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Fluoride water filters?

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Im wondering if anyone has solid facts about how to get fluoride free water for drinking purposes? Hoping it wont be too expensive at this time either, but all info is much appreciated. any super water experts out there;)?

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I was just researching water filters, but not for fluoride but for hard water.  I just googled water filters for fluoride and got this


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Don't know a lot, but got a Big Berkey from recommendations here. It has fluoride filters, and we use them. Google big berkey. You can get one for around $200 and the filter will last you a LONG time. We've had the same filter working for 9 months, and we use >2 gallons/day for 8 people. Refill filters cost about $60, less expensive than any Brita-type filter for a year, and takes out the bad but keeps the beneficial minerals in, so win-win.

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Reverse Osmosis water filters are very the best choice to remove heavy metals, arsenic and fluoride. HealthyWaterSupply RO water filters are pretty good.

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We have an alumina filter (www.friendsofwater.com ).  It was a little more initally but the filters last longer than RO and there's no wastewater.

I have not had our water tested for flouride since we got the filter, so I am basing my information on trust of resources.


Directly to their flouride filter list:  http://shop.friendsofwater.com/FLUORIDE-PLUS-Water-Filters_c23.htm;jsessionid=FDCDBB7B613DE4687A8C5D742FA8B5B9.qscstrfrnt02  They look to be between $200 and $400 depending on what all you want to filter out besides flouride.  We've been happy with ours going on 4 years now.

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Honestly, this is SOOOOOO confusing to me.  I keep wanting to buy one, but I cannot figure out which ONE to actually buy.  Can someone talk me through their thought process?  I like the idea of the berky bc it seems the easiest.  No installation!

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We use the berkey one. 

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We also have the berkey. We rent, and it can go with us when we buy a house, so that's a plus. But the big thing was, to us, that RO pulls EVERYTHING out. It's dead water. The berkey leaves good minerals.I don't know how it does that, haven't seen a good explanation that I can understand, but if it does then it's most important to us.

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