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What are your work hours?

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What full-time or part-time hours do you work? Just wondering. And are you happy with those hours or would you rather different ones and if so, why?

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4 days per week I work 9-5:30, and 1 day I work 6-2:30. I am temporarily working 3 days 9-5:30 and 2 days 6-2:30; I wish I could work 6-2:30 every day because I hate getting home so late and getting hardly any time with the kids and having to rush through bedtime and everything (and I am home alone) also, it reduces daycare costs because DH works 3-11 5 days per week and we can just trade off the kids (heck it even saves on gas because I can hand off the gas efficient car to him before he heads to work lol)

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Full time - Technically 8-4:30, but in reality I get in early at about 7 and try to leave at about 4.  When I was part time it was 7-3:30, which I loved.  Of course, I also loved just working 2 days a week.  But, alas, it is not to be anymore....

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I work 9am-5pm 5 days a week. I wish I could work 9am-4pm so I could have more time with DS in the evenings but if I stop working full-time I would have to cut down to 28 hours a week which is the max hours for part-time status and that is not enough hours to earn what we need... I have thought about working 8am-4pm but that doesn't match up with my daycare hours in the morning.

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I work a panama schedule, two days on two days off, and every other weekend I either work friday thru sun or I get friday thru sun off.  12 hr shifts.  It works out to 15 ish days a month.  And I love it.  I feel like I'm home all the time, 

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I work part time 9-2 4 days a week. I arrange my own hours - the rule is that 80% of my hours need to be between 8am and 5pm.  When my kiddos were little it was noce for pre school and other activities.  And now it's just during school.

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mine are semi-flexible, and i could leave earlier if i could get there earlier...

usually i work 8 to 4:30 (and 7:30 to 4 if i can get there on time) but i have a saturday rotation, which means usually every third saturday i work and am off the following monday.

it kind of sucks to work on the weekend, but it's nice b/c i get to do errands with dh on a weekday when businesses are open, etc. and is pretty nice since i'm pg having to make doctor visits. 


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I work 7 to 3:30 M-F. I also work at home on Saturday or Sunday for about 4-6 hours to prepare for the week ahead. (I'm a teacher.) 

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I work 7-7:30 to 3:30, and will for a bit at home in the mornings before 7 or when I get home until 5. 



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In my profession, our work/salary is based on a yearly billable hour requirement.  I usually exceed my billable hour requirement, even though I'm on an 80% billable hour requirement as part of a work/balance program.  Some months I bill a lot and other months less, depending on the work load and what is going on.  To make my yearly requirement, I have to bill on average 35 hours a week (this is strict billing to clients, not just appearing for work or attending in-house meetings, etc.).  Frankly, though, a lot of what I do can be done anywhere, so there is not a strict face-time issue with what I do, outside of court appearances and face-to-face client meetings.  Things are so easy these days as far as electronic communications, that most of my clients aren't even aware if I'm not working in the office.  Funny, but DD was sick one day last spring and I had been sending draft documents to my boss all day from home, and he didn't even know that I wasn't in the office!


That being said, I tend to get in around 9:15 and leave at 4:15 (weekdays).  Sometimes I come in on Sundays if I need some quiet time to do work.  If work doesn't require a lot of concentration, I usually do work on the weekends at home. 


I'm very satisfied with this set-up.  Not to say that there are times when things get dicey, but flexibility has saved my sanity!

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I just started a new job, and I set my own hours - so I work 7:30-4:30.  I have to leave early in the morning, but it also means we get home earlier.  I like it so far, we'll see how ds does after a week long visit with his dad.  But, I don't expect there to be too big of a problem.

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I used to work 8:00-6:00 because I carpooled.

Now I drive separately so I can get home in time for DD getting off the school bus, so I work ~7-3:40. I'm also on billable hours (100%), so I may come in earlier if needed to make up for my chatting/MDCing time. lol.gif
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I work 5:30a.m.-2:30 or 3 p.m.  Over the summer, my son was cared for by in-home babysitters, and that was great... I would get to be with him from when I got home around 3 until bedtime, so still plenty of time to spend together & do fun things and stuff.


