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Really Bad Chest Pains

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Has anyone else had this? Last night I was laying in bed and my chest was throbbing.  It was like a searing pain between my boobs and under them, that was radiating into my back.  It helped a little to stand up and stretch my arms in a doorway, so that it stretched out between my shoulder blades.  I don't know if it was the baby's position or what but he feels low so it seems like it's impossible that he's up that high!!  Today it feels a little better but still sore, almost like my chest is bruised.  


I have had awful heartburn throughout the whole pregnancy, but it actually wasn't that bad last night.  But do you think it's related to the heartburn?  Is this just a normal pregnancy ache?  I was JUST at my docs so of course it happened the day after my appt. 

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I certainly can't say for sure, but what you're describing sounds a lot like what I refer to as "the sternum pain."  I have had attacks of the sternum pain since I was 16.  It generally would come on in the late afternoon or early evening and last a full night where I would not be able to sleep at all.  By the next morning the pain would be gone, but I would feel sore and bruised.  I went to multiple specialists and nothing was ever diagnosed to my satisfaction.  The last specialist I saw did a HIDA scan, barium swallow, and endoscopy finally concluding that I needed my gall bladder out.  Instead of removing an organ, I opted for a constitutional homeopathic remedy, which some how solved the problem.  I've never had an attack since.


But my anecdote aside, what you could be experiencing might be any of the things they suspected I was having- heart burn, hiatal hernia, liver dysfunction, gall stones, gall bladder dysfunction.  Gall bladder issues can be more pronounced while pregnant.  If you have another attack, you might want to go in and get checked for gall stones or other digestive issues.  In the meantime, I would suggest avoiding fatty foods in general, but especially in the evening and propping your pillow up a bit.  Hopefully you won't get another one!

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Thanks, Jaimee.  Hopefully it isn't anything serious.  I've never had gall bladder issues before.  I had the pain again today but it wasn't as bad as last night.  I'm hoping it doesn't come back again tonight, though.  I could hardly get any sleep, the pain was so bad!  I'll watch what I eat more carefully over the next few days and see if it goes away!

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