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Wrap Style Wool Covers?

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I'm expecting my first in March, and planning on CDing and ECing from day one.  We'll be doing prefolds and a belt around the house, but have had trouble figuring out the best system for nights and outings.


After a lengthy discussion with DH, we've decided the best system for us is prefolds trifolded in a wrap style cover.  My husband is drawn to the Flip system, but I'd really, really love to do wool.  I'm drawn to the breathability of it, and love the idea of only using natural materials on baby.  But snappied prefolds and a soaker is just too complicated.


Are there any wrap style wool covers that work well with a prefold laying inside?

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I don't think there any wool covers that work "well" with a trifolded pf.  One of the biggest benefits of wool is that you only have to wash it if it gets stinky or has poop on it.  If the diaper is not secured you are going to get poop on the cover almost everytime your baby poops, and in the first weeks and even months your baby may poop at every feeding and in between.  My babies both nursed 3-4 times a night, which I think is fairly average.  I had no problem catching every day time poop from about 2 weeks until they started solids, but those early nighttime poops were hard.  You'r half asleep and you want them to go back to sleep and....  So...that's a lot of poop and a lot of poop on diaper covers.  Which is a lot of work to clean and deal with, opposite of what you are going for doing wool and ec in the first place.


There are plenty of snug fitting wool wrap covers that work for night - Imse Vimse and Nikkis make flannel "workhorse' type covers that are heavy duty enough for nights. They come in velcro and snap, I think, and they fit well enough that you can forgo a snappi or pins.  But I would still do a real fold around the baby with the prefold even if you don't fasten it.  It's really not complicated at all, only an extra step or two from trifolding, and once you've got it down you can do it in a snap.  Even my dh can jellyroll and snappi a pf in under 30 seconds and he swore he'd never change a diaper at all.

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Our Nikky Wool diaper covers work well with tri-folded prefold diapers, but for newborns and breast-fed babies it's better to have more diaper coverage between baby and the cover to prevent runny messes from getting onto the diaper cover so easily. Here's a diaper folding diagram showing how prefold or flat diapers can be folded to give more coverage and protection. The 'Standard' and 'Kite' folds shown both give the most coverage. If using with Velcro-closing diaper covers, these diaper folds should work fine either with or without diaper pins or Snappi fasteners.


Hope that's helpful! If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to give us a call at 800-676-4559.



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I liked using GMD prefolds and flats and using traditional folds with pins.  GMD prefolds are extremely easy to fold because of their cut.  The trifold just never worked well for me in the beginning.  Not only would it shift around regardless of the cover - it's very bulky on a brand new baby.  While I'm a HUGE fan of wool - I would probably use a different cover in those first couple weeks.  A breastfed newborn's poo is just SO explosive that you'd need quite a few wool covers.  (I've used many brands of wool covers and most of the wrap styled ones aren't all that much different from one another.)  It's not fun cleaning wool in the middle of the night when your baby's poo has exploded not only up her back, but into her hair.  My youngest baby would have seriously needed at least 12 of them in the beginning.   

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I use GMD prefolds trifolded with an Imse Vimse wool wrap that works just fine.  I wash my wool cover with the rest when it gets poopy, and although it is stained, it doesn't smell, amd still fits.  I do only dry it on low.  I find that the prefolds work great around the house with just a snappi, or we'll use a fitted with snaps.  I bought a hand-held snap-press, and can just put my own snaps on if I want, or use GMD's workhorse fitteds, which are really great.  I have really liked Imse Vimse, as they are all organic and well-made.  HTH

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