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how much does a weighted blanket weigh?

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i made one but i think i made it way too heavy so now i'm afraid to let ds use it!!! greensad.gif
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We were told 10% of body weight by DDs OT.


DD was 30 lbs when we made hers so it was 3 lbs.....we mentioned that we need to add to it, she is now 40 lbs adn could use some weight added to it (and length!)

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I was told between 2.5-3lbs.
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*sigh* OK I guess I have to start all over & make a new one greensad.gif Very annoyed with myself for not figuring this out BEFORE I made it, this is becoming a costly project! I thought all was good until DH expressed some concern and now I'm paranoid.

If I make it the correct weight (he's just under 30lbs so I guess about 3lbs?) then is it OK if he sleeps all night with it? Or is it only intended to be used for short periods of time?
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The ideal weight varies from one individiual to the next and on the size/purpose of the blanket.  Most OTs say to use 10% of body weight + 1 lb as a starting point. From there you work up or down depending on how much the person tolerates or craves deep pressure and the specifics of the blanket.  Larger blankets that wil be used for sleeping can have more weight than smaller blankets used to wrap up with.


My son is 7 years old, 49 inches and just over 50 lbs.  I recently ordered him a weighted blanket from Dreamcatchers. After discussing his size and needs with them, I ordered an 8lb twin sized blanket (43" x 75").  If I had wanted a smaller blanket (42" x 52") I would have gone with a 6 lbs blanket.  Lap blankets should usually be about 1.5 - 3 lbs.


The Dreamcatcher website has a ton of great information about the size, weight, and materials for weighted blankets.  You might find it helpful:



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I made my DS's blanket about 10% of his body weight, and he still thought it was too heavy. (He does have low muscle tone in his trunk area.) However, I designed the blanket with lots of velcro closure pockets. So I just removed some weight bags (saving them for later) and rearranged the existing weight bags. He still only uses it in short doses, and not for sleeping. If it's super light as weight blankets go, only then would I consider using it for sleeping. Even if you want to use it for sleeping, you might consider starting with short doses and working your way longer.

Is there any way you can keep the blanket you made, and just modify the weight in it?
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I don't think I can modify it, at least not without a ton of extra work & sewing... I might as well just start again. Just bummed that I wasted precious time/money on one that isn't right, but that's my own fault for not researching better!!

The one I made is about 8-9lbs and very small. We actually have been using it for short periods of time right before bed, and it does seem to help him settle, so I guess it's worth making a proper one. I still feel like 3lbs would be too light for him though. He is... well, freakishly strong lol... I think 3lbs might feel like nothing to him. I wish I could test it out before going through all that trouble again.

So if I made a big one that's about 3lbs, would I be able to let him sleep all night with it? Or is that a big no-no? We co-sleep so at least I'd be right there but I don't want to do anything potentially dangerous. He really needs help staying asleep and I have to cuddle him almost the entire night every night, which is wearing on me (of course I like cuddling him but not for the whole night, I'd like to sleep too!!)
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How old is he? The rule of thumb is 10% but we went much heavier because that was our child's preference. I wouldn't have done it for a baby or preschooler but for an elementary school age kid with good mobility I felt fine about it. We took it off after he fell asleep. As he got older he used it for the whole night and it has been fine. I don't think you've lost anything with the 8 pound blanket. You could always have him use it during the day - it could be kept in a "calm down spot" to encourage him to take a break as needed too.

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That's a good idea. He's only 2.5 so even sleeping right next to him I don't think it's a good idea to use it at night. But daytime use -- good idea. smile.gif That was a TON of work to let it go to waste!
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Let me suggest that if you make another one, make it so you can remove the weights and change them around if necessary.
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We have used ours since age 2.5 and she sleeps with it (still does at 6).

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