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My baby boy is here!

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Short Version: Isaac Anton arrived very quickly October 4th, 8lbs 5oz, 51cm long! 


Long Version:

Tuesday morning I woke up with what I thought was diarrhea cramps.  I had been in prodormal labour for 3 weeks and honestly I had kind of given up that we were going to have  a baby before the due date like everyone had been telling me, so I shrugged off the cramps.  They were also way to far apart for anything to be happening.  But by 8 I had kind of a thought that maybe this was labour.  They still weren't close together or lasting that long, but they felt different.  So I cleaned the house and finished packing.  At 9 I woke dh and we left the house at 10.  We decided to go into town to do some shopping, we're 1 1/2 hours from the city I would be delivering at and figured that if this was labour we would be close, and if it wasn't then we would just have a fun day in the city.


I was really uncomfortable on the drive but the cramps had no rhyme or reason to them.  We had to drive past the hospital to go to where we were going to go shopping and as soon as we did I told hubby that I thought that I needed to go straight there.  We did decide to go get me a kit kat before because I really really wanted one and if I was in labour they probably wouldn't let me have chocolate.  Headed up to L&D at 11:30 and told the nurses but because I still wasn't having regular contractions they didn't think I was in labour, but I had started to feel pushy and knew that I was.  So they were all dilly daddling around when the dr came and checked me and I was 8cm, fully effaced with head way way down.  That put a spring in everyone's step.  The contractions still weren't regular or terribly painful, nothing like my labour with dd.  


They were really obsessed with getting an IV started.  I am GBS positive but it was fairly obvious I was not going to make the necessary 4 hours for the abx.  I really didn't want one but for some reason was like "whatever".  However, two nurses tried and neither could get it going, so they called the anesthesiologist in to do it.  You know, the guy whose job it is to stick needles correctly in people's spinal columns.  Well he blew every vein (I have 3 black bruises about 5 inches long on my arms) he tried and I finally said no stop, I don't want it (why I didn't do that earlier I have no idea).


By 1 I was fully dialated, still no regular contractions, and they still didn't hurt all that much.  We decided to break my water so that we could have this baby.  That's when the pain started and oh my goodness I don't remember it hurting that much.  Holy cow.  I started pushing but it just hurt, everything hurt.  I ended up on all fours and I grunted him down rather than pushing, until he was crowning when I did need to push.  It hurt so much, which was in complete contrast to dd when pushing felt amazing.  His shoulder's got stuck a little but after we got that resolved the dr just guided him down onto the bed and I looked down and picked him up and snuggled him.  It was really amazing getting to pick him up right away, and dh said that that was his favorite part of the whole birth, was when I looked down and grabbed him.  We delayed cord clamping for a while and I just sat there on my knees snuggling him for a very long time.  


He was born at 1:30, 8lbs 5oz at 39 weeks 2 days gestation.  Exactly the same gestational length as his sister but he is much much bigger.  Dd weighed 6lbs 13oz, so he is quite a bit pudgier.  Its really cute he has chubby cheeks and he even has huge thighs!!  He's been nursing like a champ though his latch was pretty weak at first, so I'm a little sore.  We stayed at the hospital for closer to 30 hours (24hrs was what we had agreed to with the dr) because the blood cultures they took for him for GBS did not get started until almost 6 hours after birth.  We're home now and doing great.  Big sister loves him, but is a little smothering.  She even wants to nurse him!



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Yay, mama! Your DD sounds super sweet. Enjoy babymooning!
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Congrats!  Great birth story.

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Sounds like a pretty great experience. CONGRATS!!

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LOve it!

Big sister boobie is way too cute for words ;)

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Congratulations!!! joy.gif Loved your account of it all. "That put a spring in everyone's step." biglaugh.gif

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Congrats!  Great story.  The part about the Kit Kat cracked me up- sounds just like me :)

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You sound like you were very calm! Happy babymoon!

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Congratulations!  Thank you for posting the story, I love reading about all the variations that are possible.  Chubby cheeks, you say?  I think we might need pictures when you get a chance!  Big sister pictures are also appreciated, if you're comfortable with that - she sounds very sweet.

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congratulations! he sounds adorable, love those chubby thighs.

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Glad you chose to go the hospital instead of shopping, eh?

His chunkyness sounds adorable.. I've always wanted a chunky baby. For some reason mine are tiny! Enjoy him and his cheekies- you did a great job, mama!!

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Welcome, baby Isaac! Glad the birth was sweet and quick-ish after all that early labor! 

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I missed this thread--congratulations! Sounds like it went really well, despite the awful pain.

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