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Getting stains out?

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We got a ton of pre-used diaper covers on Ebay for a serious steal. They're all in pretty good condition and are Proraps or other brands in the same style. Some have some brown staining on the inner gusset fabric, though. Would washing and hanging to dry do a decent job this time of year? It is supposed to be warm tomorrow at around 75 or so.

I'm not too concerned because it really is mostly on the gussets, but is there anything else I can try?
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Laying them out in bright sunlight worked best for me.  I know that's not easy, especially this time of year.  

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Edit - I'm washing and I don't think they're bad enough to try anything but the sun. Thank you. smile.gif
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Sunlight is nature's bleach! Good luck and don't worry, they would be brown very soon anyway :)

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When we lived in northern AZ< I used to lay them out on the dashboard of my car.  Sometimes stains would be gone in a couple hours.  It was amazing.  

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