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1st Time with Fertility problems

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I'm 23 years old. I have a 5 year old little boy and i now am trying to conceive a little one with my husband. We have been trying for 2 years now (well almost 2 years) and had no luck. About 2 months i started see a fertility doctor and now we are getting close for me to be put on medication....My question is what is the best and most affordable medication to be put on to conceive right away? please help!! duh.gif

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Welcome to MDC!!  wave.gif  You've come to the right site for support and advice, but I would highly recommend posting again in the Trying to Conceive subforum.  You'll see the link at the top of this forum.  That's where all the women TTC hang out and get support from each other.  There are a lot of threads for women at different points in the TTC journey, different age groups, etc.  Check them out and jump in!  You'll also notice there is an Infertility subforum.  You can check that one out, too, since you've been trying for quite some time.


My advice would be to start charting your basal body temperature and cervical fluid.  These things will tell you when you are fertile, when and if you're ovulating, how long your luteal phase is (the time between O and AF), when is a good time to test, when to expect AF, if you're pregnant, and if there is anything of concern happening with your cycle.  Personally, I would start to chart ASAP to see what's going on before going on any major herbal supplements or medications.  If you decide to take these next steps, you'll be best advised by knowing what is wrong with your cycle.  Different things would be better for different issues such as not ovulating, no fertile cervical fluid, short luteal phase, low progesterone, estrogen dominance, etc.


If you are interested in starting to chart, please post over in the TTC forum for help!  Good luck!

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I don't know if you have heard about Soy Isoflavone being used for fertility problems, but i was ttc for 5 years with no success.  I wen't to the Dr. and she told me about Clomid, and Metformin.  Before trying them i still wanted to some what try naturally to conceive.  I read alot online about Soy and BFP and how it does the same thing as Clomid but its a natural suppliment.... So i went out and bought some Soy Isoflavone (Natural Brand) with Cranberry from GNC for $12.99.  I took them from cycle day 5-9 just like you would Clomid.  And conceived the first month trying them!!!! I am now 16 weeks pregnant and so very excited as it is my first pregnancy after trying for soooo long. I wish you the best and baby dust to you!!!! GOODLUCK! joy.gif

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