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Am I worrying too much?

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I went to my doctor for my RhoGAM shot last week and a regular monthly check up (I was in my 27th week of pregnancy). I've gained 25lbs so far in my pregnancy. I was measuring small and let him know that I have been having braxton hicks, so my doctor sent me to the hospital to get an ultrasound and a non-stress test. Everything came back perfect, except that my baby is small as well. My doctor is still concerned. I'm not sure exactly what this means, but when I asked exactly how small she was.. The nurse told me she was in the 12th percentile, and they want her to be in the 50 percentile. What does this mean?


Now I'm having an ultrasound every week and 2 non-stress tests a week(Biophysical Profile is what I think it's called). Does this mean my pregnancy is considered high risk?


I'm sorry if I sound like such a worry wart.

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I would recommend reading up on IUGR, as that's what it sounds like they're concerned about. It is a serious complication, but nothing you can't deal with. They are likely monitoring the baby to ensure that he/she is continuing to receive enough nutrients to grow effectively in the womb. If not, they will likely induce you early if the baby stops thriving. IME, other than a small baby, if they can keep him/her in there long enough, it shouldn't make much of a difference otherwise. It's a balancing act between keeping baby in for lung maturity etc, and getting baby out, so that you can ensure they are receiving the proper nutrients. 


The important thing to remember is that there is NOTHING you are doing or not doing that leads to this. Don't feel guilty, it really is just one of those things. 


Now, it doesn't sound like they've diagnosed it yet, and typically I believe they do diagnose before around 27 weeks, so it sounds like he/she may just really be a small baby. They have no reason to automatically declare you high risk as of yet, so I would try not to worry about it too much, just keep yourself as low stress as possible, and wait for the next results. Every little bit of growth is a good thing. 

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Originally Posted by Tristis View Post

The nurse told me she was in the 12th percentile, and they want her to be in the 50 percentile. What does this mean?


Now I'm having an ultrasound every week and 2 non-stress tests a week(Biophysical Profile is what I think it's called). Does this mean my pregnancy is considered high risk?

Being in the 12th percentile means that on average, your baby is bigger than 11 of 100 babies, and smaller than 87 of 100 babies.  It makes no sense to me at all that they "want" her to be in the 50th percentile when half of babies are smaller than that.... Half of all babies don't have problems with growth. 


Are you or your partner smaller?  Small parents typically equal smaller babies.  Unless there is something else going on causing them to worry, I'd say they are being super overly cautious with all the ultrasounds and non stress tests. It should not mean you are high risk unless it turns out your baby has IUGR.  Right now, it sounds like they are just making sure that is not the case or doesn't become a problem.  I really wouldn't worry at all.  I suddenly started measuring small...looked like my son hadn't grown in four weeks, and they estimated his weight to be under 5 lbs at delivery (he was born at 35 weeks).   They were a good pound and a half off as he weighed six and a half pounds.  How small are you measuring? 



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Did you have an early dating ultrasound? I wonder if your dates are off.

I ovulated twice in a month so my LMP due date is 3 weeks before my actual due date (confirmed by 12 week and 26 week ultrasounds)

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Thank you for all the replies, everyone. I appreciate it. My boyfriend and I are both tall and slim, and I've been underweight my whole life. I was born 5lbs 7 oz, I'm not sure if that makes a difference. I'm not sure exactly how small I'm measuring, but I'll call the nurse in the morning to check. I had my first ultrasound at 19 weeks and she was 11 oz then.


I'll try to relax about this, I don't want to stress myself out too much. But thanks for the advice and information. (:

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Hugs to you.  It's hard when you're being monitored so closely not to worry.  I've actually found that the extra monitoring, at least in my case, has made me worry more, not less, simply because things like ultrasounds can tell us a lot, but they can also be off and lacking in exactness, so they never leave me feeling reassured or certain of anything.  Maybe that's just me, and I'm coming from a position of not really wanting a highly monitored pregnancy but getting one anyway, so maybe that colors my perspective, but I hope you can find a balance between trusting that the monitoring will help you know your baby's doing well and help you make informed decisions down the road, and still enjoying every possible moment of your pregnancy and trusting that things are and will be as they should be.  I hope that makes sense...I'm finding it hard to articulate.

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It's hard to feel confident when your care providers seem to be so concerned.  However, keep in mind that they really are simply trying (at this point) to monitor what's going on.  They will be looking for a change in the growth pattern.  If you stay at 12%, that's one thing, the concern is if you drop further than that. 


The best thing you can do is to take good care of yourself and try not to worry too much just yet. 



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I've been trying to keep my stress levels down as much as possible. But today the nurse at the desk REALLY made me upset and angry. They tried to call me reschedule my NST appointment for a few hours earlier today(I honestly believe it was so they could leave early or something along those lines). They wanted me to come in at 1:30pm instead of 4pm. It was 1pm when I got the call. I told them I'd try my best to get there but I couldn't make any promises. I called back right before 1:30pm to tell them there was absolutely no way I'd be able to make it out there any earlier than my original appointment time, and I apologized. The lady on the phone started yelling at me, saying that I didn't really try to get there and I was lying. I don't see any reason as to why she had to be so rude to me, and this isn't the first time someone in the office has treated me this way. She put me on hold for a few minutes. When she got back on the line, she said that they would just have me come in at 4pm, then hung up on me. It's got me so angry and upset, that I'm considering going in to the office today and telling them that I'll only be coming to my Thursday appointments and just to cancel all my Monday ones. I want to deal with these people as little as possible at this point and don't need the extra stress.

My doctor is amazing. He treats me well and seems to care about all his patients.

I'm just not sure what to do right now.

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I think he needs to know about these phone calls - that is not professional or appropriate.

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Why do the support staff always seem so much worse than the doctors? The nurse at my new OB's office is pretty horrible too. I got a call last week that they had to change one of my appointments and could I call back to change it please. I called back the next day, and she was like ok, so you can come in x day and x time. ANd I said no, unfortunately I couldn't. She gaves this HUGE sigh, and gave me another date and time. I said again no, I had arranged my schedule around the first appointment, so I was working most of the rest of the week, but I could come in on Thursday. She put me on hold, and then came back like 8 minutes later, and wa slike fine, you're thursday and 250, and basically hung up on me. 


It's funny how when they are the ones to change the appointment, they still act as if YOU are negligent for not having a totally open schedule. 

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but pregnant women just sit around all day, right? ;)

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