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Fenugreek just not working?

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I'll try to keep this simple as possible...LOL...


I started taking Fenugreek about a week ago and DS had some funny looking poop - turns out it was the oatmeal I was feeding him but I stopped the fenugreek to be able to decipher what was the cause of the poop and do one thing at a time.  At that time, I smelled like maple syrup - and was told the rule of thumb usually is when you smell like pancakes, you are taking enough fenugreek.


So I started up again with the fenugreek and I'm taking 3 capsules 3 times a day - and...oddly enough, I don't smell like syrup anymore.  I started drinking the mothers milk tea again in addition - but what the heck?  Is it just not working?  I'm on day 6 of fenugreek - so I thought it would be working by now...


I'm convinced that my supply is low - even though baby was gaining fine - however...in the last month - he only gained a few ounces. He is 6 months now and pedi wasn't concerned but wanted me to come back to re-weigh.  When I was there, I did do a weighed feed and he gained 2 ounces in that re-weigh - and that was a quick feed as he wasn't truly too hungry at that feeding.  My paranoia is killing me with my supply...I try to count his wet diapes and usually can get about 4-5 wet ones during the day (does the first soaked diaper I change in the morning count as diaper #1?)  He hasn't pooped since Sunday but I was giving him rice cereal starting on Sunday through Tuesday.  I'm sure he is all stopped up from rice but still...not helping my paranoia (also upset that he hasn't pooped since Sunday and not sure what to do about that).


Anyway...I went in 10 different directions in my ramble but...is this enough fenugreek?  I hate that I'm stressing about my supply and am trying not to as stress can affect it as well...so deep breath...

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Nursing more is the best way to increase your supply. Your baby is only 6 months old and you are feeding cereals? They are hard to digest and could be giving him tummy aches. That could make him nurse less well. I suggest stopping the cereal and nursing more.


You can add butter or olive oil to veggies to up their calories. Sweet potato or squash are in season now. You can cook some up and they mix nicely with butter or olive oil to help the baby gain weight.


You can buy or rent scales. How much does your baby weigh? How worried is the doctor?

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Many babies drop off on weight gain at around 6 months when they become more mobile.


What type of diapers are you using?  If you're using cloth and changing every wet diaper that's too few, you should have about 12 wet cloth diapers a day.  If you're using disposable diapers then I think the guidelines are more like 6 wet diapers a day.  I guess I could Google it but I'm much too lazy.



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^^^I think what kind of cloth you're using affects it too. With prefolds we have to change every pee, but with BumGenius I'm pretty sure that we're sometimes going 2 pees before changing them.

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Babies don't gain weight in a straight line anytime they get more mobile they tend to level off or even drop weight and beyond that they have crazy growth spurts and more calm times. I know it is so hard to not worry, but I don't see anything that sounds like low supply in your story. 2 oz is plenty for a quick feed when they aren't really hungry. I would if you can rent a scale for home and do a bunch of before/after feeding weighs, or find a ped or LC who will let you stop by really quick to just use the scale a few times. That way you can see that yes he is getting plenty of milk from you! You are doing great just so you know smile.gif
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