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Someone mentioned we needed a thread to share great finds on clothes (and maybe baby stuff, too?)


So, I checked out that etsy link, and then googled infinity dress because I wasn't sure what it was.  For you crafy mama's...I found this:




Can't wait to try it!

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One more.  This is a t-shirt to skirt tute that is PERFECT for maternity, and postpartum.  I think I just found a use for my dh's old polos...hurray!

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This is a fun little site! Thanks 1more!

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I have a feelign I'm going to be up late tonight looking at luninthemommyhood...  Thanks!

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My mother-in-law got me this dress on Etsy and it's been great for my expanding stomach: http://www.etsy.com/listing/80124861/custom-plus-size-dress-custom-plus-size


Only downside is that shipping takes a little while.

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