring yourself that they are essential. in most cases no treatment is necessary, and in most others a simple pillow splint, or using extra diapers, will suffice." i hope this helps. get a second opinion if you're not sure, and dont let them overload your child with xrays if you can help it.

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Thanks for the re-assurance. Could you please let me know the
Dr Mendohlsen's reference article/book that mentioned
Hip Dysplasia. We showed the baby to a
chiropractioner and according to him there is probably nothing wrong
with the hips. There is absolutely no-way one could tell if she
had DDH. Her movements of the legs are very symmetrical.


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hi there,

the book was "how to raise a healthy child in spite of your doctor" by robert mendelsohn. I highly recommend the book! I am glad you let a chiropractor look at the baby. i would never do surgery unless there was clearly a problem and only as last resort.

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I'm not too sure if my experience is helpful, but I had this condition as a baby. According to my parents, I wore a brace some of the time until I started walking. I saw the brace about a year ago and it doesn't look too comfortable! But they said it didn't seem to bug me and I was a very content and happy baby.

My ds has been extensively examined and xrayed and he has apparently not inherited the condition. He would have gone nuts with a brace (and certainly with a cast), so thank goodness for that.

We did visit an orthopod once with ds and he got really interested in my case. He said that I should be xrayed and examined and that people who had this condition should be followed through life to make sure that the joint does not degenerate. I do have some troubles with it, but no time for the doctor visits! Soon I'll have to take care of that.

So anyway, whatever treatment you decide on, I would advise you to keep an eye on it throughout your child's life.

Good luck to you and your family. I have heard some third-hand accounts of this surgery and the cast and it sounds pretty tough on everyone.
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