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THIS!  And I hate that i can only thumbs up once!

Originally Posted by lunarlady View Post

In a just and equitable society:
A person wouldn't have to rack up 100K in student loans in order to get a job that pays $10 an hour.
Getting cancer would not mean having to declare bankruptcy.
30 year old professionals would not be returning to their parent's basements because they cannot find a job.
Working professionals with advanced degrees would not need to file for public assistance to feed their children.
Teenagers with no jobs would not be able to sign up for credit cards with $10k limits their first week away from home.
Bailouts would come to the working poor with so much debt that they are drowning in it, not the banks holding the notes for that debt.
People would be worth more alive than dead.
There would be ways of getting out from under student loan debt other than death.
Mothers would not have to choose between losing their home and feeding their children.
The heart of the occupy wall street movement is people like me. People who did what we are "supposed" to do. Go to school, buy a home, get a job, get a car. Between my husband and I we are almost a half a MILLION dollars in debt, mostly student loans for the advanced degrees REQUIRED to do our jobs. Both of us are public servants and work for the state. We make less than 90K between us. We pay about 30% taxes, which leaves us 60K a year take-home. We pay 24K a year in childcare costs, and spend about 6K a year on food. Electricity, water, heat, insurance and car maintenance run us about 10K each year. Clothing, gifts, gas, the rare vacation or meal out and other "fun" stuff run us around 5k each year. The remaining 15K a year goes to our debts. We are responsible working adults. We are on a 40 YEAR payment plan. This means I will finally be debt free at age 65. No retirement fund. No college fund for my kids. Am I angry? You bet! If I wasn't working 60 hours a week, trying to feed a family of four healthy meals on a daily basis, and juggling the commitments to my community and kids I would be walking with the protestors. Something seriously has to change.
We tell our kids to follow their dreams. But how can we when a top notch education makes you an indentured servant for 30 years? Why is it okay that a good friends sister, who had health insurance, had to lose their house, car, retirement, savings and eventually and declare bankruptcy due to the cost of her cancer treatments? Why can't one of the richest nations in the world take care of its citizens? Something has to change, and I seriously hope the protests we see are the start of major reforms in this country. We need it.


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Right on, Sister Lunarlady! Right on! 


And, thanks for the FB link, monkey's mom. Someone posted there that the Pew Foundation says that 10% of media coverage is currently about Occupy Wall Street. Not bad.

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Originally Posted by lunarlady View Post

A person wouldn't have to rack up 100K in student loans in order to get a job that pays $10 an hour.

Yeah that to everything you wrote ~ and especially this particular bit

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I'm horrified by what happened in Oakland. :( jaw.gif      horrors.gif    Cuss.gif

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Well yes it sucks.  It shouldn't have happened.  But it's cali and stuff like this happens in cali.  Also I think it just strengthened the cause.  Good job Gov't.  You can't quell the anger with violence!

Originally Posted by verde View Post

I'm horrified by what happened in Oakland. :( jaw.gif      horrors.gif    Cuss.gif


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Another Mom over here following OWS closely and planning a visit in a week ...


... I am not even going to tell my kids I will be at the protest.  They've seen a couple of photos of it and preemptively said "Mom, Don't go down there!"  They are afraid of the police.  Really sad.  I had to explain not all police are like that.


But my girls are seven and under ... I think if they were older I would offer them a chance to come.  But not unless I was 100 % sure that there would not be police action -- which, right now, there is no guarantee.

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Do you all know about the Encircling the White House Event on November 6th? Anyone going?

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The police action in Oakland was appalling. Denver was really tense the other day too. I love to watch the livestreaming in other cities. It's so amazing how much solidarity is built that way.

Here in Chicago, despite the mass arrests (I was there to support those who were willing to get arrested on both ocassions), the police remain relatively friendly, although our mayor refuses to compromise and allow a stationary occupation. We have to be "mobile" at all times. I've been going down several times a week since Occupy Chicago started, about a week after Occupy Wall Street began. My kids were were with me on Columbus Day, when the unions and community organizations came out marching and we sat in the street outside the Art Institute of Chicago, numbering between 5000 and 10000, depending on whose count you trust. I'm sure they will never forget it. It was such a peaceful and positive atmosphere there.

I hope this movement keeps growing and can last the winter and as long as we need to see results. Democracy can not work unless the people are willing to take part in it and stand up for their rights.

I just started a thread on N&CE too. Maybe we can post relevant links to articles and literature there?
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New Bill Being Considered In Congress Could Shut Down Social Media Sites Crucial To ‘Occupy’ Protests




In what would be a stunning disregard for First Amendment rights, rumors are swirling that the Republican controlled Congress is now considering a new bill that could blackout sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other sites that utilize content generated by users. Phones such as iPhone, Android, AmazonCloud, Pandora, Grooveshark and even your email accounts would be adversely affected.

