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Congratulations!  He is adorable.  :)  Rest and recover well, mama!

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Thank God for safe, medical interventions when they are truely necessary. Your baby is beautiful. Many blessings for your family of FIVE!
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I'm so glad that your baby made it out safe!  That sounds so scary for all of you.  I hope you have a gentle recovery period.  He is beautiful!

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oh boy he is CUTE! sounds stressful, but glad to hear you are both healthy and doing well now. (and my sister had a turned-in foot like that, it resolved on its own and you would never know now...)

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Congratulations on your beautiful baby!  I'm sorry to hear that the birth wasn't "your experience", and we'll all be thinking of you as you begin to process this experience (and fall in love with your new baby)

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So glad your LO is doing well and so sorry you did not have the birth you wanted.  He is precious!

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