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What does a seizure look like?

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Maybe I am being overly sensitive/overreacting here, but my little girl got her 4 month shots today so my nerves are on end. Later on, after nursing, she was burping and standing in my lap, she then had a very weird contorted expression come across her face. I had never seen her look like that before, just a bit strained and seemed as if her facial muscles pulled downward in an odd way. It was brief, like only 15 seconds or so, and then later on she had another even briefer shadow of the one before. It was frightening because I thought it was the beginning of a seizure but then she didn't have anything else weird happen. She seems very happy (sleeping now though) and cheerful and not like the last time when she was quite fussy. She does not have a fever (I gave motrin when we got home).


Has anyone's child had a mild seizure and if so, what did it look like? I am sure she is ok / seems to be now, but I want to watch her for anything else.

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 Could it possibly be gas pains or straining to have a BM? I could be wrong but I always thought the seizures caused by vaccines were mainly because of fever, though some can be caused by swelling in the brain.

Mild ones- the person just seems to stare off into space and doesn't respond to people touching or talking to them. (Used to be called petit mal)

Other seizures involve the whole body- the person stiffens up and jerks or shakes... and their eyes roll back into their head. It's scary.I know a lady whose 1 year old baby has seizures and he turns blue during them.


Hope she is ok !

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People post videos on Youtube of their babies having seizures. There are 370 results for infant seizure.

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