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Slight weight loss in pregnancy -- second trimester

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I'm 21 weeks and 5 days today.  I was at a 15-pound weight gain total a few days ago.  I noticed I was eating more junk than normal so I cut that out.  My last pregnancy wasn't good at all and I gained a significant amount of weight and developed preeclampsia too. I'm trying to watch my weight gain much more closely this time around. (I didn't eat well at all last pregnancy.  I think I caved into just about EVERY cravingyikes.gif.)  I continue to exercise just about daily.  Today, I'm weighing in at a 13-pound weight gain total, so I lost 2 pounds.  I didn't cut out any meals or anything like that and I'm not on a diet. I just cut out the extra snacks per se and am restricting/avoiding those kinds of foods (when I canwinky.gif).  Is this type of weight loss okay in the second trimester? I can't see keeping up with all the snack-eating just so I don't lose weight.  I would think this type of weight loss is okay because it helps to keep me from gaining too much, but I don't know.

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I think you are likely just fine- as long as you weren't underweight before you were pregnant, those slight ups and downs do happen.


FWIW - I'm fairly overweight to start with, and now at full term (41+2) I've gained all of 9 lbs. You can mention it to your midwife or OB, though, and see if they are concerned at all.  My OB's haven't been concerned at all about my lack of weight gain. I gained 25 lbs with my first, because I did eat a lot of junk. Since I share everything with my LO, I eat a lot less junk now, since I don't want him to eat it.

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I did that with my last pregnancy and ended up with a whopping 15 lb weight gain the entire pregnancy. I actually weighed less two weeks after my son was born than I did two weeks before he was conceived. I ate better during my pregnancy and cut out refined sugars, but I ate a lot. My son was born fine at 7lbs9oz. I think you'll be fine too and healthier eating is better than keeping up with the expectations on weight gain. 

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Its probably no big deal to have lost 2 pounds.   I couldn't quite catch from your post whether you are eating NO snacks ever, or whether you just eliminated unhealthy snacks.  I think eating only 3x a day is not always sufficient for a pregnant woman- it might be for some, but many probably need some calories at more frequent intervals.  I think its a great idea to substitute healthy snacks in the place of unhealthy ones.  I should get better about doing that myself!  

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I lost weight steadily until 3rd trimester with my last pregnancy.  I cut out High Fructose Corn Syrup.  I ate more veggies.  It was all healthy.  And like Mommie22 I ended up being lighter after giving birth than I was when I conceived.  As long as you aren't skipping snacks entirely or exercising to an unhealthy extreme I think it's fine and normal to still be losing weight here and there from making better choices.  My 'little' bean came out at 9lbs7oz!  So long as you're trying to be healthier, and not focusing on actually trying to lose weight I'm sure you'll be fine.

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