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Baby Chloe arrived

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At 10:41 pm last night(oct.7) at home after a 4 hour active labor. She is 8lbs and 21 inches long. Birth story later, but it was perfect and easy. No tears, yay!


***Edited to add birth story***


     Pre labor started about 2am October 7th but I slept well until morning, I had only noticed the new regular reoccurrence, but they didn’t hurt. That day there were noticeable contractions really spaced out and not too strong, but recurrent all morning. When DH came home for lunch I had some strong enough that we decided he should stay so that I could focus and not worry about DS jumping on me during a contraction. I started timing contractions around 2pm and they were 10 min apart then they went to 8, and 7, and then 6 min apart by 6pm. Then they became serious and I needed to focus. By 8pm we called the midwife because they were coming really close (2 min) and really strong. They arrived and I was 4cm, 75% effaced, and I could get in the tub. After laboring in the birth tub for most of the time after that(an hour-ish), I stood and leaned on DH as contractions changed to pushing. Then I decided all fours on the bed would be best. The midwife offered to break my water and I accepted, which felt really nice. After just a few nice pushes (5 min!) she was born into the midwifes arms at 10:41pm on Oct. 7th(the day DH insisted she would be born) after around 17 hours of pre-labor and 4 hours of active labor. Her cord was wrapped around her neck, and shoulder and leg!  8lbs, 21inches long. Black hair, so alert. Nursing by 15 min old. Adorable! No tearing, yay! So much easier than DS’s birth, especially the recovery so far. I hardly feel like I’ve just had a baby. I loved having candles lit and meditation music in the birth room. I feel like I birthed DD so calmly and peacefully. I even danced her down swirling my hips during contractions. I couldn’t have hoped for a more wonderful birth. Right afterwards I was thinking it was too easy!  During the labor, my mom, MIL, and midwives couldn’t believe how calm I was, and my mom and husband kept telling me how beautiful I looked. 

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Awesome! Congrats!!

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Hooray, congratulations!!! joy.gif

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Congratulations! love.gif

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Can't wait to hear the story!

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Congrats to you and your family...and Welcome to Baby Chloe!

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Congrats!  Welcome Chloe!

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congratulations! sounds perfect.

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You Rock MAMA! Sounds like an amazing birth. Welcome earthside, baby Chloe!!

Hope you have a happy babymoon!!

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Congrats! Such a pretty name.

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Hooray for an easy, perfect birth! :) Welcome, baby chloe!

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Perfect and easy? I'll have what you're having, and CONGRATULATIONS!

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Congratulations!!!  Enjoy falling in love with baby Chole!  We look forrward to reading your birth story (when you are ready). Hugs to you, mamma!

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Yay! Congrats! A 4 hour labor sounds great to me!

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