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Dreams or Nightmares?

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So I've always heard that pregnant women tend to have more vivid dreams and/or remember their dreams more so than non-pregnant women.  Lately, a lot of my dreams have been more nightmarish than anything.  First, my husband got kidnapped in Mexico. In another one, my step-sister (who is actually deceased) came back to our family and was causing everyone to yell and scream at each other.  Last night, I had one that I was spotting and bleeding, this is getting ridiculous!  I must be worried, huh?

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I think last night was the first night in a long time that I didn't wake up remembering weird dreams.  My dreams have been vivid and all over the place, often negative like yours.  I had one where I was mad at my dh for doing something he never did IRL and when I woke up I had to remind myself he didn't do that so I wouldn't be mad at him.  lol  I don't know why we have such crazy dreams, but it drives me nuts sometimes.

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I had a weird dream that I was forced to go to prom last night and I couldn't find anything to wear becasue i was soo fat so I had to go in my underwear! I have had so many strang dreams i can't remember, but I do not love these weird dreams thats for sure!

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I have lots of strange dreams, but mostly weird rather than negative. It seems every few horus I wake up to go to the bathroom I am in a new, interesting dream.

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I've had really lovely dreams and am enjoying them.  Some have been transformative and so positive.  Seeing loved ones who are near and dear but live far away, wonderful old memories, etc.  


I am enjoying the dreamspace! 

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I was enjoying the dreams at first, too, but they have been growing more negative. Though I had a really vivid one about looking for apartments and touring one where we used to live. It was ridiculously opulent -- marble floors, waterfall features, things we would never own even with buttloads of money. But for some reason we had to sell it, and were living in this horrible dump. I can see them both clearly now. I just hope they are less dark in the future, and just maybe I will wake up less cranky!

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I dreamed I was at a really awesome garage sale and finding absolutely every thing I ever wanted to own for the baby at a next to free price. My husband even took the kids to look at tools so I could look at baby stuff.


Maybe all the stuff was really littered with bedbugs and I woke up before the horror could be unleashed? lol


Sorry ladies.

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I had a great dream last night.  I was shopping online and I had this computer program that allowed me to drag and drop anything I wanted onto myself.  lol  I got this gorgeous gold bracelet, a thin leather and gold bracelet, and a gold Rolex Datejust before I woke up.  I just dragged them right off the screen and onto my wrist.  lol  It was great!

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These shopping dreams sound amazing! I'm jealous, haha!

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I had a very weird dream last night where I was helping my dad find something and then my mom walked in hold a 3 month old-ish baby and said, "Look! It's your darling baby boy!" And I took the baby and looked at him thinking, "huh, you look a lot like this other kid I know.... did you get mixed up?" It was pretty disconcerting.

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   A few days ago, I dreamed that DH had stolen an airplane and was flying us around, which would have been fine, but he crashed it into San Francisco Bay. We knew there would be criminal charges so we hit the road with an RV and a bunch of hitchhiking teenagers and lived life on the lamb. We couldn't decide to run to Mexico or Canada. 

   Last night, I dreamed that I got fired from a job I had writing for a sketch comedy show for asking a question by a mean, rock star-ish, celebrity guy who was mean like one of those British guys that yell at people (Simon Cowell, Gorden Ramsey)

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The other night, I dreamed that I was standing over the stove eating bacon, eggs, and maple doughnuts by the handful. When I woke up, all I could manage was buttered toast. 

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I've noticed that the people in my dreams are the actual people now.  Before in my dreams no one looked like themselves, they looked like some random stranger.  Now they have their real faces.  It's weird.



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I've had a few terrifying dreams. In one, I was in labor for two days in an unfamiliar place and I kept calling my midwife and husband but they kept telling me they'd be there 'soon.' 


In another, there was a landslide and I helped direct people to safety, but my husband was crushed by a house that had collapsed. The worst part is saw him dying before waking up in a panic. I don't think I'll ever forget that one.


And in another, some people from high school that I really don't like came by our new place uninvited and had a meeting. I kept yelling at them to leave and they wouldn't listen to me. I think this dream went on for hours and hours. I woke up so confused.


In all cases, the dream was incredibly (and unusually) vivid.

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