Now he's in preschool, and the problem with that is-- the preschool is in a location that's on a bus line that only runs every couple of hours and I don't drive, so he doesn't get picked up until my husband is done at work at 5:30.  Since I don't see him in the mornings (I leave too early), I only see him awake for 2-3 hours on weekdays.  And that makes me really sad.


Right now I'm soldiering through with it because I only have a couple of months left before maternity leave.  After maternity leave, I will hopefully be making some changes and not working as late in the day-- there's a bus earlier in the day that lines up with the halfway point in the preschool day and I could use that to pick up my kids.

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After I was laid off from my full-time high stress job, I got a job only working part-time. I work two weekday evenings 5pm-9pm and all day Saturdays 8:30am-5pm. It's ideal for us because my son doesn't have to be in daycare, which was a major stressor for me due to his severe food allergies. Obviously it's less pay, but with not having to pay for daycare (which was half my old paycheck), a lot less gas use (new job is much closer), less need for paying for convenience items (I have more time and energy to do things at home), and now being in a lower income tax bracket, it's not as big a pay cut as one would think.

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I work 7-3:30 M-F.  Mornings, I get the kids up and their breakfast ready before I leave and then dh finished getting them ready and takes them to school.  I pick them up at the bus stop at 3:45 every afternoon.  The only downside is it's impossible for me to get up early enough so I'm barely squeaking in at 7 and my half hour lunch break is just a little too short.  But I love being home by 4 everyday. 

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Mon-Fri 9-3:30. I am very happy with my hours. I used to work three days/week from 8-5:30 and much prefer the shorter days. DD will be two in December so still goes to bed really early (7pm) and I feel like I get a good amount of time with her. Her daycare is close (5 minutes) to work and home, so we have a few hours at night and an hour or two in the morning. It's been great!


DH and I split drop-off and pick-up--I drop off three days/week and pick-up two and he does the reverse.


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I work from home nights after the kids go to bed (approx 9-11pm) plus sometimes for an hour after dinner for one job (I set my own hours, production-based pay) and then I just started a second job working Sat/Sun 6 am-3pm (including unpaid breaks).  While I'm not thrilled working 7 days a week, it allows us to not use childcare and homeschool.  I hope at some point to expand my weekend job to three days a week and quit the weekly one once ds is a little older.  I like being done at 3 so I still have some time with them on weekends, but so far they have been getting up with me at 5:30 or 6 am, so crossing my fingers they adjust to sleeping later soon!  Do you other mamas have any tips for slipping out of bed without waking them up? (We still cosleep)

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I work full-time, 7:30-4pm with Wed/Thurs off. I wish I could have more time with DS but my zookeeping career doesn't allow for that. DS stays with his dad while I work and then he's with me while his dad works so that's not too bad. I didn't mind the hours when he was an infant but now that he's 4/5 yrs old I really wish we had more day time together greensad.gif

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I am very thankful and lucky to have such a supportive job.. I work in an office that is willing to let me work whatever works for our family.  We have 4 kids and my youngest was born with hydrocephalus, so requires therapy 3 times a week, and my husband is going back to school and works 2nd shift. So, M/W/F I work from 11:30 to 2:30, Tuesday I work 9-3 (he is home all day) and Thursday I work 11:30-4.  It has been working for us so far, though I feel like I am neglecting my house!  As soon as I get home I get handed our youngest, who can be quite the handful at times, and then dh starts work as soon as I get home, so we don't always get things done around the house. But it is nice to know that I don't have to worry about daycare on top of everything else, so I like my hours! 

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I recently started a new schedule of 8am-2pm 4 days a week, and 8am-4:30pm 1 day a week. Total 32 hours. Previously, I worked my 32 hours M,W, Th 8-4:30pm, Tue 8am-2pm, and worked 2 hours from home on Fridays. I'm so lucky my boss has been very flexible for me to change my schedule when needed for changes in family dynamics.

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