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Babywearing in the rain?

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When DS was a little guy, we lived in a climate that was mostly snow in the winter.  If it did rain, it wasn't an all day occurrence.  It would dump for a few hours and then you'd have clear skies for a while.  Basically, as long as we bundled up, I could get out for a walk every day.  This was pretty crucial to my sanity, as DS very much was a baby who needed to be worn all. the. time.


My new sweet little DD is a much more agreeable lady, but she still demands to be worn a lot.  This wouldn't really be much of an issue except that I'm now living in a climate where it rains a lot.  If it stops raining, there's no telling when it might start up again.  And I don't know how to get the heck out of my house!  Before the birth of this second LO, getting out for a walk in the rain wasn't an issue.  We have a rain shield for the BOB, so DS is covered, and I just put on some water-proof hiking shoes and my rain shell and I'm good.  But when I'm strapping a LO to my front as well, well, how do I keep her dry without smothering her?  I can't put her all the way under my shell (it isn't big enough anyway).  When she's awake she doesn't particularly like having the sleeping hood up, and even if it is up it's cotton -- it gets wet pretty darn quick.  I've tried a big umbrella, but managing that plus the stroller is...  Well, umbrellas kind of suck anyway.


I *need* to go for a walk every day.  DS needs to get out of the house every day.  But I'm in the Pacific NW...  It's going to rain every day here from now until April.  Any suggestions ladies?

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I was wondering that, too! Quick Googling: http://newevery-morning.blogspot.com/2009/08/baby-wearing-in-rain.html


I think you're crafty? You could probably make something practical :)

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I say get her a cute rain hat.  Get you an even more cute rain hat.  Put her on and throw your slicker on over the both of you with her head poking out, and you're set!

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Thanks for posting this, I was wondering too!

We haven't had rain in close to 10 months, but when we do get it I have to walk the dogs and take her with me and I quite hadn't figure out how to do that without her getting soaked.
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I always wore baby outside my jacket in colder weather, with DS just really bundled in the Ergo.  I've never been a huge fan of the over-sized anything zipped around the baby.  I'm pretty confident that my rain shell wouldn't fit over me and the baby too...  It didn't fit when I was pregnant.


BUT, Becky, I LOVE that link.  And I LOVE that poncho!  While it does look simple enough that I could potentially make it, when would I have the time these days!?  Here's a link to a store that does sell it though.  $50 is pretty reasonable for a jacket...  I know my regular shell was much pricier than that.  They show how it works with both a font and a back carry, AND they have other babywearing coats!!!  How cool...


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Is the rain more intense than what the little cover on the ergo can handle?  I'd say a hat on you and hat on baby like Carrie suggested, then pull the cover over on the ergo?  idk just a thought.

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Yeah, the sleeping hood... I think I mentioned it? Thing is useless for rain greensad.gif And then you just have a baby covered with a wet flap! I could maybe treat it with scotch guard though? Hmmm, that's a thought...
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