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My girl is here!

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Alayna Lilly arrived Wednesday, Oct 5th at 4:20 pm. She is 37 weeks 6#6oz, and beautiful!!


Quick birth synopsis:


I had posted earlier on this DDC about my heart issues. Well, they had become progressively worse, leading to two hospital admissions, one at 35 weeks and one a 36 weeks. The baby was not tolerating the heart episodes I was having. I went home on a cardiac monitor last week. The plan was this Tuesday, Oct 4th, at 37 weeks, was to do an amnio for lung maturity as I was no longer tolerating pregnancy, and baby was not either.

We did the amnio Tuesday morning and I was sent up to Labor and Delivery (where I am an RN) for post amnio monitoring. baby was stressed and was not tolerating the procedure. After a couple hours, baby's heart returned to normal, and we were waiting for maturity results. Then I began to contract every 2 minutes. The results showed probable lung maturity, so my doc wanted me to stay and monitor the contractions, sleep the night, and start pitocin in the morning if the contractions did not bring labor. I knew they wouldn't; they did not get worse.

That night my  heart began to act up; It was a bad night.

Pitocin was started Wednesday morning. I told my doctor that I would not kick into labor without an anmiotomy. He agreed but wanted the pitocin to bring baby down. I contracted until 1:30 that afternoon, they never go worse.

Amniotomy at 1:30 pm. I was 2.5 cm dilated.

Right after my water was broken, real contractions began. At the advice of cardiology and anesthesiology, I took an epidural. Apparently, its recommended moms with heart issues get epidurals early in labor, so the heart does not get too stressed. This was my 4th baby, I have never had an epidural!!! But I did not wish to stress my heart, so I took one. It was kind of neat feeling.

At 4:10, I felt a little pressure. My nurse, and best friend, checked me and said I was complete and +2 station. Mass chaos ensued!!!

My doc ran in, I gave 2 pushes, and she was born prefect and beautiful at 4:20. Never felt a thing.


I feel fortunate to have experienced both natural labor and accepting medical intervention when needed. My heart so far has been ok; I will be on monitors for another month. Alayna nurses prefect. She is beautiful and sweet.


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Congrats!  Happy birthday Alayna!! The heart thing is kinda scary - sounds like you had a good medical team.  

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Congratulations! Glad to hear both mother and baby are ok. Hope all remains well with your heart and you recover without incident.
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I'm so glad everyone is healthy. Congrats on your little girl!

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Wonderful, I love a happy ending :)

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Congratulations!!! joy.gif I'm very glad to hear your heart seems OK. Best wishes for good health. Although it's never a desired thing to have complications, how great is it as an L&D nurse to have such a range of personal experiences!

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Congratulations!  So glad to hear that both of you are doing well!



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Congratulations!  So happy everything turned out good and you now you and baby are doing well!

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Congratulations!  I'm glad that the issues that arose were dealt with smoothly.  I hope that your heart is back to business-as-usual as soon as possible.  I also hope that you'll post pictures of your girl. :)

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Oh yeah! Sounds a little scary and so sweet at the same time! I'm glad you're both doing well. Keep it up!joy.gif
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Congratulations!  I'm glad your heart is doing well so far.  Enjoy!

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congratulations, and so glad to hear you are both doing so well.

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Exciting!!  Congrats!!  I'm glad to hear you both weathered birth safely!  Thank heavens the medical knowledge and  technology is there when we need it!

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Wow, what a great story--congratulations!

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Congratulations! I am glad you are both doing well! 

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Best of luck in the coming weeks!

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Congrats!  I'm glad both you and baby are safe and healthy!

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Congratulations on Alayna Lilly; what a pretty name! How fun to have your nurse be your best friend as well.. sounds wonderful! Wishing you and baby a blissful and healthy babymoon!

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