Some provisions in the bill would make it a “felony to stream unlicensed content — including cover band performances, karaoke videos, video game play-throughs, and more.” Major profit driven corporations are the driving force btop the Internet Blacklist Legislation

The Internet Blacklist Legislation– known as PROTECT IP Act in the Senate and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House - is a threatening sequel to last year's COICA Internet censorship bill.  Like its predecessor, this legislation invites Internet security risks, threatens online speech, and hampers Internet innovation. Urge your members of Congress to reject this Internet blacklist campaign in both its forms!

Fight for free speech online - reject the draconian Internet Blacklist Legislation.


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You can't shut down the interwebs!   It's pretty easy to circumvent all that. 

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Originally Posted by mimim View Post
 Democracy can not work unless the people are willing to take part in it and stand up for their rights.

I just started a thread on N&CE too. Maybe we can post relevant links to articles and literature there?

You're so right about democracy being a work in progress. Can you post a link to your new thread here?


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Originally Posted by Imakcerka View Post

You can't shut down the interwebs!   It's pretty easy to circumvent all that. 

Right on!


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There's a General Strike planned for Oakland today. According to Democracy Now, "Protesters in Oakland, California, are launching a citywide general strike today that will include an attempt to shut down the nation’s fifth-busiest shipping port."

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 I really want to attend, but I have not had the time, ability or resources to get down there. I live just outside of Philadelphia. Occupy Philly is pretty big and has enjoyed a mostly peaceful movement. There have been bumps here and there, but the Mayor originally encouraged the occupiers and welcomed them. Philadelphia is largely union so there has been a lot of support in that regard.


 I would definitely take my children (5 years and 11 weeks) with me. Occupy Philadelphia has been pretty family-friendly so far. My son accompanied me to a  few protests at local hospitals (regarding the right for women to have empowered births - originally stemming from the firing of a midwife from one of the hospitals) 2 years ago. Keeping safety in mind, I think it's important for them to see this in action. It's a powerful lesson. I'm the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran who came home from the war and immediately marched on Washington, handcuffing himself to the fence outside the White House. I grew up listening to his stories. When I was 11 or 12 years old, my brother - now in Heaven - was arrested several times out West for chaining himself to trees and participating in other protests. Activism is important in my family. I also attended Catholic grade school and High School where they continually emphasized social justice.


 The media coverage is distressing. Many television news reports will air stories about the movement and they will act as if they are trying to remain neutral, but they always get some sort of dig at the end of the report. The familiar tag line is to mention how much the movement costs the city. The dominant talk radio station in my town is primarily conservative and the show hosts have not been congenial towards the occupiers. Often, they resort to name-calling and dismissive statements ("just a bunch of hippies whining because they want hand-outs). The same goes for our suburban newspapers. The general consensus among many in my town is that this is a failed movement full of drum-beating hippies who are jealous of millionaires and want to take money away from everyone. I should mention I live in a fairly affluent and conservative pocket where the wealth disparity is substantial. You have million dollar houses 50 yards away from apartments where many residents live in poverty. Many people in my area are not supportive of the movement.


 We were in Massachusetts last week and what I heard on the radio was distressing, to say the least. One radio show host - I believe his name is Michael Graham - was saying that he wished the OWS protesters would piss the cops off enough so that the cops would "have no other choice than to use deadly force." Then he said, "once you kill one of them, you have to kill all of them." He had caller after caller after caller commenting on violent ways to "remedy" the movement. Another radio show host, I forget his name, said he was hoping and praying that an incoming Nor'Easter would wash all  the protesters away and that any who remained would freeze to death in the snow storms. Again, more callers with comments supporting harm to the protesters. Besides the violence, I noticed these talk show folks would refer to the protesters as "barbarians," "scum," "filth," "losers" etc. etc. It was so sad...because THIS is what people focus on. They hear all these media folks referring to us as barbarians. They listen to lies about violence, rapes or drugs and the focus on the few bad apples out of the whole movement. All of this inflammatory language against the movement is dangerous.


