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Round Itchy Rash on DH's feet/hands?

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We've been to a gp about it twice. They've given us some antifungal stuff for dh to apply but it didnt work to clear it up. We're at a loss as to what they could be because we couldnt even find anything on t'internet that looks like what dh has on his hands and feet.


On dh's feet the rash started off as a round, white, raised lump. It also sometimes has a reddish blistery ring around it, we were told it is definately not ringworm. The bump is itchy to the point of distraction and when he itches it becomes very painful, it opens up and it spreads. The center where the white bump appeared then crusts over and this is when the blistery ring appears around it. He's told me that the pain feels like its going deeper than the surface of the skin, as if its affecting the muscle or tendons of the bottom of his feet. On his hands he has a similar rash, its blistery and round but it doesnt ususally start off as white bump. I realise they might be two different things, but they often appear at the same time. My mother suggested it could be shingles, but from the pics Ive seen it doesnt look like shingles at all.


Im wondering if anyone's seen anything like this before.


eta: No one else in the family has this rash so it appears not to be contagious.



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Could it be dyshidrosis?

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thank you. The images and symptoms do sound similar to what my dh is experiencing. The pics on the net are horrendous tho! I dont think dh is at an advanced stage if this is what he's got.

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