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Supplements and additional treatments - such a thing as too much?

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I've been reading some things lately about different herbs and supplements that will help with fertility, women's health, and things of that nature. Last month I started taking vitex capsules (2 per day) and a B-compex and I saw my LP go from 8 or 9 days to 11 days, but I did have a bit of a longer and lighter period - longer in terms of a few days more spotting (from 3 days of spotting to 5 or 6!) but a regular 2-3 day bleeding. I O late (typically CD20+) as well, so this past month brought my O day to about CD18 or 19 (19 according to FF).


This is the month that I'm going to really start making an effort. Not that I haven't before - I've been charting and trying to get BD within the right days - but I haven't been doing a ton of BD or really trying to help my cycle along. I was thinking of adding more supplements - increasing my vitex to 3/day and eventually taking the tincture when that runs out, and I am also still taking B-complex. I've read here and there that red raspberry leaf tea and red clover and acupuncture also help.


Would this amount of "help" be too much this early on? We've technically been "trying" since May 2011, which I know hasn't been very long, but we haven't been as diligent about it as we should be. I know we've been trying to the point where we get our hopes up every month, and every month that AF shows up, I know I've been disappointed. I guess my thinking is, wouldn't it be better to start a fire with matches and lighter fluid than a couple of sticks... if that makes sense, LOL. I just figure with my late O and my short LP, I should pull out all the stops, but I'm starting to wonder if it's too much too soon? If not, then I'm going to go ahead and get some tea and clover and schedule an acupuncture appointment. Thanks in advance, ladies!smile.gif

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what about progesterone cream? I think there are some other ladies on here who had success in lengthening their luteal phase using it.

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Is progesterone cream prescription? My doc doesn't even want to see me again until I've tried for a year, so I don't know if he will prescribe me anything until we've made a really gung-ho effort. But maybe after a while...?


I've decided to just order red raspberry leaf tea and hold off on extras for a few months... so I'll currently be doing B-complex, vitex, and the tea and I'll keep you guys posted! My 11 day luteal phase was promising last month, and I wasn't as good about taking the supplements, but this month I'm being careful not to skip a dose so we'll see how it goes! smile.gif

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I used b6, vitex, and maca and my cycle is back on track. (or maybe was, I got a faint BFP this morning, knock on wood)


The cream isn't prescription. I have seen it at whole foods and a local health food store. A lot of health food stores have decent "herbal" sections and usually at least someone with a vague idea in my experience.



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I would try what you are already doing for about 3 cycles before making any changes. Then perhaps add the Natural Progesterone Cream.

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