 I do what I can since I have not been able to attend an actual event or visit a site. I speak about it on my Facebook page and I correct any misinformation that my friend's post. I challenge anyone who posts such things to back up their "facts" and then I lead them to websites, articles and blogs to hopefully enlighten them. I'm going to start printing and passing out fliers for events in my area as they arise. I'm doing what I can. I'm certainly not a loser without a life. I'm a mom of two. I am college educated. I hold a license in my field. My job doesn't pay very much. I work in a field where being licensed is important, but anyone can get my job without a license and get paid half of what I do. The state won't regulate much, especially now with our new Republican governor. His only focus is drilling for gas and cutting government services. I've worked since I was a teenager. I do have student loan debt. My loans would have all been paid for twice over if not for the exorbitant interest rates. My husband recently lost his job of 6 years. With it, we lost our Dental insurance, which is very much needed in our family. I work very, very part time and am currently on maternity leave from work with no guarantee that my job is waiting for me. My employer has been making a lot of cuts. We don't have health insurance and I have tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. I'm supposed to see a cardiologist once a year, but I don't because we can't afford it. My husband just broke his toe and we didn't seek treatment. We taped it up and hope for the best. I have a bad esophageal condition that needs attention, but we can't do anything about it at the moment. When my husband was employed he was unable to get health insurance. In order to get the most basic plan with a very high deductable he would have had 88% of his paycheck deducted. It was impossible. My kids do have CHIP, a fact that I'm not apologetic for in the least. We're not losers looking for hand outs at all. We're pissed off at injustice. My husband's company is worth billions of dollars, yet many employees are in poverty. My former job paid very little, yet the owner would take a three week vacation to go sailing with his family - that's in addition to the "mini" vacations they'd take throughout the year. It's a shame when parents have to chose between basic utilities and food. It's a shame when people have to ignore health problems because they can't afford a simple visit to the doctor. No one is asking to be served the world on a gilded plate. We're simply asking for some justice.


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The media skewing the message is so frustrating to me too, MrsMike. A frequent comment from detractors as they pass by occupations is "get a job!" What? What job??? That's a huge part of the point. Jobs are scarce and it's primarily because of the inequities in our economic system. The media is really supporting this misrepresentation of the "lazy, dirty, greedy" nature of the protesters.

Anyway, Peggy asked for me to link the thread I started on N&CE, so here it is: Occupy Wall Street. It's not getting any love, but neither is N&CE in general. We should start posting there more often smile.gif

Lots going on in Chicago this weekend, including a family event, some events in outlying neighborhoods, and several teach-ins with really interesting topics. I'm going to spend a bunch of time there, although I'm bummed that I can't bring my kids to the family day, since they will be with their dad.

And for anyone who doesn't already know, today is "Bank Transfer Day". There is a push to move your money from big banks to credit unions or small local banks.
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Originally Posted by verde View Post

I'm horrified by what happened in Oakland. :( jaw.gif      horrors.gif    Cuss.gif


I'm horrified too, horrified at the the people that were breaking windows, defacing property, taking over buildings, starting fires and causing rampant destruction. 

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Can you link some news articles about that part of it. I tried googling it but kept coming up with articles about the vetran with the damaged spleen, but nothing about rioting.

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The vandalism on Wednesday was done by the Black Bloc presence in Oakland. It looks like their numbers were around 30 to 50 in a group of around 10,000. The Black Bloc is known for creating chaos at demonstrations and is associated with Anarchists.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz22OvY6FTY&feature=related You can clearly hear the other protesters begging for these actions to be stopped.

It's claimed that the fires you see burning here were started to clear out the tear gas used by the OPD.

As far as I know the buildings that were occupied were foreclosed properties that having been sitting vacant for months. I didn't find any documentation of this on Nov. 2, but I remember reading a bit about it happening. I'm in full support of occupying foreclosed and vacant property as a peaceful protest method, because the fraudulent practices that created the mortgage crisis are an excellent symbol of the wider corruption in our system. I disagree with anything bordering on violence, such as breaking windows, etc, but I am incredulous that anyone would focus on damage done to inanimate objects over violence perpetrated by police on peaceful protesters. It's not really surprising that the Black Bloc got so much attention though. That's their intention in using such radical measures.
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sources please... and more than one.  Thank you. 


Originally Posted by Arduinna View Post


I'm horrified too, horrified at the the people that were breaking windows, defacing property, taking over buildings, starting fires and causing rampant destruction. 


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You know Mrs. Mike, the more outrageous and strident the anti- protest denunciations, the more I think "Methinks they doth protest to much." The cause of the rising hysteria is the fact that the conservatives no longer control the national conversation. Thus the Occupiers have already succeeded.


I went down to see Occupy DC and had a lovely afternoon. I'm totally impressed with their kitchen and library -- they feed anyone who comes. Anyone.  


The familiar tag line is to mention how much the movement costs the city.


My response to this is that if they CHOOSE to spend money on the protesters that is their decision but they are wasting a lot of money because they do not have to spend any money on the protesters. The protesters are overwhelmingly peaceful and have caused no harm; quite the reverse, they are feeding the hungry which is more than many of the municipalities are doing.



I'm horrified too, horrified at the the people that were breaking windows, defacing property, taking over buildings, starting fires and causing rampant destruction. 

Yes, Arduinna, I'd like your source for the claim of rampant destruction as well. There were a few people who caused destruction but they do not represent the movement. That would be like saying that people who blow up abortion clinics and murder physicians represent the entire pro-life movement.  The Occupiers themselves have condemned the destruction and plan to do everything they can to remain nonviolent. 


I'm excited by the Occupiers and hope to get down for Black Friday.  


Re: N&CE -- that used to be a really lively forum but then Mothering changed the rules re: who could post and the forum shrunk to a mere shadow of it's former self.  

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